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By Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. Final episode in the series.
All mechanoids are supplied with an in-built expiry date, and Kryten discovers he has less than 24 hours to live. The rest of the crew are determined to give him the best night of his life.

A Paul Jackson production for BBCtv
(Ceefax subtitles)


Rob Grant
Doug Naylor
Ed Bye
Arnold Rimmer:
Chris Barrie
Dave Lister:
Craig Charles
Hattie Hayridge
Danny John-Jules
Robert Llewellyn
Girl android:
Julie Higginson
Gordon Kennedy

by William Emms.
An adventure in space and time.
Starring William Hartnell as Dr. Who and Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves

The Doctor and his friends meet the Chumblies and the Drahvins.
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Dr. Who meets the Drahvins when he lands on a strange planet at the start of a new adventure Galaxy Four.
BBC1 5.40
Today the wonderful space-time vessel Tardis and her remarkable commander Dr. Who resume their galactic voyage, interrupted by the summer. Long ago, when the stories of their adventures first started, the Doctor (William Hartnell) had three companions, but now he is reduced to two: Steven Taylor (Peter Purves), the space traveller snatched from the sinister grasp of the Mechanoids, and Vicki (Maureen O'Brien), the one-time castaway rescued from a distant planet.
Where their erratic craft will take the trio in the new series is only partially known. There is, of course, a better-than-even chance that they will come up once more against their traditional enemies the Daleks, and it is certain that they will be touching Earth again in one of the most exciting times and places of all legend - the 'ringing plains of windy Troy.'
There they will meet the valiant Achilles, Agamemnon, and the blustering Hector, and be near at hand when the Greeks bring off the most famous stratagem of all time - the introduction into the city of the Wooden Horse. John Wiles, who will take over production during this series from Verity Lambert, looks forward particularly to this story. He has for long been a keen student of the Trojan War and has produced plays on this subject for young people. However, for their first foray into the unknown the companions of the Tardis travel far from familiar earthly soil. Their vessel materialises on an inhospitable and supposedly uninhabited planet in distant Galaxy Four and, as always, the travellers' insatiable scientific curiosity leads them to start exploring. But they soon discover that they are by no means alone on the planet when they fall in with a strange entity called a Chumbley - one of a large corps of mechanical robots each of which is designed to carry out one specific task.
And these are not the planet's only other occupants: there are also the Drahvins, a race of beings dominated by females which has hit on the secret of endowing each individual with a fixed intelligence capacity, as in Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World. Three of these people appear in the nick of time to rescue the Doctor and his friends from the Chumblies, and to escort them back to the Tardis. One of them is the Drahvin leader, Maaga...
Galaxy Four is written by William Emms, and directed by Derek Martinus.

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Cornered by a Chumbly...


William Emms
Title Music:
Ron Grainer with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Richard Hunt
Verity Lambert
Derek Martinus
Dr. Who:
William Hartnell
Maureen O'Brien
Peter Purves
Stephanie Bidmead
Drahvin One:
Marina Martin
Drahvin Two:
Susanna Carroll
Drahvin Three:
Lyn Ashley
Chumbley operator:
Jimmy Kaye
Chumbley operator:
William Shearer
Chumbley operator:
Angelo Muscat