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BBC Two England


A programme for children at home
Useful Box Day
Presenters this week Marla Landi, Johnny Ball
In the story chair, H. E. Todd who tells his own story ' The Magic Dustbin '
Today is Whit Monday, and the toys go to the fair with Maria and Johnny. On Tuesday Play School goes out, this time to mess about in boats on the river. Through the windows on Thursday Marla shows us what it's like to go for a ride through the streets of Rome, and on Friday some of the many pictures that have been sent to Play School are on the picture board.
BBC Two England


A portrait of Alun Lewis poet and soldier
Before he died in Burma In 1944 Lewis wrote some of the most moving and memorable poems to come out of the Second World War. His character was paradoxical : a pacifist who became a soldier, a lieutenant happier with the rank and file than in the officers' mess, a man of action who often suffered intense periods of withdrawal.
Tonight's film, which contains passages from unpublished journals, includes accounts of Lewis by his mother, his wife, and Lord Chalfont, a brother officer in the South Wales Borderers. Side by side with his poems these contributions make an examination of what Lewis once called ' the fragile universe of self.'
Poems spoken by Henley Thomas
Narration, Arthur Phillips Produced by JOHN ORMOND from Wales
BBC Two England

Remember All the Good Things

Tonight, from BBC North West:
What would you do if you were told you had three months to live? ... What you do is carry on living as normally
(Tony Whiteley)
Tony Whiteley was 34 years old when he was told he was going to die. His son Joseph was three years old and his wife Vivien was pregnant with their second child. 'We just decided that we would act positively ...and make the best possible plans for me and the children so that we would not be left in any sort of mess and so that Tony would feel he had done the. best he could and not left us in any sort of distress.'
(Vivien Whiteley)
' And we all have to help each other - patient and relative and doctor - in the conquest over the fear of death; because this society, perhaps more than any other, is extremely bad at dealing with this facet of life.'
(Professor at a University Hospital)
Part of the Network series of programmes made specially for audiences in the BBC Regions and now seen for the first time throughout the United Kingdom.
Producers Alan Murgatroyd and Ray Colley
Life after death: page 11
BBC Two England

Animated Conversations

A series of six programmes in which animated film-makers eavesdrop on real conversations and let their imaginations run riot. 5: Archi-type
' What a mess some of these shopping centres can get into-vagrants hanging around and so on! What are we doing about this? '
Producer COLIN Thomas. BBC Bristol
BBC Two England

Man Alive

investigates, discovers, questions This week:
They Steal Children, Don't They?
And anything else they can lay their hands on too! The popular image of gypsies is one of a trail of old iron and rubbish, thieving, drunkenness and violence. A raggle-taggle people who are disliked for the mess they leave, distrusted and even feared for their powers of foretelling the future and putting on curses. Is it any wonder then that ' authority' sees gypsies as a problem to ' tidy up ' - first into camp-sites, then into houses? But as Jeremy James found out, gypsies equally see us, the house-dwellers, as a problem and a threat. What is it that the gypsies really want? What is the way of life they so passionately want to protect? Why is there so much distrust of this minority - only 50,000 of them compared with 50 million of us - who ask for little more than to be left alone, free not to conform with our particular values?
BBC Two England

Daytime on Two

9.15 Encounter: Germany Meeting Point
Hamelin and the work of the post office; the frontier with the DDR - and a visit to the centre of Braunschweig
9.33 Treffpunkt: Deutschland An Ort und Stelle
9.52 Talkabout
Mr Cosmo the Conjuror
10.12 Science Workshop Tracks 'B'
10.34 Scene
Scene in New York
The Guardian Angels Producer ROGER TONGE
11.5 Maths-in-a-Box A fantasy in ten parts. 8: Weight-watchers
11.30 Outlook
Great Archaeological Mysteries 3: The Mysterious Bluestones
Why did the Megalith-builders create stone circles like Stonehenge? How were the huge stones transported from Wales to Wiltshire?
First shown on BBC Wales
11.55 Play Tennis
Five programmes with a new step-by-step method for beginners. Introduced by DEREK HORWOOD
1: Making Contact
12.20 Inside Women's Magazines
A look at the development of women's magazines from the 17th century to the present day. 1: Taking Shape
12.45-1.0 Write Away
A practical guide to everyday writing, with new and handy ways of remembering spelling. Presented by BARRY TOOK and ZENA WALKER
1.10 A Good Job with Prospects Agricultural College
1.38 Around Scotland
Behind the Scenes. Airport
A visit to Glasgow Airport, including areas normally out of bounds. Producer PETER WHITEFORD
2.0 You and Me
A series for 4- and 5-year-olds.
Sort them Out. Rabbit is on the loose in the party-tricks shop and Clive has to sort out the mess.
2.15 Music Time
Questions and Answers
2.40 Walrus. What's it Gonna Be?
Dip, Dip, Dip by GERRY HUXMAN
BBC Two England

Daytime on Two

9.20 Let's Go - Series 1
Ten programmes for moderately handicapped young adults, presented by BRIAN RIX
Let's 's GoandCookaMeal(R)
9.35 Rendez-vous: France
Par les rues, par les champs - Poitiers. Au centre-ville; au village; a la campagne (R)
9.52 Mathscore One Get the Point
3700, 370, 37 ... then what?
Laurel and Hardy, and others, get to grips with tenths. (R)
10.15 Look and Read
Dark Towers by ANDREW DAVIES A reading series for 7- to 9-year-olds based around a humorous ghost story in ten episodes. 7: The Dark Tree
Producer SUE WEEKS (R)
10.38 Update USA 4: Energy Boom
In 1977 Evanston, a small railway town in Wyoming, found itself sitting on the biggest oil and gas discovery the USA has recently seen. (R)
11.0 Watch. Pipes
11.17 Walrus
After Four by CATHY PELLICER 4: Different dialects can be confusing, so when you're writing it's best to use language which is 'sort of a bit posh'. Producer LEN BROWN (R)
11.39 Science Topics. Senses
Our senses are used as part of a complex system for survival. Series producer PETER BRATT (R)
12.0 Year of the French 4: The Iron Baron
A look at the life of industrialist BARON DE DIETRICH. (R)
12.30 pm Deutsch direkt!
A series of 20 programmes for beginners in German
7: Train times and railway tickets to Wurzburg in Bavaria to visit the great 18th-century palace and gardens: die
Residenz der Fiirstbischofe von Wurzburg.
(Complementary radio programme on Sunday Radio 4 VHF at 5.30 pm, repeated next Saturday at 4.30pm)
Book £5.95, three cassettes £3. 75 each, and Notes for Teachers £3.25 from booksellers or BBC Publications
12.55 Switch On to English (1) Key aspects of spoken and written English.
Presented by FLOELLA BENJAMIN 7: Using He and She (R)
1.20 Descubra Espana Vistas de provincia
Vida diaria; frutos del campo; tierra riojana. (R)
1.38 Let's See
Up in the Mountains 1: Up the Mountain
Who and what is found living, growing and flourishing in the Scottish Highlands?
2.0 You and Me
A series for 4- and 5-year-olds Sort Them Out
Rabbit is on the loose in the party tricks shop, and Clive has to sort out the mess. Producer ROGER FRY
Series producer ROY THOMPSON (R)
2.15 History 11-13
The Middle Ages. 4: The Town Why did towns develop? What was it like to live in one? Producer JILL SHEPPARD (R)
2.40 Exploring Science Designing Structures
Structures are made from a variety of materials, perform several functions and resist imposed loads. (R)
BBC Two England

Daytime on Two

9.38 Economics: A Question of Choice
2: To Buy or Not to Buy?
Why choose one product rather than another? What effect do consumers' choices have on people and resources?
An investigation into the implications of marketing a chocolate bar, buying British, and launching a new product. Consultant STEVEN HODKINSON Producer ROGER FRY
10.0 You and Me
A series for 4- and 5-year-olds Sort Them Out
Rabbit is on the loose in the party tricks shop and CLIVE has to sort out the mess. Producer ROGER FRY
Series producer ROY THOMPSON (R)
10.15 Music Time The Padi-fields
The padi-fields of Java are the setting for two songs from the musical Panji and the Buffalo. The children play percussion accompaniments, and show how they made their own hand bells.
Presenters JONATHAN COHEN and HELEN SPEIRS with children from
10.38 History File
The Man Who Made the Labour Party
The story of Keir Hardie (R) ll.OZigZag. Greek Pottery
A lot can be learnt about Ancient Greece from vase paintings. A fifth-century Athenian pottery is reconstructed in the studio and the potter completes the story of Perseus and the gorgons. Presenter SHEELAGH GILBEY Producer
11.22 Thinkabout Down Our Way
Frank and the gang turn the yard into a playground and have fun with boxes. Plus a look at a school with an extra playground and a model town.
11.40 A-level Studies: English Jane Austen
Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen by FAY WELDON Producer SUE WEEKS (R)
12.2 pm Mindstretchers A to B: Solutions
Problems for 10- to 12-year-olds to work on, with suggested solutions. Travel by foot, train, bus or cycle, or a combination of all: which is the quickest?
Series producer EDWARD HAYWARD (R)
BBC Two England

Brass Tacks

Education is back at the top of the political agenda - and that's because it's in a mess. Parents are worried about unemployment; employers say the school leavers don't have what it takes. The
Government is responding by giving parents more power and by introducing a national programme of technical and vocational teaching. But critics say such measures don't add up to a policy. What's needed is a national strategy for state secondary education to replace the piecemeal remedies and underfunded initiatives.
Chris Patten , mp, Education Minister, joins Peter Taylor in the studio to face the Brass Tacks audience. Director PAUL CAMPBELL Producer CHARLES BRUCE Editor COUN CAMERON BBC Manchester
BBC Two England

Phil Silvers

as Sergeant Bilko
Where There's a Will
What can a generous-hearted Mess Sergeant do but help one of his former privates whose cousins have cheated him out of his inheritance? Cue yet another brilliant scheme as the chase is on for the Maltese parrot.... Produced by NAT HIKEN Directed by AL DE CAPRIO (R)
BBC Two England

Now - Something Else

Take four guys and a gal, a little magic, a little music and mirth - mix them together and what have you got... ?
A sticky mess in the blender. But for now - something else.... featuring Rory Bremner with Sara Crowe , John Dowie Steve Steen , Jim Sweeney Written by JON CANTER
Script associate JOHN LANGDON
BBC Two England

Advice Shop

Britain's social security system is in a mess. Well over a million people don't claim the benefits they are entitled to. Those who do are often put off by the sheer complexity of the system.
In the first of ten programmes Margo MacDonald re-opens Advice Shop with advice on the benefits you can claim now and with news about the big changes that are coming in with the Social Security Act next April.
Don't miss out. Keep up to date. Watch Advice Shop and claim what's yours by right. Director MARION ALLINSON Producer TONY MATTHEWS
A summary of the key information given in today's programme is available in return for an sae (13p) from: [address removed]
(For more news and information on welfare rights, housing, jobs, etc watch Ask Margo on Friday at
3.25pm on BBC1.)
• INFO: page 89
BBC Two England

Now - Something Else - Again

Take four guys and a gal, a little magic, a little music and mirth - mix them together and what have you got.... ?
A sticky mess in the blender. But for now - something else one more time ...
Featuring Rory Bremner with Sara Crowe, John Dowie, Steve Steen, Jim Sweeney Written by JON CANTER, BARRY CRYER, JOHN DOWIE, GUY JENKIN, STEVE PUNT, PETE SINCLAIR, STEVE STEEN, JIM SWEENEY
Script associate JOHN LANGDON
BBC Two England

Present Imperfect

Films chronicling a year in the life of individuals in 90s Britain.
Don't 't Mess with God. Video-walls, pop promos and prayer are the weapons used by Steve and Dennis, evangelists battling for God. Travelling the country with their marquee, their evangelical movement targets kids, but to what end and at what cost?
Producer Peter Gordon
Executive producer Paul Watson • STEREO
BBC Two England

Modern Times

Documentary series about how we live today.
The Partners. Seventy years ago. John Spedan Lewis gave away his store to his workers. Today, the John Lewis Partnership maintains its democratic structure, despite the pressures of a competitive market.
This film reveals its secrets - from the head office "Intelligence Department" to the Peter Jones "Dog Mess Log". See today's choices.
Producer Daniel Reed ; Series editor
Stephen Lambert
BBC Two England


First of a six-part series seeking the truth behind public perceptions of prominent figures.
The Macmillans: Portrait of a Political
Marriage. Harold Macmillan 's slogan was" " you ' ve never had it so good." But behind his cool façade was a private life in turmoil. See today's choices. Producer Leonie Jameson ; Series editor
JaniceHadlow Subtitled .......................
BBC Two England

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Return ofthe irreverent music quiz hosted by Mark Lamarr , with regular team captains
Phill Jupitus and Sean Hughes. The guests are Simon Le Bon ,
Karen Poole , Ian Dury and Kathy Burke. See today's choices.
Director Paul Wheeler : Producer Richard Wilson Digital widescreen
BBC Two England

Tweenies: Litter

The Tweenies have fun playing pass-the-parcel - but what a mess they make.
Repeated 3.25pm BBC1 (S) (W)
BBC Two England

Nature Boy

The third instalment of the four-part drama, starring
Lee Ingleby and Paul McGann , written by Bryan Elsley.
David heads south, meets up again with Jenny, and joins protesters tunnelling under an airport development. Contains strong language and nudity. See Choice.
Producer Catherine Wearing ; Director Joe Wright (S) (W) BBC VIDEO: available from 28 February, price £14.99. Alison Graham 's TV Review: page 50
BBC Two England

What the Romans Did for Us

Adam Hart-Davis examines more Roman innovations.
Arteries of the Empire. Tonight Hart-Davis analyses the Romans' ingenious surveying methods that enabled them to build their arrow-straight roads. He also commissions a replica of an ingenious giant water wheel used to remove water from flooded Welsh gold mines. See Choice.
Director Paul King: Series producer Martin Mortimore (S) (W)

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