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First broadcast: on BBC One London

Enjoy Children's BBC's festive fare with Simon Parkin, Andy Crane and their guests - starting with:

The Muppet Babies: Muppetland

7.25 am Champion the Wonder Horse: Saddle Tramp
Kicky seeks adventure. Rebel and Champion go to help him.
(Black and white) (R)

7.50 am Around the World with Dot
A Yuletide adventure in colourful animation. Starring Drew Forsythe
Dot is sad at Christmas: Baby Joey, the kangaroo, has gone missing. But when
Danny hears her story, he becomes Santa Claus and takes her off around the World in search of her lost friend.
Films: page 24

8.58 am Weather

9.00 am Barney: Barney's Christmas Surprise
Barney surprises Mr Prophet with a very special Christmas present.

9.05 am Tales of the Mouse Hockey League
The Mouse Hockey League look set to win the championship.

9.40 am Why Don't You...?
Lesley finds an unexpected visitor among the ideas in the mailbag. Jeff cooks up some green Martian blobs and Phil goes in search of an incredible jumping cat.

10.00 am Popeye

10.20 am Pinny's House: Pinny and the Holly Tree
by Peter Firmin

10.30 am Playbus
stops today at The Playground Stop where the children play 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?' and Lizzie plays a waiting game.
Storyteller Anthony Lapsley
Story: Sticky Bear and the Mystery of the Lost Watch by Marcia Vaughan, illustrations by Ester Kasepuu

10.50 am Paddington
Christmas (R)


Presenter (Now It's Christmas):
Simon Parkin
Presenter (Now It's Christmas):
Andy Crane
Created for television by (The Muppet Babies):
Jim Henson
Dot (Around the World with Dot):
Drew Forsythe
Screenplay (Around the World With Dot):
John Palmer
Screenplay/Producer/Director (Around the World With Dot):
Yoram Gross
Creator (Pinny's House):
Peter Firmin
Presenter (Playbus):
Dave Benson Phillips
Puppeteer (Playbus):
Jane Eve
Puppeteer (Playbus):
John Wright
Storyteller (Playbus):
Anthony Lapsley
Author (Sticky Bear and the Mystery of the Lost Watch) (Playbus):
Marcia Vaughan
Illustrations (Playbus):
Ester Kasepuu

First broadcast: on BBC Two England

With Philippa Forrester and Toby Anstis.
Phone in on [number removed] for a chance to play Maggot Moments.

Champion the Wonder Horse
Rebel and Champion help Ricky and Sandy.
(Rpt) (Black and white)


Presenter (Children's BBC):
Philippa Forrester
Presenter (Children's BBC):
Toby Anstis