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BBC One London

Follies: Four Days in New York

with Barbara Cook ,
George Hearn ,
Mandy Patinkin and Lee Remick Follies finally opens in London later this month, 16 years after its Broadway premiere. Tonight's film about Sondheim's cult musical tells the story behind the unforgettable and fascinating evening at New York's Lincoln Center in front of a packed and ecstatic audience, when a starry cast was assembled for a Gala
Concert and recording. The entire show was rehearsed in just four days, but the memory of that frantic time and the performance which followed remain as fresh as yesterday.
With special contributions from:
Licia Albanese Carol Burnett
Betty Comden and Adolph Green Erie Mills
Montevecchi Phyllis Newman Elaine Stritch and Stephen Sondheim and Thomas Z. Shepard , the recording producer. With the New York
Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Paul Gemignani
Film editor JERRY LEON
BBC One London

* The Search for El Dorado

A three-part Everyman series exploring the impact of Christianity on South
America, 500 years after the conquistadores. 2: The City -
Battle of the Gods
Friday night fever in the cities of Brazil is not so much about disco-dancing as spirittrancing. It is when the 30 million practitioners of Umbanda, a voodo-like cult that started this century, perform their strange rites. Umbanda, a synthesis of African and Amerindian gods with Catholicism, is Brazil's fastest-growing religion. At spiritist centres, like those run by Abraham in the slums of Rio, or Marilda or on luxurious Governor's Island, possession states are used to grant favours, cure illness or lift curses. The Catholic
Church, once vehemently anti-Umbanda, now tolerates it. But for the new evangelical churches, toleration is an anathema: their Friday night services are a spectacle of mass exorcism, a battle between God and the Devil.
Film cameraman PAUL REED Film editor IAN FARR Assistant producer
BBC Two England

The Case of Sherlock Holmes

A 40 Minute Special Investigation
Tim Pigott-Smith
He is tall, slender, given to bouts of lethargy and depression, relieved only by cocaine in a seven per cent solution, and the playing of the fiddle. He first appeared in Beeton Christmas Annual of 1887. He's the world's most famous detective, recognised and revered from New Mexico to Moscow -
Tim Pigott-Smith, who has played both Holmes and Watson, embarks tonight on his most unusual investigation. Why does ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE'S brilliant creation continue to fascinate us? How to account for the worldwide cult of a fictional character? What is so appealing in a sleuth who uses logic to triumph over evil?
'The more grotesque and outre an incident is, the more carefully it deserves to be examined,' observed Holmes. Tim's enquiries reveal dirty deeds in Moriarty, impersonations in docklands Liverpool, and a singular house-party in Herefordshire. Witnesses include
Len Deighton , Inspector Holmes of the Met, an American undertaker, a Russian star, and some adventuresses.
In evidence - film clips from
Nazi Germany and Czechoslovakia, a black Sherlock, BASIL RATHBONE , JEREMY BRETT , even Conan Doyle himself.
Music by J. J. JECZALIK
Photography REX MAIDMENT Film editor TONY HEAVEN
40 Minutes editor EDWARD MIRZOEFF Producer DAVID PEARSON
(The Hound of the Baskervilles tomorrow at 6.00pm)
0 FEATURE: page 18:
INFO: page 93; WODDIS ON: page 97
BBC One London


In the past 150 years there have been thousands of reported appearances of the Virgin Mary , usually to children. The visions warn of disaster and call to prayer. The Pope, a keen visitor to the shrines where the visions are commemorated, has declared 1987-88 a Marian year.
Many women in the Church are troubled by the cult: they say it has gone hand in hand in the Christian tradition with the subjection of women and the fear of sexuality. Yet it remains magnetic. The Virgin Mother still draws thousands of sick and despairing to her shrines in search of wholeness and hope.
Film cameraman MARTIN PATMORE Film editor RICHARD SEEL Assistant producer CEUA LOWENSTEIN
Everyman editor JANE DRABBLE
● FEATURE: page 15
BBC Two England


Film-maker Alex Cox introduces a season of classic cult movies. Tonight: Razorback starring
Gregory Harrison Arkie Whiteley Bill Kerr
Death stalks the small town of Gamulla in the form of a gigantic man-eating boar called a razorback. Carl Winters wants revenge on the beast but he falls foul of the other terrors like the psychopathic Baker brothers who run the local Petpak Cannery ...
Rock video director
Russell Mulcahy 's debut film is a striking and often surreal horror movie set in Australia's outback.
Screenplay by EVERETT DEROCHE based on the novel by PETER BRENNAN
Produced by HAL MCELROY
Directed by RUSSELL MULCAHY TV presentationNICK JONES
0 FILMS: page 26
BBC Two England


Film-maker Alex Cox introduces a weekly series of classic cult films. Tonight:
Big Wednesday starring
Jan-Michael Vincent William Katt Gary Busey
California, 1962: Matt, Jack and Leroy are loyal friends united by the beach lifestyle - muscles, girls, parties, cars, rock music. But above all they share a great obsession - surfing. Despite the draft, the hippie era and the inevitable transition to adulthood, they remain true to their craze until finally in 1974, they are reunited for the Great Swell, a giant wave such as they have never ridden before ... John Milius 's film, conceived like an intimate epic, features some unparalleled sequences of virtuoso surfing.
Produced by Buzz FEITSHANS Directed by JOHN MILIUS
TV presentation NICK JONES 0 IN THE PICTURE: page 14
BBC Two England

Showtime at the Apollo

Eartha Kitt introduces vintage performances filmed before the notoriously tough audience of Harlem's Apollo Theatre.
Tonight's show includes Duke Ellington and his orchestra; R'n'B from
Amos Milburn : comedy from Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant ; swing from Dinah Washington; Martha Davis and her spouse; and cult screamer Ruth Brown , currently enjoying a comeback in John Waters's
Him Hairspray, but seen here at the start of her career.
BBC Two England


Film-maker Alex Cox introduces a series of classic cult films. Tonight:
The Man Who
Fell to Earth starring David Bowie Rip Torn. Candy Clark A stranger from another planet mysteriously arrives on Earth - calling himself
Thomas Newton. By using his incredible intelligence and clairvoyant powers Newton amasses a vast fortune and upsets various big business combines. Soon he is in danger of his life through his inability to cope with the Earth's atmosphere - and from the 'syndicate'. Nicolas Roeg 's controversial film gave rock star David Bowie his first major screen role as the unearthly stranger in a hallucinatory work which combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy and surreal drama.
Screenplay by PAUL MAYERSBERG based on the novel by WALTER TEVIS Produced by MICHAEL DEELEY and BARRY SPIKINGS
Directed by NICOLAS ROEG 0 FILMS: page 16
BBC Two England


Film-maker Alex Cox introduces a weekly series of classic cult films ranging from the influential 1956 sci-fi classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers to Coppola's imaginative tour de force One from the Heart.
The series begins with The Wicker Man starring
Christopher Lee
Edward Woodward Britt Ekland
Police sergeant Neil Howie , on the eve of his marriage, is called away to a remote Scottish island to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. He finds there a society steeped in pagan rituals and sexual promiscuity.
This British film is shown for the first time in this country in its original version.
Screenplay by ANTHONY SHAFFER Produced by PETER SNELL Directed by ROBIN HARDY
40 IN THE PICTURE: page 16
BBC Two England


Until only a year ago the exiled satirist Vladimir Voinovich was the most vilified writer in the Soviet Union. Now that his most famous book The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin has finally been published there, a Voinovich cult has broken out in Moscow, where a film, theatre and musical version of Chonkin are currently under preparation.
Despite strong protests from conservatives, Voinovich was asked to visit his homeland. Bookmark filmed the author in his Munich exile and followed him on his triumphant return to Moscow.
To the Soviet literary establishment Voinovich remains an unreformed anti-Soviet troublemaker. To millions of Russians who have finally been able to read his stories, he is simply the 20th century reincarnation of the great Gogol. Photography
BBC Radio 4 FM

Classic Serial

That Hideous Strength by c. S. LEWIS dramatised in four parts by STEPHEN MALLATRATT. With and 1: The Fellows of a quiet English college are jubilant at attracting a prestigious new national institute to their sleepy university town. But why is the institute so determined to buy the site of the college's ancient well?
Music composed and performed by vie GAMMON.
Directed by NIGEL BRYANT BBC Pebble Mill. Stereo
BBC Two England


Alex Cox introduces another in the season of cult films.
The Loved One
Robert Morse
Rod Steiger
Arriving in California to visit his uncle Sir Francis Hinsley , Dennis Barlow takes a job at the Happier Hunting Ground - a pet cemetery. When his uncle commits suicide
Dennis finds himself drawn into the bizarre world of mortuaries and morticians. Director
Tony Richardson 's film, based on the famous novel by Evelyn Waugh , was controversial at the time of its release and still lives up to its slogan as 'the film with something to offend everybody'.
0 INFORMATION: a 'Moviedrome' guide featuring films from all three series is available, price £2.75, from [address removed]
BBC Two England

Artists' Journeys: Helen Chadwick on Frida Kahlo

Six films for the Commissions and Collaborations season in which a contemporary artist visits places which inspired an artist from the past.
The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was the first woman to paint an inner world of love, pain and rejection.
Thirty-eight years after her death, her paintings have found a huge audience and a cult following. Hollywood is to film her life story, with Madonna tipped to play the lead. In this film, British artist Helen Chadwick goes to Mexico to follow up her fascination with Frida, and to untangle the web of intrigue and myth that has been spun around her.
BBC BOOK: send £3.95 cheque payable to BBC tv to Artists' Journeys Guide, [address removed] MUSIC AND ARTS: page 12
BBC Two England


Alex Cox introduces a film double-bill in the season of cult movies. Subtitled
Escape from Alcatraz
Prison drama starring Clint Eastwood, Patrick McGoohan
Alcatraz - "the Rock", America's highest security prison where only the toughest convicts are sent, and from which no one can escape. But Frank Morris a habitual escapee, is determined that Alcatraz's bars and walls will never hold him.
Director Don Siegel (1979)
SEE FILMS pages 43-50

A Man Escaped
A Suspense drama.
Condemned to death by the Nazis, Fontaine, a young Resistance fighter, begins to engineer an escape from the notorious Fort de Montluc. A French film with English subtitles.
Written and directed by Robert Bresson
SEE FILMS pages 43-50
Moviedrome producer Nick Freand Jones
MOVIEDROME GUIDE: send cheque/PO for £3.00, payable to BSS, to [address removed].
BBC Two England


FILM This cult Japanese science-fiction animation, a genre known as Manga, launches a new season of World Cinema. Neo-Tokyo in the 21st century - the army and gangs of youths battle for control of the city. In Japanese with English subtitles. Director Katsuhiro Otomo (1988)
FILM REVIEWS pages 31.34
BBC Two England


Alex Cox presents a double bill of cult films.
Producer Nick Freand Jones Subtitled
To Sleep with Anger
Comedy starring Danny Glover
A relative disrupts the fives of a black family in Los Angeles. With Paul Butler , Mary Alice. Director Charles Burnett ( 1 990)
12.45 2.35 am Le Mepris
Satire on the movie business starring
Brigitte Bardot
A scriptwriter's marriage crumbles when he starts work on a new film. In widescreen format and in English and French with English subtitles.
With Michel Piccoli , Jack Palance , Fritz Lang , Giorgia Moll.
Director Jean-Luc Godard (1963)
FILM REVIEWS pages 35-39
BBC Two England


Alex Cox presents a double bill of cult films set in Buenos Aires. Producer Nick Freand Jones Subtitled
Naked Tango
Thriller. A young bride of an elderly
Argentine judge escapes from him to the underworld. With
Vincent D'Onofrio , Mathilda May. Director Leonard Schrader (1990)
FILM REVIEWS pages 4 1-47
12. 15-2. 25am Apartment Zero
Starring Colin Firth A man suspects his tenant could be a serial killer.
With Hart Bochner , Dora Bryan. Director Martin Donovan (1988)
FILM REVIEWS pages41-47
BBC Two England

Easy Rider

Cult road movie, continuing the season of films celebrating
100 years of cinema.
Starring Dennis Hopper
Peter Fonda , Jack Nicholson
Two motorcyclists, Billy and Wyatt, decide to drop out and, with the money from a drug deal, travel across the States to New Orleans. Along the way they encounter George Hanson , an alcoholic lawyer, who decides to join them. A documentary on the making of the film follows at 11.30pm.
DirectorDennisHopper(1969) Subtitled . # See Films: pages 49-72 ***** The Easy Rider season begins with Hell's Angels on Wheels at 12 midnight
The next film in the 8BC 100 season is Farewell My Concubine, on Christmas Day at 10.00pm
BBC One London

The Day the World Ended

A cult sci-fi film, beginninga brief Alien Invasion season of late night movies to coincide with the nationwide cinema release of Independence Day this Friday. Starring Richard Denning , Lori Nelson
T D (Total Destruction) Day has arrived. In the aftermath of the holocaust, seven survivors struggle to live on. Director Roger Corman (1956, PG)
Black and white .... The next film in the Alien Invasion season is
The Andromeda Strain tomorrow at 11.40pm.
♦ See Films: pages 40-46 ** ♦ See Barry Norman : page 40
BBC Two England


The cult-movie season continues with a double bill about urban warfare, introduced by Mark Cousins.
The Warriors
Action drama. At a supposedly weapon-free conference of New York gangs, the leader of the "Riffs" is shot dead - a murder which is wrongly blamed on the "Warriors", who then face a perilous journey home with rival gangs hot on their trail. Showing in widescreen format.
DirectorWalterHill (1979, 18)
♦ See Films: pages 40-47
Film premiere La Haine
Drama. The day after a bloody riot in a run-down
Parisian housing estate, three youths, waiting for news of a friend injured in police custody, become involved in a series of sometimes humorous, sometimes edgy confrontations. Winner of the Best Director's Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1995. In French with English subtitles.
Director Mathieu Kassovitz (1995, 15)
Black and white
+ See Films: pages 40-47
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