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BBC Radio 2

People's Service

If I Ruled the World
The second of three services on the theme of Chance and Purpose, conducted by REV PHILIP CROWE in Birmingham.
BBC One London

Let's Make a Musical

starring Roy Castle with Toni Arthur
Joe Brown , Lance Percival
Kenneth Williams , David Wood accompanied by JOHNNY PEARSON and GEOFF SANDERS at the two pianos.
In this programme ROY and the team tell the story and sing some of the songs from the musical Pickwick.
Based on Dickens's famous character of that name, it includes such hit numbers as 'If I Ruled the World'.
Musical director JOHNNY PEARSON Choreographer SALLY GILPIN Designer KEN STARKEY Producer ALAN RUSSELL
BBC One London

Tom Jones Now!

The international singing star presents top entertainment in a variety of music and comedy and more music with this week's guest, Marie Osmond
Songs include: ' Baby face', ' Please release me ', ' Stronger than before', 'If I ruled the world '.' It'll be me '.
(Programme recorded in America)
BBC Two England

Art That Shook the World

Pet Sounds. The story of the Beach Boys' masterpiece as recalled by, among others, Eric Clapton , ex-Verve star Richard Ashcroft , former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham and singer Graham Nash . How did Brian Wilson 's compositions evolve from the likes of / Get Around - and what price did he pay in the process? Colleagues and relatives have their say, and there's exclusive footage of Brian Wilson 's recent tour, plus an interview with the man himself. Narrated by Mark Lamarr. Director Sarah Aspinall ; Series editor Andrea Miller www.bbc.co.uk/arts/artthatshook/
The genius of Pet Sounds: page 26
BBC Two England


with Robert Laccy
The fourth of six films on the noble families of Europe. Prince Franz Josef II of Liechtenstein
The tiny country of Liechtenstein is squeezed between Austria and Switzerland and has been ruled by Prince Franz Josef II since 1938. In that year he met Hitler and prevented the Nazis taking over his country.
The Prince and his wife, Princess Gina, have the most valuable collection of paintings still in private hands in the world. But they dislike talking about money -' you can't eat a painting and you can't make clothes out of a castle, I mean what is rich? '
ROBERT LACEY finds how the family lost 22 castles and 100,000 ancestral acres to the Russians in 1945 but kept Liechtenstein, and transformed it into Europe's richest community.
The noble house of Liechtenstein can claim to be the world's most successful aristocrats, for they have risen from landowners to rulers of a fully fledged, if pocket-sized, sovereign state.
Assistant producer ANNE MORRISON Photography NIGEL WALTERS Film editor JIM LATHAM
Executive producer ADAM CLAPHAM ProducerJOHN BIRD
Book (same title), £ 9,95, from booksellers
Network Three

SPORTS service

Directed by John Haslam
Timings may be altered by events
12.30 Your Afternoon Forecast direct from the London Weather Centre
12.35: 1.45: 2.40: 3.45: 5.5:
5.30: 5.50 '
Gillette Cup: Second Round
1.15 The Derby
A preview by PETER BROMLEY
1.25 Down the Card by PETER BROMLEY
2.25 Sandleford Priory Stakes
For three-year-old fillies only over one mile and a quarter
3.25 The Lockinge Stakes
For three-year-olds and upwards over one mile
Commentary by PETER BROMLEY with summaries by ROGER MORTIMER
From Newbury
4.50 Racing Review by PETER BROMLEY
4.55 Racing Results
1.30: 5.15
International Hockey Tournament
The following countries are competing: Austria. Belgium. Denmark. France, Great Britain, India. Japan, Kenya, Holland. Pakistan. Switzerland, and West Germany
NEIL DURDEN-SMITH reports direct from Hamburg
Broadcast by arrangement with NDR Hamburg

1.35: 3.40: 4.45: 5.45
The Martini International Club Tournament
TOM ScoTT reports on the final day's play
From Long Ashton Golf Club. Bristol
1.40 The World
Heavyweight Championship
Preview of tonight's contest, Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) v. Henry Cooper
5.20 Monaco Grand Prix
Preview by ROBIN Richards
BBC Radio 4 FM

School of Rock

1/3. Folk, Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll. Andy Kershaw chose to go to Leeds University because of its reputation as a music venue; in the 1970s the university's gigs were a mainstay of any self-respecting rock band's tour. But they played an important role even before there was rock music. Producer Marya Burgess
BBC Two England

A Tribute to Johnny Speight

The work of comedy writer Johnny Speight - who died last month - is celebrated in an evening introduced by Warren Mitchell.
See today's choices See This Week: page 7

9.05 For Richer, for Poorer
An insight into Speight's work with tributes from friends and colleagues including Eric Sykes and Spike Milligan and clips of Speight's material performed by Frankie Howerd and Arthur Haynes. Producer Nick Kenton

9.40 Till Death Us Do Part
A 1972 episode of Speight's comedy in which Alf Gamett rages about house prices, the unions, and a ham-sandwich shortage.
Producer Dennis Main Wilson

10.10 The Tea Ladies
In this 1979 BBC Comedy Playhouse, two tea ladies rule the roost in the House of Commons canteen. Starring Dandy Nichols, Patricia Hayes and Mollie Sugden.
Written by Ray Galton and Johnny Speight Producer Dennis Main Wilson

10.40-11.10pm The Lady Is a Tramp
An episode from Speight's 1983 Channel 4 comedy series starring Patricia Hayes and Pat Coombs as two tramps who learn that their wasteground home is to become a car park. Director Dennis Main Wilson ; Producer William G Stewart

Johnny Speight: a Tribute Executive producer Tony Moss
Videoplus code for 9.00-11.10 (not PDC)
Network Three


A study of his life and character based on recorded memories of his friends
Introduced and produced by CHRISTOPHER SYKES
The first of two programmes
BBC Two England

Picture This: Chiff-Chaff Chums

The series for new programme-makers continues with the story of troop leader
Marilyn Tucker and her friend Jane Cioni. For them life would not be the same if they weren't members of the biggest female club in the world - the Guides.
See today's choices.
See This Week: page 8
BBC Home Service Basic


71st Season
Last Concert of the Series
Josephine Veasey (mezzo-soprano)
Ann Schein (piano)
BBC Symphony Orchestra Leader, Hugh Maguire
Conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent
From the Royal Albert Hall, London
8.13* Variations and Fugue on a theme of Purcell Britten
Port 2 at 8.50 (Light and BBC-tB)
See facing page
BBC Radio 4 FM

Germany: Misery to Miracle

New series 1/3. In 1945 Britain and her allies were the occupiers of a devasted Germany. Charles Wheeler describes the attempt to create a new, democratic Germany out of much corruption and apathy. Producer Chris Bowlby
BBC Two England

Monster Night

Comedian Bill Bailey hosts an evening of programmes dedicated to city-stomping giants of the cinema. See today's choices.
Monster smash: page 47

9.00 Monster Wars
Comedian Phill Jupitus and TV presenters Chris Moyles and Paul Ross join Bill Bailey for a gamble on the outcome of confrontations between movie monsters, starting with Godzilla's clash with Ebirah the giant lobster. Director David Croft
Producer Gary Monaghan

9.10 Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Film director Alex Cox presents a documentary telling the story of Japan's most famous radiation-breathing monster, from its unconvincing origins as a man in a suit to the high-tech star of Hollywood's new blockbuster Godzilla, which opens in the UK on Friday.
Producer Nick Freand Jones

9.50 Monster Wars
Bill Bailey and his guests return to bet on a titanic showdown between King Kong and Godzilla

10.00 Lee and Herring's Reasonably Scary Monsters
Carol Vorderman helps comedy duo Stewart Lee and Richard Herring to compile a list of the world's scariest creatures.
Director Charles Lauder
Producer Jon Riley

10.20 Monster Wars
Guests gamble on a battle between Gamera the giant turtle and Gyaos the winged beast..

10.30 King Kong
Remake of the classic monster movie, starring Jessica Lange , Jeff Bridges
On a remote island, geologists discover Kong, a giant ape who "rules" the population like a god. King Kong is transported backto America, with disastrous results. Widescreen.
Dwan............................... JESSICA LANGE
Jack Prescott. ..................... JEFF BRIDGES
Captain Ross......JOHN RANDOLPH Director John Guillermin (1976, PG)
See Films: pages 50-57 *

12.40am Monster Goodbye
Poet John Cooper Clarke offers his version of I Married a Monster from Outer Space..........

12.45-2.30am Film premiere Godzilla vs King Ghidorah
Monster movie. An audacious plan devised by time-travellers results in the creation of a new horror-three-headed dragon King Ghidorah. Widescreen and with Japanese dialogue dubbed into English.
Director Kazuki Omori (1991, PG) * See Films: pages 50-57 *** Monster Night: Editor Bridget Boseley Subtitled
Videoplus code for 9.00-2.30am (not PDC)

Followed by Weatherview
BBC One London

Bleak House

DRAMA OF THE WEEK 11/15. Richard is in dire straits, there are uncomfortable questions for Esther - and Tulkinghorn discovers Lady Dedlock's defiance, with disastrous consequences.
BBC Home Service Basic


by Lydia Ragosin with Nigel Stock
5XX Daventry

A Concert

Michael William Balfe, though counted as one of our English composers, was really Irish, born in Dublin in 1808. He was a man of many parts - a violin soloist, an operatic singer, a conductor and composer, and his career took him to many countries. He collected honours also from different parts of Europe, being a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, and a Commander of the Order of Carlos III of Spain. The King of Prussia offered him the Order of the Prussian Eagle, but that he was not allowed to accept.
(Soloist, E. BOAM) (Soloist, R. SMITH)
An Australian by birth, Clutsam began his career as a concert pianist, playing in many parts of the world before he came to settle in London. There he made a name for himself as accompanist and as music critic. His first important work was The Lady of Shalott, played in London in 1909, and more than one Opera of his has been presented here. One was specially interesting-an opera in such miniature form that it might be only one torn in an evening's entertainment. It was included in that way in a programme of the old Tivoli. Along with Hubert Bath, he made a real success with Young England to a text by Basil Hood, produced in 1916, and no one needs to be reminded of the happy way in which his Lilac Time embodies so much of the charm of Schubert's music.

Overture, 'Rule Britannia' - Rimmer
Excerpts from Leslie Stuart's Songs - Ord Hume
Humoresque, ' Costers' Courtship ' - Gordon Mackenzie
WALTER GLYNNE If thou wert blind - Noel Johnson
Sigh no more, ladios - Aitken
BAND Cornot Solo, 'Carnival de Venice' - Arban
Fantasia, ' The Bell Ringers' - Rimmer
BETSY DE LA PORTE Far in the Western Brookland - Eric Grant
Had I a golden pound - Eric Grant
Life and Death - Coleridge-Taylor
BAND Excerpts from Balfe - arr. Rimmer
WALTER GLYNNE A Thought - Woolmer
The Lone Lily - Bothwell Thompson
Jenny kissed me - Graham Peel
BAND Trombone Solo, Tromboneer ' - Hawkins
Suite, ' Bohemian' - Ord Hume
BETSY DE LA PORTE Requios cat - Evelyn Sharpe
A Madrigal - Herbert Howells
Ships that pass in the night - Stephenton
BAND Euphonium Solo, ' Robin Adair' - , Hartmann
Excerpts from' Lilac Time' Schubert, - arr. Clutsam
National Programme Daventry

From Tolpuddle to T.U.C.

ROBERT OWEN and the' Grand National' H. L. BEALES (Reader in Economic History at the London School of Economics)
THIS EVENING'S TALK has the same purpose as the dramatic interlude last week ; both being designed to show that some kind of trade unionism in England not only was justified, but was an imperative necessity a hundred years ago.
However difficult may have been the depression that followed the Napoleonic Wars, if the ruling class, as a whole, of that day had had imagination or compassion or intelligence, there would have been no Tolpuddle martyrs, no Chartist Riots, and a great deal less suffering.
But the selfish had their dinners without caring that others went without. They controlled the laws that protected them. The English landowners were asked for mercy, and insisted on sacrifice. By their obstinacy reform was delayed and delayed. They had in the end to be compelled. But then, that has been the history of the world.
It is all the more noteworthy that the greatest reformer of his time was himself an employer. In 1815, single-handed, Robert Owen agitated for factory reform. In 1833 to 1834 he formed his Grand National Consolidated Trades Union. It was killed by the opposition of employers and the repression of the Government, and workers turned to the Chartist movement, which grew to revolutionary proportions in ten years and eventually lapsed. But the ideas it had fought for were by then generally accepted. Owen had not lived for nothing. Trade Unionism was to come i nto its own.
The talk by Mr. H. L. Beales this evening will be followed by a second dramatic interlude next Thursday.
BBC Two England


3/3. Faith and Fury. Charles Hazlewood 's drama documentary reaches a crescendo with the final tragic years of the composer's life. While he continued to produce extraordinary works such as the Hammerklavier sonata, Missa Solemnis and the Ninth Symphony, Beethoven's personal life was dominated by the bitter custody battle for his nephew Karl.
Writer/Director Francesca Kemp : Exec producer Sue Judd BBCi: information on the programme's music available via the red button Beethoven Uncovered is at 10pm on BBC4. Beethoven's symphonies 6-9 are available to download as MP3 files from Tuesday 28 June - visit bbc.co.uk/radio3/beethoven for more details
BBC One London

Robin Hood

New series 1/13. Dominic Minghella 's contemporary reworking of the timeless legend swings into action. Will You Tolerate This? Robin of Locksley returns from the Crusades to find his people starved and brutalised under the tyrannical rule of the sheriff.
Producer Richard Burrell ; Director John McKay (HD) Jonathan Ross 's World of Robin Hood is tomorrow at 4.10pm
RT DIRECT: pre-order Robin Hood Volume I on DVD (on sale 13
November) for Ell.99 incl p&p (RRP E19.99). Visit www.bbcshop.com Boyz in the wood: page 12; Audiobook offer: page 16; Rockin' Robin: page 59

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