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Series 3

Episode 8: Mr Monk and the Game Show

Duration: 45 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One Northern IrelandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Wales

Crime series about an obsessive-compulsive police consultant. Monk is visited by Trudy's father, Dwight, who invites him to spend the week with him. Show more


Randall Zisk
Adrian Monk:
Tony Shalhoub
Sharona Fleming:
Bitty Schram
Captain Leland Stottlemeyer:
Ted Levine
Dwight Ellison:
Bob Gunton
Roddy Lankman:
John Michael Higgins
Trudy Monk:
Melora Hardin
Kevin Dorfman:
Jarrad Paul
Marcia Ellison:
Rosemary Forsyth
Lizzie Talvo:
Lisa Sheridan


Series 2

Episode 5: Now

Duration: 25 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Three

Sitcom about a man who sees his neighbour's dog as a man in a dog suit. After urging Ryan to 'live in the moment', trauma causes Wilfred to lose his lust for life in general. Show more


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Series 4

Episode 12: The Wounded

Duration: 50 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Northern Ireland

Sci-fi drama series. Picard and the crew attempt to apprehend a renegade Federation starship that has attacked a Cardassian space station without provocation. Show more

Duration: 1 hour, 25 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One SouthLatest broadcast: on BBC One Wales

Comedy sequel about the zany private detective who specialises in locating missing pets. Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) travels to Africa to search for a kidnapped sacred albino bat. Show more


Ace Ventura:
Jim Carrey
Fulton Greenwall:
Ian McNeice
Vincent Cadby:
Simon Callow
Burton Quinn:
Bob Gunton
The Wachati Princess:
Sophie Okonedo
The Tiny Warrior:
Tommy Davidson
Wachootoo Witch Doctor:
Danny D Daniels
Wachootoo Chief:
Sam Motoana Phillips



Duration: 1 hour, 53 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Compelling drama based on the true story of a regiment of black soldiers who, under the command of a white officer, fought for the Union during the American Civil War. Show more


Colonel Robert Gould Shaw:
Matthew Broderick
Private Trip:
Denzel Washington
Sergeant Major John Rawlins:
Morgan Freeman
Major Cabot Forbes:
Cary Elwes
Private Jupiter Sharts:
Jihmi Kennedy
Corporal Thomas Searles:
Andre Braugher
Captain Charles Fessenden Morse:
Donovan Leitch
Henry Sturgis Russell:
JD Cullum
Governor John Albion Andrew:
Alan North
General Charles Garrison Harker:
Bob Gunton
Colonel Montgomery:
Cliff DeYoung
Sergeant Major Mulcahy:
John Finn
General George Crockett Strong:
Jay O Sanders
Edward Zwick

Duration: 2 hours

First broadcast: on BBC One LondonLatest broadcast: on BBC One Wales

Seafaring drama based on the true story of a commercial fishing boat crew that struggles to survive amid 100ft waves in a terrifying North Atlantic storm. George Clooney stars. Show more


Billy Tyne:
George Clooney
Bobby Shatford:
Mark Wahlberg
Christina Cotter:
Diane Lane
Dale 'Murph' Murphy:
John C Reilly
David 'Sully' Sullivan:
William Fichtner
Alexander McAnally III:
Bob Gunton
Melissa Brown:
Karen Allen
Alfred Pierre:
Allen Payne
Mike 'Bugsy' Moran:
John Hawkes
Gail Katz