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BBC Two England

Moviedrome: The Beguiled

Alex Cox introduces the first in another season of cult films.

Tonight: The Beguiled
Starring Clint Eastwood, Geraldine Page
In the last days of the American Civil War a wounded Union soldier seeks refuge in a southern girls' school. At first it seems a safe haven, but it will become a cauldron of jealousy and hatred.
Dirty Harry creator Don Siegel, who died recently, directed this highly atmospheric and unusual western.
FILMS: pages 31-35

9.50pm BBC2 Living up to its title, The Beguiled, directed by the late, great Don Siegel (who died last month), stars Clint Eastwood (below, with Geraldine Page) as a Union deserter who takes refuge in a remote girl's school and is kidnapped by the Confederate belles. The 1970 film launches a fourth season of Moviedrome, which is again introduced by Alex Cox, the director and cult film lover (see feature p38), whose verdict is: 'Not what you would expect from the Dirty Harry partners. A mad, gothic melodrama of sexual frenzy and revenge in a decaying Southern mansion populated entirely by women. Unimaginable mayhem ensues. Very strange.'
BBC Two England

The Film Club: La balance

Derek Malcolm introduces a double bill of two influential French gangster films.
starring Nathalie Baye, Philippe Leotard, Richard Berry
Informers aren't that easy to recruit, especially when word on the street is that the police themselves shopped the latest victim of gangster boss Massina's henchmen.
Inspector Palouzi makes his choice, but even a prostitute and her pimp have their own code of honour. With its winning combination of hard-hitting action and authenticity, "La balance" broke box-office records in France, and became a cult film in this country.
American director Bob Swaim spent six months with the Brigades Territoriales and his stylish thriller reflects the toughness and amorality of this elite police force.
(A French film with English subtitles. First showing on British television)
BBC Two England

British Film Forever

5/7. Magic, Murder & Monsters: the Story of Horror & Fantasy. Documentary looking at the British cinema's forays into the gothic world of spine-chillers and fantasy, including Harry Potter , Dracula, Hammer horror, The Plague of the Zombies, The Wicker Man , Brazil, Witchfinder General (which follows at 10.45) and The Innocents. Featuring contributions from Anthony Hopkins , John Hurt , Simon Pegg ,
Terry Gilliam , Rupert Grint and John Landis. Plus recollections from some of Britain's cult screen horror stars including Ingrid Pitt and Barbara Shelley. Series producer Garry John Hughes
Executive producer Ricky Kelehar Barry Norman on Peter Cushinq : page 39
BBC Two England

The Film Club: The Devil in New York

Playwright Howard Schuman introduces two classic chillers about urban satanists.
The Seventh Victim starring
Kim Hunter Jean Brooks Tom Conway.
Val Lewton produced
Cat People and I Walked with a Zombie, but this dark and eerie thriller is considered by some to be his masterpiece. Mary Gibson , an orphan, comes to New York to find her older sister Jacqueline who has disappeared. But her investigation leads to a sinister cult of which
Jacqueline was a member.
9 FILMS: page 18
11.20pm Rosemary's Baby starring Mia Farrow
John Cassavetes Ruth Gordon.
Roman Polanski's famous film version of Ira Levin's best-selling novel is a macabre excursion into the world of devils and witchcraft in modem-day New York. It also provided the late John Cassavetes with one of his best screen roles. When Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into a rambling apartment in central Manhattan their life increasingly revolves around the flamboyant old couple who live nextdoor, the Castevets. But for Rosemary, the Castevets's attentions soon acquire sinister overtones....
Based on the novel by IRA LEVIN Produced by WILLIAM CASTLE Written and directed by ROMAN POLANSKI
Film Club presentation by DAVID THOMPSON
0 BARRY NORMAN : page 18
('A Tribute to John Cassavetes ' on Friday at 9.30pm)
BBC Two England

Film of the Week: James Dean

continues a season of feature films specially made for TV. Starring Stephen McHattie Michael Brandon
This dramatic reconstruction of the life of movie idol James Dean centres on his friendship with writer William Bast. The film follows their early struggles as acting students, through Dean's meteoric rise to stardom in just three films - until his death, aged 24, in a car crash.
Since his death 26 years ago the actor's films have been continually revived, awarding him a cult status and establishing him as the personification of American youth in the 1950s.
Directed by ROBERT BUTLER. Films: p It
BBC Two England

The Film Club

Philip French, film critic of the Observer, introduces two films from cult American director Monte Hellman.

China 9, Liberty 37
Starring Warren Oates, Fabio Testi, Jenny Agutter
The dusty town of China, Texas in the 1880s. Clayton Drum, a mysterious gunfighter waiting to be hanged, is offered a reprieve if he disposes of Matthew Sebanek, whose farmhouse stands in the way of a projected railroad. Clayton accepts the mission, but finds himself admiring the older man, while being passionately attracted to his beautiful young wife. This lyrical and unusual
'spaghetti' Western features an international cast, including the late Sam Peckinpah, director of The Wild Bunch.
(First showing on British television)

and at 11.40
Two-Lane Blacktop
Starring Warren Oates, James Taylor
Four nameless people - the Driver, GTO, the Girl and the Mechanic in a race against time and each other. The ultimate bet is made - a cross-country duel from the far west to Washington DC. The prize, the loser's treasured car. Hellman's original road movie springs from the world of easy riders where racers travel the paved roads of the American countryside between midnight and dawn - with love and death as their companions.
Screenplay by RUDOLPH WURLITZER and WILL CORRY from a story by WILL CORRY
BBC Two England

The Film Club

Director John Boorman , whose latest film Hope and Glory opened recently, introduces two films starring Jack Nicholson.
Five Easy Pieces also starring Karen Black
Susan Anspach
Bobby Eroica Dupea , drifting son of a middle-class family of musicians works in oil rigs and construction sites to earn money. His casual attitude extends to Rayette, the waitress he currently lives with and mistreats. Reluctantly he takes her along on a visit to his family home in Seattle. Bob
Rafelson's study of a social misfit in contemporary
America, received four Oscar nominations including one for Nicholson's portrayal of the complex Bobby.
The Shooting also starring Warren Oates
Millie Perkins
Arriving at an isolated mine in search of his twin brother Coigne and two accomplices
Leland Drum and Coley, one-time bounty hunter
Willet Gashade finds that Drum has been mysteriously killed and that Coigne is on the run. Then a strange woman appears out of the desert, persuading Gashade and Coley to escort her to the nearest town. But there is a hired gunman on their trail. This rare and haunting
Western was co-produced by Nicholson and established cult director Monte Hellman.
Screenplay by ADRIEN JOYCE
(First showing on British television) (Jack Nicholson stars in Ride in the Whirlwind on Friday at 11.20pm) 0 FILMS: page 26
BBC Two England

The Culture Show Film Special

Mark Kermode and Lauren Laverne present a celebration of movie locations across Britain, including rom com in Notting Hill and the backdrop for Brief Encounter's restrained romance, Carnforth railway station. Danny Boyle reveals how he created eerie, deserted London streets in 28 Days Later.... and Edward Woodward revisits the creepy landscape of cult horror classic The Wicker Man. Underworld perform their dance hit Born Slippy, which featured on the Trainspotting soundtrack. Producer Edward Morgan
Series producer Sam Starbuck The Simpsons: a Culture Show Special is on Wednesday at 7.30pm
BBC Two England

Douglas Adams: Omnibus Special

The Man Who Blew Up the Earth. A look at the life and work of author Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, who died in May of this year. With the help of contributions from friends, including Stephen Fry, Terry Jones, Clive Anderson and Griff Rhys Jones, the programme reveals that Adams was a man of contradictions: a writer who often found the experience torturous, a techie ill at ease with the modern world, a sci-fi fanatic who adored PG Wodehouse, a giant of a man at odds with the extent of his own body.
Producer John Bush : Series editor Basil Comely (S) (W) The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy continues on Monday at 11.25pm

The late Douglas Adams, creator of the cult radio and TV series and bestselling book The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Douglas Adams: Omnibus Special
8.10pm BBC2
According to his entry in The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the most important thing to know about writer Douglas Adams is that he's tall. "Really tall, you just won't believe how vastly hugely dwarf-scaringly tall he is," is what it says. But there is more to Adams than his height, as this profile, being screened a few months after his sudden death, shows. Adams, who originally wanted to be a performer then started working as a comedy writer and only became a sci-fi writer "because I exaggerated so much", wrote a radio play (broadcast in March 1978) that turned him into a cult. Hitch-Hiker became a series of bestselling books, a TV series (repeats of which conclude Monday and Tuesday on BBC2), an album, a computer game and an online guide "to life, the universe and everything". It may even become a Hollywood film. As well as footage of Hitch-Hiker in its various forms, there's some of Adams's lesser-known comedy writing, including a Pythonesque sketch about the picking of a peony that ends in the world being blown up, and previous interviews with the writer himself. Friends and colleagues - including Terry Jones, Stephen Fry, John Lloyd and Geoffrey Perkins share their memories of him, and recall their feelings when they first heard the warm tones of Peter Jones narrating the radio show. Naturally, they all compliment Adams and his abilities, but former Python Jones is refreshingly honest, too: "Mike Palin and I went along to the BBC and thought it was funny... I wish I could say we thought, 'This is a work of genius,' and spotted its place in history, but after about three episodes we decided we'd rather go and have a beer."
BBC Two England


The Rev Sun Myung Moon : Emperor of the Universe.
The fifth film in this eight-part series presents a profile of the controversial leader of the Moonies, the Rev Myung Moon. While claiming to be the new Messiah, he is accused of heading a ruthless cult that abducts and brainwashes teenagers. He runs an empire worth billions and to his friends he is a hero, a man of profound spirituality who strives to vanquish evil. To his detractors, however, he is a megalomaniac, a fraud who plans to dominate the world. Director Christopher Olgiati
Series editor Jenny Abbott (S) (W)
BBC Two England

Moving Pictures

Coinciding with the start of David Lynch 's series Twin Peaks (Tuesday BBC2), Moving Pictures takes a critical look at this cult director as he moves into the mainstream.
American film critic John Powers presents an illustrated reappraisat of Lynch's work including his most recent cinema success Wild at Heart. There is also an interview with controversial British film-maker Derek Jarman on the eve of the London Film Festival premiere of his new film, The Garden. And screenwriter
Richard Price , responsible for such scripts as The Color of Money and an episode of New York Stories, speaks about the trials of writing, and re-writing, the Al Pacino/Ellen Barkin thriller, Sea of Love.
Director Janet Fraser Crook
Series producer Paul Kerr
BBC Two England

Living with the Enemy: Cradle of Filth

The last in the series that puts ideologically opposed people together.

Cradle of Filth are a cult "black metal" band. With their make-up, loud music and ugly lyrics, they are a parent's worst nightmare. Janet Robinson is a mother from Yorkshire, whose teenage son idolises the band. Janet and her daughter spend a week on tour with the band. A new series of Living with the Enemy is planned for next year. See today's choices.
Executive producer Debbie Christie; Producer Gabe Solomon
See John Peel : page 9
BBC Two England

I Love the Seventies

Continuing the new Saturday-night strand celebrating a decade of popular culture, spotlighting everything from the fads, fashions and films to the stars, sounds and sport. Ends 2.00am. See Choice.
8.55 I Love 1971
A series focusing on every year of the decade, each presented by a celebrity well known for their connections with the seventies. Tonight Britt Ekland looks back to 1971, the year in which she broke into the limelight with her role in the cult thriller Get Carter. She recalls the craze for space hoppers, the wonderfully insane children's television show, Banana Splits and ponders the success of singles like Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. (S) W)
BBC Two England

Kingdom Hospital

New series 1/13. Thy Kingdom Come. Andrew McCarthy stars in Stephen King 's adaptation of Lars von Trier's cult mini-series The Kingdom. When the victim of a road accident is admitted to hospital, he encounters a ghostly figure. The second episode follows on BBC3 at 11.20.
First shown on BBC3 (AD)
BBC Two England


Cult film series with Alex Cox.
Producer Nick Freand Jones
10.05 Hallowe'en
Horror starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence
Fifteen years after murdering his sister, Michael Myers escapes from a mental institution and returns to the small town of Haddenfield, Illinois, where a group of teenagers is preparing for Hallowe'en night.
Being shown for the first time in widescreen format.
Director John Carpenter (1978)
FILM REVIEWS pages 55-62

11.45 The Baby
Chilling drama starring Ruth Roman, Anjanette Comer
Social worker Ann Gentry becomes fascinated by the case of Mrs Wadsworth and her fully-grown son who has the mind and life style of a baby.
Director Ted Post (1973)
FILM REVIEWS pages 55-62
BBC Two England

Ed Wood: Look Back in Angora

A documentary on the life and work of cult movie director Ed Wood. A decorated war veteran, he was a transvestite with a liking for angora sweaters.
His film Glen or Glenda? follows at 12.15am. See today's choices.
Colour and B/W * See This Week: page 7
BBC Two England


A brief introduction to the film that follows, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, which is showing as part of the Forbidden season of films exploring dark and disturbing areas of the imagination. Producer Nick Freand Jones
Film premiere
Tetsuo II: Body Hammer
Sci-fi horror sequel to the cult film Tetsuo: Iron Man.
When some skinheads kidnap his son, Taniguchi Tomoo undergoes a strange body mutation and begins to evolve into a killing machine. In Japanese with English subtitles.
TOMIOKA.TaniguchisfatherSUJINKIM Director ShinyaTsukamoto (1991.18)
* See Films: pages 54-57 ★★★
Followed byWeatherview
BBC Two England

BBC4 on BBC2

Ends 12.35am.
Vivian Stanshall : the Canyons of His Mind Profiling the lead singer of cult 60s group the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, from his Southend childhood, through art school, contemporary status with the Beatles, and his later resurfacing as a solo artist.
John Peel , Jack Bruce and Stephen Fry are among those paying tribute. Director/Producer Paul Kerr (AD) Phill Jupitus goes wild for Gorilla: page 37
BBC Two England

I, Samurai: BBC4 on BBC2

Andrew Graham-Dixon journeys into the art and soul of the Samurai by immersing himself in the rituals and practices of the warrior cult. On a trip to Japan, he witnesses the creation of a Samurai sword by one of the few remaining such craftsmen, visits a stunning garden made of nothing but rock and gravel, gets tipsy with a geisha and films a scene for his very own Samurai action film.
Director Patrick Dickinson ; Producer Martin Rosenbaum
BBC Two England


Alex Cox introduces another in the season of outstanding cult films.
An American Werewolf in London
David Naughton Jenny Agutter Griffin Dunne
When two American youths are attacked by a werewolf on an English moor, one of them, Jack Goodman , is killed, but his friend David Kessler is saved and wakes up in a London hospital. Beset by nightmares, David is told they are all in his mind but soon he is paid a visit by his dead friend, Jack, horribly mutilated and bearing bad news. John Landis directed this gripping tale of terror, garnished with wit, suspense and spine-chilling special effects.
0 INFORMATION: a 'Moviedrome' guide featuring films from all three series is available, price £2.75, from [address removed]. FILMS: pages 16-20 t CEEFAX SUBTITLES

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