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Duration: 1 hour, 41 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Wales

Tense crime drama about a New York real-estate heir, whose wife mysteriously disappears. Show more


David Marks:
Ryan Gosling
Katie Marks:
Kirsten Dunst
Sanford Marks:
Frank Langella
Deborah Lehrman:
Lily Rabe
Malvern Bump:
Philip Baker Hall
Daniel Marks:
Michael Esper
Janice Rizzo:
Diane Venora
Jim McCarthy:
Nick Offerman
Lauren Fleck:
Kristen Wiig
Todd Fleck:
Stephen Kunken


Duration: 2 hours, 5 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC ThreeLatest broadcast: on BBC Four HD

Available for years

Violent action thriller about the FBI's attempts to catch a master of disguise who a Russian mafia boss has hired to kill a top figure in the US government. Starring Bruce Willis. Show more


The Jackal:
Bruce Willis
Declan Mulqueen:
Richard Gere
FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston:
Sidney Poitier
Major Valentina Koslova:
Diane Venora
Isabella Zanconia:
Mathilda May
FBI Agent TI Witherspoon:
JK Simmons
FBI Agent McMurphy:
Richard Lineback
FBI Director Donald Brown:
John Cunningham
Ian Lamont:
Jack Black
The First Lady:
Tess Harper
Leslie Phillips
Jamaican Girl:
Sophie Okonedo
Terek Murad:
David Hayman
Alexander Radzinski:
Jonathan Aris
Sean Daniel
James Jacks
Kevin Jarre
Director of photography:
Karl Walter Lindenlaub

Duration: 2 hours, 45 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One WalesLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Epic, atmospheric thriller about a detective who is determined to catch a master-criminal, but finds himself developing a strange affinity with his elusive quarry. Show more


Vincent Hanna:
Al Pacino
Neil McCauley:
Robert De Niro
Chris Shiherlis:
Val Kilmer
Wes Studi
Michael Cheritto:
Tom Sizemore
Ashley Judd
Diane Venora
Drug Dealer:
Bud Cort


Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One WestLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Bloodthirsty historical fantasy adventure in which a 10th-century Arabian emissary joins a band of Viking warriors to do battle with flesh-eating creatures. Antonio Banderas stars. Show more


Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan:
Antonio Banderas
Herger - Joyous:
Dennis Storhoi
Edgtho - Silent:
Daniel Southern
Ragnar - Dour:
John DeSantis
Helfdane - Fat:
Clive Russell
Rethdel - Archer:
Mischa Hausserman
Haltaf - Boy:
Oliver Sveinall
Halga - Wise:
Asbjorn Riis
Queen Weilew:
Diane Venora
Omar Sharif

Duration: 2 hours

First broadcast: on BBC FourLatest broadcast: on BBC Four

Musical drama that pays tribute to the Prohibition era. Jazz musician Dixie Dwyer (Richard Gere) saves a mobster's life and gets sucked into his world of racketeering and violence. Show more


Dixie Dwyer:
Richard Gere
Sandman Williams:
Gregory Hines
Vera Cicero:
Diane Lane
Owney Madden:
Bob Hoskins
Dutch Schultz:
James Remar
Vincent Dwyer:
Nicolas Cage
Frenchy Demange:
Fred Gwynne
Tish Dwyer:
Gwen Verdon
Frances Flegenheimer:
Lisa Jane Persky
Gloria Swanson:
Diane Venora
Big Joe Ison:
Bill Cobbs
Fanny Brice:
Rosalind Harris
John Barry


Series 3

Episode 10: Very Merry Maggie

Duration: 45 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One SouthLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Supernatural drama series. Allison has disturbing visions of a father abusing his young son. The child finds comfort in a sinister talking doll. Show more


Allison Dubois:
Patricia Arquette
Joe Dubois:
Jake Weber
Manuel Devalos:
Miguel Sandoval
Lee Scanlon:
David Cubitt
Ariel Dubois:
Sofia Vassilieva
Bridgette Dubois:
Maria Lark
Sarah Jane Levitt:
Diane Venora
Michael Levitt:
Tim Hopper