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Duration: 1 hour, 25 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One LondonLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Sequel in which free-wheeling Herbie teams up with all the other Volkswagens in San Francisco to take on ruthless property developers. Show more


Mrs Steinmetz:
Helen Hayes
Willoughby Whitfield:
Ken Berry
Nicole Harris:
Stefanie Powers
Mr Judson:
John McIntire
Alonzo Hawk:
Keenan Wynn
Ivor Barry
Dan Tobin
Taxi Driver:
Vito Scotti
Liam Dunn
Elaine Devry
Chuck McCann
Sir Lancelot:
Hank Jones
Don Colley
Bill Walsh
Bill Walsh

Duration: 2 hours, 8 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Wild West adventure in which a motley crew of men and women set out in search of a canyon full of gold - pursued by Apaches and the cavalry. Starring Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif. Show more


Gregory Peck
Omar Sharif
Sgt Tibbs:
Telly Savalas
Inga Bergmann:
Camilla Sparv
Keenan Wynn
Julie Newmar
Ted Cassidy
The Editor:
Lee J Cobb
The Preacher:
Raymond Massey
The Storekeeper:
Burgess Meredith
Older Englishman:
Anthony Quayle
Ben Baker:
Eli Wallach


Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two WalesLatest broadcast: on BBC Four HD

Thriller. Shot and left for dead by his double-crossing partner, hardened crook Walker gets an opportunity for revenge when given a lead to the man's whereabouts. Show more


Lee Marvin
Frederick Carter:
Lloyd Bochner
Mal Reese:
John Vernon
Hired Gun:
James Sikking
Sandra Warner
Mrs Carter:
Roberta Haynes
John Boorman


Duration: 1 hour, 31 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two Northern Ireland (Analogue)Latest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Light-hearted slapstick comedy about a lawyer running for district attorney, who discovers a ring that transforms him into an Old English sheepdog at the most inopportune moments. Show more


Wilby Daniels:
Dean Jones
Betty Daniels:
Suzanne Pleshette
John Slade:
Keenan Wynn



Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC FourLatest broadcast: on BBC Four HD

Dystopian film comedy. When General Jack D Ripper becomes impotent, he blames his affliction on the Soviets and dispatches a squadron of B52s to bomb Moscow. Introduced by Steve Coogan. Show more


Group Captain Lionel Mandrake:
Peter Sellers
President Merkin Muffley:
Peter Sellers
Dr Strangelove:
Peter Sellers
General Buck Turgidson:
George C Scott
Brigadier General Jack D Ripper:
Sterling Hayden
Colonel Bat Guano:
Keenan Wynn


Duration: 1 hour, 39 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales (Analogue)

Sequel to popular Disney comedy The Absent-Minded Professor, in which the eccentric scholar comes up with more madcap inventions - including flubbergas.


Professor Neil Brainard:
Fred MacMurray
Betsy Brainard:
Nancy Olson
Alonzo P Hawk:
Keenan Wynn
Biff Hawk:
Tommy Kirk
AJ Allen:
Ed Wynn
Judge Murdock:
Charles Ruggles
President Rufus Daggett:
Leon Ames
Mr Hummell:
William Demarest
Paul Lynde
Walt Disney

Duration: 1 hour, 32 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One WalesLatest broadcast: on BBC One London

Ocean-going action in which a profiteering fisherman kills the pregnant mate of a killer whale and becomes the target of the grief-stricken creature's craving for vengeance. Show more

Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales HD

Available for 5 months

Adaptation of Cole Porter's hit about a theatre company attempting a musical version of The Taming of the Shrew. Songs include So in Love. With Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson. Show more


Fred Graham / Petruchio:
Howard Keel
Lilli Vanessa / Katherine:
Kathryn Grayson
Lois Lane / Bianca:
Ann Miller
Bob Fosse
Cole Porter:
Ron Randell
George Sidney

Duration: 2 hours, 41 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales

Comedy drama centred on a weekend in Nashville during the launch of a new political party, to be marked by a star-studded country music extravaganza. Show more


Mr Green:
Keenan Wynn
Connie White:
Karen Black
Delbert Reese:
Ned Beatty
Haven Hamilton:
Henry Gibson
Tom Frank:
Keith Carradine
John Triplette:
Michael Murphy
Tricycle Man:
Jeff Goldblum
Private First Class Glenn Kelly:
Scott Glenn
Linnea Reese:
Lily Tomlin
Robert Altman


Duration: 1 hour, 34 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Lighthearted yarn about a woman who marries a writer only to dent his ego by penning a bestseller just as his latest opus is taking a nose dive. Show more


Stephanie 'Steve' Gaylord:
Laraine Day
Owen Waterbury:
Kirk Douglas
Ronnie Hastings:
Keenan Wynn
Charles Harris:
Rudy Vallee
Hannah Reeve:
Florence Bates