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Duration: 1 hour, 37 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

World War II drama. A low-ranking officer who resembles General Montgomery is recruited to play his double in an elaborate plan to trick the Nazis.


Major Harvey:
John Mills
Colonel Logan:
Cecil Parker
Colonel Matthers:
Patrick Allen
'Monty' and Himself:
ME Clifton James
Colonel Dawson:
Patrick Holt
Major Tennant:
Leslie Phillips
Governor of Gibraltar:
Michael Hordern

Duration: 1 hour, 48 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Drama about a British doctor (Peter Finch) working in a Malayan village who acts as the reluctant mediator in a dispute between the native workers and the plantation owners. Show more


Dr Alec Windom:
Peter Finch
George Hasbrook:
Robert Flemyng
Michael Hordern
Han Vidal:
John Cairney

Duration: 2 hours, 2 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two WalesLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy about a feisty, headstrong woman who is eventually tamed by her new husband. Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Show more




Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One LondonLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Northern Ireland

Espionage thriller based on the true story of an intelligence officer who plans an elaborate hoax to fool the Nazis into thinking the Allies are about to invade Greece, not Sicily. Show more


Lieutenant Commander Ewen Montagu:
Clifton Webb
Lucy Sherwood:
Gloria Grahame
Lieutenant George Acres:
Robert Flemyng
Patrick O'Reilly:
Stephen Boyd
Sir Bernard Spilsbury:
Andre Morell
Admiral Cross:
Laurence Naismith
General Nye:
Geoffrey Keen
General Coburn:
Michael Hordern
The Father:
Moultrie Kelsall
Taxi Driver:
Cyril Cusack
Joan Hickson
Club Porter:
Miles Malleson
Shop Assistant:
Richard Wattis
Ronald Neame
Andre Hakim


Whistle and I'll Come to You

Duration: 42 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One LondonLatest broadcast: on BBC Four

Available for 4 months

An ancient whistle dating back to the times of the Knights Templar spells danger for the man who finds it. Classic MR James chiller adapted by Jonathan Miller.


Professor Parkins:
Michael Hordern
Hotel Proprietor:
George Woodbridge
Nora Gordon



Duration: 2 hours, 51 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC FourLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Northern Ireland

Available for years

Epic story of the Spanish hero (Charlton Heston), following his involvement in royal plots, his tempestuous marriage, and the campaign he led against the Moorish invaders in Spain. Show more


El Cid Rodrigo de Vivar:
Charlton Heston
Count Ordóñez:
Raf Vallone
Princess Urraca:
Genevieve Page
Prince Alfonso:
John Fraser
Prince Sancho:
Gary Raymond
Ben Yussuf:
Herbert Lom
Anthony Mann
Al Kadir:
Frank Thring
Don Diego:
Michael Hordern
Count Gormaz:
Andrew Cruickshank
King Ramírez:
Gerard Tichy

Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two HDLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Biography of British film pioneer William Friese-Greene, who designed and patented a working cinematic camera. His life was dogged by hardship and lack of recognition. Show more


William Friese-Greene:
Robert Donat
Edith Friese-Greene:
Margaret Johnston
Helena Friese-Greene:
Maria Schell
Maurice Friese-Greene:
John Howard Davies
Lord Beaverbrook:
Robert Beatty
Arthur Collings:
Eric Portman
May Jones:
Glynis Johns
Platform Man:
Cecil Parker
Assistant in Laboratory:
David Tomlinson
Bank Manager:
Emlyn Williams
Hotel Receptionist:
Kay Walsh
Police Officer:
Laurence Olivier
Maida Vale Doctor:
Leo Genn
House Agent:
Marius Goring
Industry Man:
Peter Ustinov
Sheila Sim
Broker's Man:
Stanley Holloway
Miss Tagg:
Renee Asherson
Company Promoter:
Roland Culver
Ethel Friese-Greene:
Janette Scott
Cousin Alfred:
Bernard Miles
Mrs Claire:
Joyce Grenfell
Maurice Guttenberg:
Frederick Valk
Official Receiver:
Michael Hordern
Sergeant in Storeroom:
Sydney James
Doctor's Housekeeper:
Thora Hird
Recruiting Sergeant:
William Hartnell
Sitter in Bath Studio:
Googie Withers
Sitter in Bath Studio:
Richard Murdoch
Sitter in Bath Studio:
Sybil Thorndike
Mrs Stukely:
Joan Hickson
Industry Man:
Peter Jones
John Boulting

Duration: 3 hours, 11 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Scotland

The celebrated blockbuster recounting the life of Mohandas K Gandhi, who started out as a lawyer and rose to become the leader of the Indian independence movement. Show more


Mahatma Gandhi:
Ben Kingsley
Margaret Bourke-White:
Candice Bergen
General Dyer:
Edward Fox
Lord Irwin:
John Gielgud
Judge Broomfield:
Trevor Howard
The Viceroy:
John Mills
Charlie Andrews:
Ian Charleson
General Smuts:
Athol Fugard
Sardar Patel:
Saeed Jaffrey
Pandit Nehru:
Roshan Seth
Senior Police Officer:
Ian Bannen
Sir George Hodge:
Michael Hordern
Om Puri
Sir Edward Gait:
Richard Vernon
Shane Rimmer
European Passenger:
Peter Cartwright
Police Sergeant:
Ken Hutchison
Manager of the Mine:
John Savident
Ravi Shankar
Director of photography:
Ronnie Taylor
Director of photography:
Billy Williams

Duration: 2 hours, 9 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two Wales (Analogue)Latest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales

An engrossing spectacle in which Alexander of Greece leads his troops forth, conquering all of the known world. Show more


Richard Burton
Philip of Macedonia:
Fredric March
Claire Bloom
Barry Jones
Michael Hordern
Robert Rossen

Duration: 2 hours

First broadcast: on BBC Two Northern IrelandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Grand epic recounting the tale of the notorious 12th-century warrior. The film traces Khan's rise from obscurity to become the leader who united warring Mongol tribes. Show more


Temujin-Genghis Khan:
Omar Sharif
Kam Ling:
James Mason
The Shah of Khwarezm:
Eli Wallach
The Emperor of China:
Robert Morley
Kenneth Cope
Patrick Holt
Henry Levin
Irving Allen