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Series 1

Episode 6: The Masterplan

Duration: 58 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One Channel IslandsLatest broadcast: on BBC One West

Available for 6 months

Thriller. The terrorist cell is exposed and the final tragic details surrounding the attack on Cafe 66 are revealed. Show more


Gabe Waters:
Paddy Considine
Holly Morten:
Bel Powley
Raza Shar:
Nabhaan Rizwan
Rose Asante:
Sharon D Clarke
Charlotte Humphreys:
Nell Hudson
Sadia Shar:
Sunetra Sarker
Geoffrey Boyce:
Stanley Townsend
Hanif Shar:
Paul Tylak
Emily Waters:
Jessica Raine
Lady Justice Spencer:
Elizabeth Rider
Paralegal Assistant:
Hussina Raja
Danielle Bjelic
Megan Morten:
Emily Taaffe
Howard Cook:
Matthew Steer
Rob Vowles
Salim Brahimi:
Arinze Kene
Peter Worall:
Robert Whitelock
Marlon Cooper:
Fehinti Balogun
Zakir Ravia:
Massoud Nokhas
Farook Sayeed:
Tarik Mesfun
El Adoua:
Azad Boutella
Sergeant Young:
Morgan Watkins
Ria Lopez
Nurse Examination Room:
Rhoda Ofori-Attah
Jin Weijun:
Orion Lee
Natalie Markham:
Callie Cooke
Wesley Ndoyo:
Eric Abrefa
Nurse Simon:
Idris Debrand
Akash Williams:
Kaine Zajaz
Nasir Shar:
Reiss Jeram
ARU Officer in Hospital:
Bartley Burke
Community Support Officer:
Mickey Fordola
Roxy Novac:
Olivia Popica
Pakistani Informant:
Saliha Ahmed
Moroccan Informant:
Richard Sumitro
Luke Hornsby
Rhona Croker
Idea Originator:
Rory Haines
Idea Originator:
Sohrab Noshirvani
Production Company:
Neal Street Productions

Peaky Blinders

Series 3

Episode 6

Duration: 58 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Four HD

Available for years

Period crime drama set in Birmingham. As Tommy prepares to commit the most audacious crime of his career, a blow is struck against him that could change everything. Show more


Thomas Shelby:
Cillian Murphy
Aunt Polly:
Helen McCrory
Arthur Shelby:
Paul Anderson
John Shelby:
Joe Cole
Ada Shelby:
Sophie Rundle
Michael Gray:
Finn Cole
Charlie Strong:
Ned Dennehy
Lizzie Stark:
Natasha O'Keeffe
Princess Tatiana Petrovna:
Gaite Jansen
Ruben Oliver:
Alexander Siddig
Jonny Dogs:
Packy Lee
Father John Hughes:
Paddy Considine
Alfie Solomons:
Tom Hardy
Inspector Moss:
Tony Pitts
Ian Peck
Finn Shelby:
Harry Kirton
Linda Shelby:
Kate Phillips
Charlotte Murray:
Stephanie Hyam
William Letso:
Peter Bankole
Monsieur Silk:
Dustin Demri-Burns
Daniel Preece:
Peter Rylands
Gilbert Palmer:
Paul Cawley
Business Man:
Bartley Burke
Bad Nurse:
Paula Wharton
Charles Shelby:
Billy Marwood
Simon Maloney
Tim Mielants
Production Company:
Caryn Mandabach Production
Production Company:
Tiger Aspect Productions Ltd


Series 19

Episode 86: Good Deed Day

Duration: 28 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One WestLatest broadcast: on BBC One Wales HD

Heston finds himself trying to repair a broken friendship. Zara meets Reece's brother at the hospital. Jimmi teases Al about a good deed. Show more


Kerry Spencer:
Rachel Matthews
Justin Clyne:
Bartley Burke
Tina Hemsby:
Laura Pitt-Pulford
Leanne Hemsby:
Eleanor Ham
Dr Heston Carter:
Owen Brenman
Dr Jimmi Clay:
Adrian Lewis Morgan
Dr Daniel Granger:
Matthew Chambers
Dr Zara Carmichael:
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
Dr Al Haskey:
Ian Midlane
Dr Sid Vere:
Ashley Rice
Mrs Tembe:
Lorna Laidlaw
Rob Hollins:
Chris Walker
Carlene Lonsdale:
Rebecca Raybone
Reece Lonsdale:
Jordan Taylor
Austin Lonsdale:
Reis Bruce
Executive Producer:
Mike Hobson
Pip Short
Gail Evans

Silent Witness

Series 20

Part 1: Remembrance, Part One

Duration: 59 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Northern Ireland HD

Available for years

A woman's body found in the Thames leads Nikki and Jack to a riverside community scarred by grief after the disappearance of a teenage girl three years ago. Show more


Dr Nikki Alexander:
Emilia Fox
Dr Thomas Chamberlain:
Richard Lintern
Jack Hodgson:
David Caves
Clarissa Mullery:
Liz Carr
DS Carl Pope:
Nav Sidhu
DI Heather Ashton:
Eva Pope
Ali Tresize:
Sarah Smart
Kieran Vale:
Lewis Griffin
Shaun Cohen:
Bartley Burke
Chris Tresize:
Jo Stone-Fewings
Ruth Tresize:
Kate McLaughlin
Aaron Logan:
Harris Dickinson
Ben Logan:
Morgan Watkins
Natasha Hill:
Saria Steel
Young Aaron Logon:
Tom Carter
Sarah Logan:
Claire Rafferty
Young Ben Logan:
Edward Richards
Stella Tuffour:
Rhoda Ofori-Attah
Ceri Meyrick
Executive Producer:
Anne Pivcevic