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Duration: 54 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One CambridgeshireLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Black comedic horror set in 1847 about a stranger who arrives at a remote outpost, claiming to be the sole survivor of a group who resorted to cannibalism for survival. Show more


Capt. John Boyd:
Guy Pearce
Antonia Bird
Col. Ives / F.W Colqhoun:
Robert Carlyle
Pvt. Cleaves:
David Arquette
Col. Hart:
Jeffrey Jones
Pvt. Toffler:
Jeremy Davies
Gen. Slauson:
John Spencer
Col. Ives/F.W. Colqhoun:
Robert Carlyle
Pvt. Reich:
Neal McDonough

Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two WalesLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Scotland

Comedy in which a boy (Jake Gyllenhaal) who has been housebound all his life after being born without an immune system must venture into the outside world to win a girl's heart. Show more


Jimmy Livingston:
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mrs Livingston:
Swoosie Kurtz
Mr Livingston:
John Carroll Lynch
Dr Phreak:
Verne Troyer
Brian George
Patrick Cranshaw
Chicken Man:
Stephen Spinella
Flipper Boy:
Geoffrey Arend
Blair Hayes
Beau Flynn
Cinco Paul
Ken Daurio



Duration: 2 hours, 5 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC ThreeLatest broadcast: on BBC Four HD

Available for years

Violent action thriller about the FBI's attempts to catch a master of disguise who a Russian mafia boss has hired to kill a top figure in the US government. Starring Bruce Willis. Show more


The Jackal:
Bruce Willis
Declan Mulqueen:
Richard Gere
FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston:
Sidney Poitier
Major Valentina Koslova:
Diane Venora
Isabella Zanconia:
Mathilda May
FBI Agent TI Witherspoon:
JK Simmons
FBI Agent McMurphy:
Richard Lineback
FBI Director Donald Brown:
John Cunningham
Ian Lamont:
Jack Black
The First Lady:
Tess Harper
Leslie Phillips
Jamaican Girl:
Sophie Okonedo
Terek Murad:
David Hayman
Alexander Radzinski:
Jonathan Aris
Sean Daniel
James Jacks
Kevin Jarre
Director of photography:
Karl Walter Lindenlaub

Duration: 2 hours

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales

Biopic about the rise and tragic fall of Harvey Milk, California's first openly gay official. Harvey struggles against a fellow supervisor and 1970s conservative America. Show more


Harvey Milk:
Sean Penn
Cleve Jones:
Emile Hirsch
Dan White:
Josh Brolin
Jack Lira:
Diego Luna
Scott Smith:
James Franco
Gus Van Sant
Anne Kronenberg:
Alison Pill
Mayor Moscone:
Victor Garber
John Briggs:
Denis O'Hare
Dick Pabich:
Joseph Cross
Rick Stokes:
Stephen Spinella
Danny Nicoletta:
Lucas Grabeel
Art Agnos:
Jeff Koons
Steven Wiig
Gordon Lau:
Kelvin Han Yee