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BBC Two England

Almost Human: The Queen's Corgis

How to live with animals and look after them.
Introduced by Di Fisher with Stanley Dangerfield and Peter West.

When the Queen visited the Three Counties Show at Malvern Wells, she watched the judging of the Pembroke Welsh Corgis, which for more than thirty years have had a special place in the life of the Royal Family. There were more corgis on show at Malvern this year than any other breed of dog. Is it royal patronage that makes them popular? Is the corgi an ideal dog for the home? What happens to a working dog like the corgi or labrador when it is bred as a domestic pet?
BBC Two England


with the latest news and information on our wildlife. with Su Ingle and Michael Jordan
Do you own a pet tortoise? Have you ever considered it not as a pet but as a wild animal? In a special report from Yugoslavia Wildtrack looks at the wild tortoise in its proper environment. Did you know. for instance, that tortoises can swim? And that they are not solely vegetarians - they eat meat as well.
And two spectacular animals: Mike has been in Scotland filming wildcats and Su's been in Northern Ireland watching one of our most beautiful birds of prey - the peregrine falcon.
Producer mike BEYNON
BBC Two England

Daytime on Two

9.0 Shakespeare in Perspective Selection King Lear
PROFESSOR FRANK KERMODE 'S view on the purpose of tragedy.
9.26 Twentieth-Century History
1: Make Germany Pay.
How the treaty of Versailles affected Germany in the 1920s.
9.48 Mathscore Two
1: Take it Away. Exactly how do you subtract 42 from 67?
And what does one million of something look like?
10.10 Look and Read, Badger Girl
2: Stripey the Badger.
Debbie has befriended Stripey the badger. But can a badger be a pet? And shouldn't the children tell Mrs Rudge about him? Written by ANDREW DAVIES With MARGO GUNN , ASHIEK
Assistant producer ROGER FRY Producer SUSAN PATON
10.35 Update USA 1: Great Lakes City
Cleveland, on the shores of Lake Erie and one of the original capitals of industrial America, is struggling with the problems of decline as investment for new industry seeks out more profitable locations in the south and west of the USA.
Producer LEN BROWN
11.0 Watch
Captain Cook
2: Tahiti
11.17 English: 11-13 1: Alone
Autobiography: you needn't be famous to write yours!
11.40 Job Bank
Technicians in Industry
12.0 New series
Une annee chez les Français
New French-language versions of the Year of the French series for advanced level students.
1: La reine du Beaujolais
Harvest time in Fleurie, one of the best wine-producing villages in Beaujolais, is seen through the eyes of 83-year-old MARGUERITE CHABERT.
Producer of French adaptation CAROLINE GODLEY
12.30 Life Power
A series of programmes surveying biotechnology
2: The Chemistry of Life. The difference between man-made and living chemistry.
1.0 Maths Help
For adults studying maths to 0 level.
2: Percentages
1.15 Science Topics
Darwin and Evolution
Observations on living things are explained by evolution according to natural selection. Series producer PETER BRATT
Gary Wilmot is in the market today -with Cosmo (and Dibs) BBC2, 2.0 pm You and Me
1.38 Let's See: Take Care 2: Watch How You Go
How children at a primary school in Scotland learn the basic skills of cycling.
2.0 You and Me
A series for 4- and 5-year-olds Gary is in a terrible temper but all turns out well for
Cosmo and Dibs. The number four is introduced.
Book: New Blue Shoes by EVE RICE.
2.15 Near and Far Bricks
How are bricks made and how do they affect those rural areas where the clay is quarried? Producer ROBIN GWYN
2.40 Junior Craft, Design and Technology
Up and Down the Hill Downhill
BBC Two England

The Natural World

The Year of the Rat
Rats - should we like them? Some people hate and despise these rodents. As the Chinese Year of the Rat draws to a close, down on the farm the rats' year goes on. Resourceful and adaptable, these successful invaders have enjoyed our unwitting hospitality for over two centuries.
But this Jekyll and Hyde of animals challenges our prejudices. Is it not also an attractive pet, and a clever animal; and don't we all owe our lives to the rat as a tool of research into good health? This animal opportunist should be watched - even from behind your chair.... Narrated by Barry Paine Photography PETER SMITHSON Film editor CHARLES ALDRIDGE Produced by BARRY PAINE Series editor PETER JONES BBC Bristol
BBC Two England

Daytime on Two

9.35 Encounter: Austria
On the Farm; Ski-ing on the Dachstein
Learning to ski in Austria is as common as swimming lessons here, so - what is it like? Producer SUSAN PATON (R) (E)
Look, Look and Look Again. Living Images
Yorkshire children use a model for a portrait of a character from fiction.
Producer JUDITH MILES (R) (E)
10.15 Look and Read Badger Girl
Stripey the Badger Debbie has befriended Stripey the badger. But can a badger be a pet? And shouldn't the children tell Mrs Rudge about him?
Assistant producer ROGER FRY Producer SUSAN PATON (R) (E)
10.38 Science in Action Sporting Chance
Having a go yourself is the theme of this new 'Hands-on-Science' series. This week: explore the physics of pedal power, find out how to make a bike go faster and marvel at human-powered vehicles.
Assistant producer CLARE ELSTOW
Series producer ROBIN MUDGE (R) (E)
11.0 Watch. Visual Arts: Making and Modelling
11.17 Near and Far. Concrete The look of many towns and cities owes much to the use of concrete. However, the extraction of its raw materials - limestone, clay, sand and gravel has had an even more dramatic effect on rural areas.
Producer ROBIN GWYN (R) (E)
11.40 Wondermaths Programme 2
The spaceship Investigator strays into a powercloud. To find their way out, Stella and Zak must recognise and model marker-buoys made of cubes. Designer RORY MITCHELL
Series producer DAVID SCOTT COWAN (E)
11.57 MI 10: Mathematical Investigations
3: Arithmetic Progressions How to make a number sequence add up without really trying.
4: Shuffles
From riffling cards to ringing the changes - what patterns emerge?
12.18 pm Maths Counts by JOHN TULLY 2: Round About
Seven dollars and 99 cents. Call it eight dollars. Steve and Wendy learn how to round numbers up - and down? (R) (E)
12.40 Honourable Members Five programmes examining the role of MPs.
2: The Art of the Possible
Life at Westminster; ancient ritual, legislation, the Whip and the guillotine, Question Time, select committees.
MPs and former MPs taking part include JOHN BIFFEN , EDWARD DU CANN.
1.5 Pages from Ceefax
1.33 English Time: Buddy by NIGEL HINTON
A drama serial in five parts based on the novel by the same author. Featuring ROGER DALTREY as Terry 1: Raining in My Heart
Buddy steals things from shops. He wants to stop - especially as it seems as if his Teddy Boy dad, Terry, might be getting back into his old criminal ways. But Buddy badly needs money for the school trip....
Producer ROGER TONGE (R) (E)
2.0 You and Me
A series for 4- and 5-year-olds. Cosmo has a violent tantrum,
Dibs and Indira try to calm her. Maths on the farm: 'Matching eggs to the birds that laid them'. Book: Brown Bear , What Do You See? by ERIC CARLE andBILL MARTIN JR
BBC Two England

Now - Something Else - Again

Warning: this may cause acute amusement. If affected, do not drive, operate heavy machinery or mutilate domestic pets while watching this programme. Some scenes may include explicit 'jokes', and are not suitable for anyone of a 'thick-as-two-planks' disposition.
Featuring Rory Bremner with Sara Crowe , John Dowie Steve Steen , Jim Sweeney Written by BARRY CRYER JOHN DOWIE , GUY
BBC Two England

The Likely Lads: Entente Cordiale

The first hit comedy written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, starring James Bolam as Terry and Rodney Bewes as Bob, returns for a repeat run this summer with the first ever episode shown tonight. See today's choices. (Rpt)
See This Week: page 8
BBC Two England

Sounds of the Eighties

The highly successful UK pop synthesiser scene is the focus of the fourth in an eight-part series about eighties music.
See today's choices.
Producer Jeannie Clark ; Executive producer
DavidJeffcock Stereo Subtitled ..................43
BBC Two England

Children's BBC Breakfast

7.30 Secret Life of Toys Puppets.
Repeated at lpm Repeat
7.45 The Raccoons Animation.
8.00 The Wacky Races A double bill of cartoon fun.
8.20 Young People's Specials A young boy fights to save his pet duck.
9.05 Activ8 A look at netball, catamaran sailing, Irish dancing, and football injuries. Repeat Stereo
9.35 Sweet Valley High Californian teenage drama. Repeat Stereo ..
10.00 Funnybones More creepy fun with the skeletons. Repeat Stereo ....
10.10 Teletubbies Our Pig Winnie. The
Teletubbies watch a film about a little boy and his special friend- a pig called Winnie. With the voices of Mark Heenahan , Toyah Willcox , Eric Sykes and Tim Whitnall. Teletubbies PUI FAN LEE. JOHN SIMMIT , NIKKY
10.35 Babar Cartoon fun. Repeat.
BBC Two England

The Animal Zone

Simon King visits Yellowstone National Park in North America.
Editor Sara Ford Stereo ...... WEB SITE: www.bbc.co.uk/animalzone/
6.00* Watch Out British flora and fauna on display in March. Producer Andrew Graham-Brown ; Series producerMikeBeynon Stereo .. FACT SHEET: £1.50 cheques payable to [address removed]
6.05* The Wotf in Your Living Room How the wild habits of wolves, jackals, rarely seen bush dogs. dholes and dingos help to explain the puzzling behavioural traits of pet dogs. Narrated by Desmond Morris. Producer Mike Beynon
Repeat Stereo
6.40*-7.30 The Natural World
The Otters of Yellowstone
Spanningthree states,
Yellowstone is America's most famous national park, with a cast of charming inhabitants set against stunning scenery. This film follows a family of river otters through the year as they learn to fish, fend off attacking coyotes and travel great distances around the beautiful park. Narrated by Tom Baker. Producer Bob Landis ; Series editor
Neil Nightingale Videoplus code for
5.55-7.30 (not PDC)
BBC Two England


Kittens. TheTubbies watch three boys play with pet kittens.
Repeated tomorrow at 7am
BBC Two England

Murder Most Horrid: Confessions of a Murderer

Continuing a series of murder-mystery spoofs starring Dawn French.

Harriet Snellgrove dreams of being arrested. But will she resort to murder in a bid to live out her fantasy?
See today's choices.
(Digital widescreen)

Murder Most Horrid 9.00pm BBC2
Meet Harriet Snellgrove, Dawn French's latest incarnation, a woman who calls her pets by the names of TV detectives and whose doorbell plays the Z Cars theme tune. She's "bonkers" according to the long-suffering police sergeant who regularly hears her confessing to crimes that she never committed. "Yes, I am Lord Lucan," says Harriet. No wonder they ignore her story about the missing bank manager.
Writers Ian Hislop and Nick Newman have enormous fun with TV police cliches like the old-style copper versus the university-educated new boss. Metaphorically challenged, the latter can't quite get to grips with the argot and has to be given a helpful nudge now and again ("It's 'Shut it', not 'Close it', sir"). Watch out for a nice little cameo by Graeme Garden as the entire staff of the Nutley Chronicle.
BBC Two England

Room 101

Paul Merton 's guest this week on the show that consigns celebrities' pet hates to oblivion is
Jim Davidson , the host of BBC1's Generation Game and Big
Break. The comedian chooses holidays, Motown records and darkness among his betes noires. See today's choices.
Director Phil Chilvers ; Producer Toby Stevens Repeated next Thursday on BBC1
Digital widescreen
BBC Two England

Children's BBC Breakfast

Teletubbies: Tropical Fish: The Teletubbies watch two girls play with their new pet fish.
BBC MUSIC: Teletubbies CD. price £10.99, and cassette, £7.99, are both available from retailers
10.30 Tweenies: Colours. Jake uses his superpowers as "Dotman" to restore colour to the garden.
Repeated 3.25pm on BBC1
BBC Two England


Ends 10.50 Stick Insect. The fun-loving quartet watch a little boy with his pet stick insects. (S)
BBC Two England

Gimme Gimme Gimme: Teacher's Pet

Continuing the new series of the flatsharing comedy, starring Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus.

Reduced to promoting sushi at the local supermarket, jobless actor Tom decides to set up his own drama school. Can Linda help to make it a success? With former EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer.
See Choice.
(Repeated on Sunday)
(S) (W)
Deja View with Mark Lewisohn: page 15
BBC Two England

Children's BBC

Ends 10.50

Teletubbies: Stick Insect
The Tubbies watch a boy and his pet stick insects and play hide-and-seek. (R) (S)
BBC Two England


Ends 10.50. Cat's Night Out. The
Teletubbies watch a little boy talk to his pet cat. (R) (S)
BBC Two England

Children's BBC Presents HoT

Ends 11.00.

Cafe Chocolate.
The Tubbies watch a boy making drinking chocolate. (R) (S)

7.25 Yogi's Space Race
Animated adventures in space with Yogi Bear and the gang. (R)

7.45 Goober and the Ghost Chasers
Cartoon action with Goober the dog and his ghost-hunting pals.

8.05 Blue Peter
Featuring Easter cookery and S Club 7 performing their new single, Reach.
Shown last Friday. BBC1 (S) (W)

8.35 Ace Ventura - Pet Detective
Animated adventures with the colourfully-dressed private eye.
(R) (S)

9.00 Goosebumps
US horror-drama series based on RL Stine's books. Bad Hare Day. Tim and his sister
Ginny get more than they bargain for when they go to see Amazo the magician on stage. (R) (S)

9.25 Really Wild Show Wildest Hits
Presenter Michaela Strachan encounters sharks all over the world in the first often compilations marking more than ten years of Really Wild Show programmes.
See Choice. (S)

9.50 The Big Knights
First in a rerun for the animated comedy featuring twin noblemen Sir Morris and Sir Boris.

Knights in Distress. King Otto officially opens a new hydroelectric dam. (R) (S)

10.00 Little Bear
Animated tales with an inquisitive bear cub. (R)

10.25 Tweenies
Shiny Metal. Max shows the Tweenies how to make old metal objects sparkle and shine.
Shown last Monday BBC1 (S) (W)
BBC magazine: Tweenies, monthly, £1.25
Website: [address removed]

10.45 Pingu
Animation. Pingu does some baby-sitting. (R)

10.55 Tales of the Tooth Fairies
Animated tales. (R)
BBC Two England

Children's BBC Presents HoT

Ends 11.00.

The Beach. The Tubbies watch some children playing on the beach with their dog. (R) (S) BBC MUSIC: Teletubbies CD. price £10.99, and cassette. £7.99

7.25 Yogi's Space Race
Cartoon fun among the stars with Yogi Bear and company. (R)

7.45 Goober and the Ghost Chasers
Ghostly cartoon mysteries. (R)

8.10 Trading Places
Comprehensive-school students get a taste of life at a boarding school.
With sign language and subtitles. Shown yesterday on BBC1 at 5.10pm

8.35 Ace Ventura - Pet Detective
Animated antics of the wacky private-eye. (R) (S)

9.00 Goosebumps
Spooky drama.
Terri and Jerry meet some ghoulish characters while on a seaside holiday. (R) (S)

9.25 Really Wild Show Wildest Hits
African highlights from the wildlife series. With Michaela Strachan, Janice Acquah, Howie Watkins and Chris Packham. (S)

9.50 The Big Knights
The knights' school for chivalry attracts the wrong kind of pupil. (R) (S)

10.00 Little Bear
Adventures with a bear cub and friends. (R)

10.25 Tweenies
Birthday. Milo, Bella and Jake plan a surprise party for Fizz's fourth birthday.
Shown last Wednesday on BBC1
(S) (W)

10.45 The Greedysaurus Gang
Adventures of five young dinosaurs. (R)

10.55 Little Polar Bear
Cartoon fun in the Arctic. (R)

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