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Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One WestLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Bloodthirsty historical fantasy adventure in which a 10th-century Arabian emissary joins a band of Viking warriors to do battle with flesh-eating creatures. Antonio Banderas stars. Show more


Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan:
Antonio Banderas
Herger - Joyous:
Dennis Storhoi
Edgtho - Silent:
Daniel Southern
Ragnar - Dour:
John DeSantis
Helfdane - Fat:
Clive Russell
Rethdel - Archer:
Mischa Hausserman
Haltaf - Boy:
Oliver Sveinall
Halga - Wise:
Asbjorn Riis
Queen Weilew:
Diane Venora
Omar Sharif

Duration: 2 hours, 18 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

A German intelligence officer attempts to identify the man responsible for two brutal murders in Nazi-occupied Warsaw and Paris - the evidence points to one of three Nazi generals. Show more


General Tanz:
Peter O'Toole
Major Grau:
Omar Sharif
Corporal Hartman:
Tom Courtenay
General Kahlenberge:
Donald Pleasence
Inspector Morand:
Philippe Noiret
General von Seidlitz-Gabler:
Charles Gray
Eleanor von Seidlitz-Gabler:
Coral Browne
Colonel Sandauer:
John Gregson
Field Marshal Rommel:
Christopher Plummer
Sam Spiegel
Paul Dehn

Duration: 1 hour, 57 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Wales

Adventure drama starring Michael Caine and Peter Ustinov. A UN doctor heads a chase across the Middle East when his wife is kidnapped by a ruthless slave-trader. Show more


Dr David Linderby:
Michael Caine
Peter Ustinov
Prince Hassan:
Omar Sharif
Brian Walker:
Rex Harrison
Jim Sandell:
William Holden

Duration: 3 hours, 3 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two Wales HDLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Northern Ireland HD

Available for 4 months

Oscar-winning epic. A doctor and poet falls in love with the mistress of a political opportunist, but their romance is disrupted by the social upheaval surrounding them. Show more

Duration: 2 hours, 5 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Action adventure. A wealthy Arab sheikh invites a disenchanted ex-cavalry officer from the United States (Viggo Mortensen) to enter the famous Ocean of Fire race in the desert. Show more


Frank Hopkins:
Viggo Mortensen
Sheikh Riyadh:
Omar Sharif
Lady Anne Davenport:
Louise Lombard
Prince Bin Al Reeh:
Said Taghmaoui
Buffalo Bill Cody:
JK Simmons
Rau Rasmussen:
Victor Talmadge
Joe Johnston
John Fusco
Patricia Carr




Summer 2011

Episode 2: The Pharaohs' Museum on Liberation Square

Duration: 50 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One HDLatest broadcast: on BBC HD

Alan Yentob visits Egypt's National Museum, possibly the most precious museum in the world, which stood at the centre of the action during the revolution on Cairo's Tahrir Square. Show more


Alan Yentob
Jill Nicholls
Jill Nicholls
Series Editor:
Alan Yentob
Interviewed Guest:
Omar Sharif
Interviewed Guest:
Ahdaf Soueif

Duration: 2 hours, 14 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two HDLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Bittersweet musical drama based on the life of stage legend Fanny Brice, which takes up where Funny Girl left off. It is 1930, and Fanny begins a new romance. Show more


Fanny Brice:
Barbra Streisand
Billy Rose:
James Caan
Nick Arnstein:
Omar Sharif
Bobby Moore:
Roddy McDowall
Bert Robbins:
Ben Vereen
Norma Butler:
Carole Wells
Bernard Baruch:
Larry Gates
Eleanor Holm:
Heidi O'Rourke
Billy's Girl:
Colleen Camp
Girl with Nick:
Alana Collins
Herbert Ross


Duration: 2 hours, 21 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Available for 2 days

The Oscar-winning film debut of Barbra Streisand, portraying the bittersweet life of singer-comedienne Fanny Brice in early 20th-century New York. Show more


Fanny Brice:
Barbra Streisand
Nick Arnstein:
Omar Sharif
Georgia James:
Anne Francis
Florenz Ziegfeld:
Walter Pidgeon
Rose Brice:
Kay Medford
Eddie Ryan:
Lee Allen
Mrs Strakosh:
Mae Questel
William Wyler
Ray Stark
Jule Styne
Bob Merrill
Director of photography:
Harry Stradling

Duration: 2 hours

First broadcast: on BBC Two Northern IrelandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Grand epic recounting the tale of the notorious 12th-century warrior. The film traces Khan's rise from obscurity to become the leader who united warring Mongol tribes. Show more


Temujin-Genghis Khan:
Omar Sharif
Kam Ling:
James Mason
The Shah of Khwarezm:
Eli Wallach
The Emperor of China:
Robert Morley
Kenneth Cope
Patrick Holt
Henry Levin
Irving Allen

Duration: 2 hours, 8 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Wild West adventure in which a motley crew of men and women set out in search of a canyon full of gold - pursued by Apaches and the cavalry. Starring Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif. Show more


Gregory Peck
Omar Sharif
Sgt Tibbs:
Telly Savalas
Inga Bergmann:
Camilla Sparv
Keenan Wynn
Julie Newmar
Ted Cassidy
The Editor:
Lee J Cobb
The Preacher:
Raymond Massey
The Storekeeper:
Burgess Meredith
Older Englishman:
Anthony Quayle
Ben Baker:
Eli Wallach


Duration: 2 hours, 52 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Northern Ireland

Available for years

Historical epic starring Alec Guinness and Sophia Loren. After Marcus Aurelius is poisoned, his cruel son Commodus becomes emperor and quickly reveals a tyrannical streak. Show more


Marcus Aurelius:
Sir Alec Guinness
Sophia Loren
James Mason
John Ireland
Mel Ferrer
King of the Armenians:
Omar Sharif
Eric Porter
Anthony Mann