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Duration: 2 hours, 2 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Northern Ireland

Classic Western. After the latest raid by bandits, the villagers in a small settlement in Mexico band together to hire a group of disparate gunfighters to protect them. Show more


John Sturges
Chris Larabee Adams:
Yul Brynner
Eli Wallach
Vin Tanner:
Steve McQueen
Bernardo O'Reilly:
Charles Bronson
Harry Luck:
Brad Dexter
John Sturges

Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales

Drama. A New York lawyer (Robert De Niro) takes on a bar brawl case. He is attracted by the glamour of boxing and resolves to raise the money to promote a fight of his own. Show more


Harry Fabian:
Robert De Niro
Helen Nasseros:
Jessica Lange
Phil Nasseros:
Cliff Gorman
Ira 'Boom Boom' Grossman:
Alan King
Al Grossman:
Jack Warden
Tommy Tessler:
Barry Primus
Steel Jaw # 1:
Gerard Murphy
Steel Jaw # 2:
Clem Caserta
John Bonney:
David Butler
Emmett Gorgon:
Anthony Canarozzi
Irwin Winkler
Irwin Winkler



Duration: 1 hour, 47 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One HDLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Drama based on the true story of Clifford Irving (Richard Gere), a novelist who convinces a publisher to accept a fake autobiography of reclusive billionaire aviator Howard Hughes. Show more


Clifford Irving:
Richard Gere
Andrea Tate:
Hope Davis
Dick Suskind:
Alfred Molina
Edith Suskind:
Marcia Gay Harden
Nina Van Pallandt:
Julie Delpy
Shelton Fisher:
Stanley Tucci
Harold McGraw:
John Carter
Ralph Graves:
Zeljko Ivanek
Noah Dietrich:
Eli Wallach
Albert Vanderkamp:
Christopher Evan Welch

Duration: 2 hours

First broadcast: on BBC One WalesLatest broadcast: on BBC One Yorks & Lincs

Divers David Sanders and Gail Burke discover a sunken treasure off the Bermuda Coast. They also find a stash of narcotics. They must avoid the traffickers who stashed the drugs. Show more


Romer Treece:
Robert Shaw
David Sanders:
Nick Nolte
Henri Cloche:
Louis Gossett Jr
Adam Coffin:
Eli Wallach
Peter Yates

Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Two friends who have both grown up with religious vocations, one as a Catholic priest and one as a rabbi, fall for the same woman. Comedy starring Edward Norton and Ben Stiller. Show more


Edward Norton
Father Brian Finn:
Edward Norton
Rabbi Jake Schram:
Ben Stiller
Ruth Schram:
Anne Bancroft
Rabbi Ben Lewis:
Eli Wallach
Larry Friedman:
Ron Rifkin
Father Havel:
Milos Forman
Bonnie Rose:
Holland Taylor
Ali Decker:
Lisa Edelstein

Duration: 2 hours, 27 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

World War II drama starring George Hamilton which follows a platoon of Allied soldiers as they progress from Sicily to the Normandy landing and the advance into Germany. Show more


Sgt Trower:
George Hamilton
Cpl Chase:
George Peppard
Sgt Craig:
Eli Wallach
French Woman:
Jeanne Moreau
Sikh Soldier:
Tutte Lemkow
Russian Soldier:
Albert Finney
Carl Foreman

Murder, She Wrote

Series 4

Episode 17: A Very Good Year for Murder

Duration: 45 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Wales

Mystery drama series. A birthday party for a rich Italian wine tycoon ends in murder, but Jessica Fletcher is on hand to unravel the mystery. Show more


Jessica Fletcher:
Angela Lansbury
Salvatori Gambini:
Eli Wallach
Tony Gambini:
Billy Zane
Fiona Gambini:
Bibi Besch
Marco Gambini:
John Saxon
Stella Gambini:
Ina Balin

Duration: 1 hour, 44 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One SouthLatest broadcast: on BBC One Yorkshire

Crime caper about two ageing train robbers who come out of jail after thirty years and, finding modern life impossible to get used to, decide to do one last job. Show more


Archie Long:
Kirk Douglas
Harry Doyle:
Burt Lancaster
Deke Yablonski:
Charles Durning
Leon B Little:
Eli Wallach
Monty Ash



Duration: 1 hour, 52 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Scotland

A sailor falls in love with a prostitute but finds it difficult to cope when she resumes her former lifestyle after they are married, so he asks an old navy colleague for help. Show more


John Baggs Jr:
James Caan
Lynn Forshay:
Eli Wallach
Mark Rydell
Master at Arms:
Burt Young
Miss Watkins:
Allyn Ann McLerie
Executive Officer:
Dabney Coleman
Drunken Sailor:
Allan Arbus

Duration: 2 hours

First broadcast: on BBC Two Northern IrelandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Grand epic recounting the tale of the notorious 12th-century warrior. The film traces Khan's rise from obscurity to become the leader who united warring Mongol tribes. Show more


Temujin-Genghis Khan:
Omar Sharif
Kam Ling:
James Mason
The Shah of Khwarezm:
Eli Wallach
The Emperor of China:
Robert Morley
Kenneth Cope
Patrick Holt
Henry Levin
Irving Allen

Duration: 1 hour, 58 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two Wales (Analogue)Latest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Family mystery. A girl (Hayley Mills) holidaying on Crete with her aunt meets a wounded Englishman in a deserted church. The man is suspected of a jewel theft. Show more


Nikky Ferris:
Hayley Mills
Eli Wallach
Mark Camford:
Peter McEnery
Aunt Frances Ferris:
Joan Greenwood
Madame Habib:
Pola Negri
Cynthia Gamble:
Sheila Hancock
Anthony Gamble:
John Le Mesurier
Tutte Lemkow
James Neilson
Walt Disney
Bill Anderson

Duration: 2 hours, 8 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two EnglandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two England

Wild West adventure in which a motley crew of men and women set out in search of a canyon full of gold - pursued by Apaches and the cavalry. Starring Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif. Show more


Gregory Peck
Omar Sharif
Sgt Tibbs:
Telly Savalas
Inga Bergmann:
Camilla Sparv
Keenan Wynn
Julie Newmar
Ted Cassidy
The Editor:
Lee J Cobb
The Preacher:
Raymond Massey
The Storekeeper:
Burgess Meredith
Older Englishman:
Anthony Quayle
Ben Baker:
Eli Wallach


Duration: 2 hours, 26 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two HDLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales HD

Epic western about three generations of a pioneer family, showing how its fortunes fluctuated during the dynamic westward expansion of America during the 19th century. Show more


Lilith Prescott:
Debbie Reynolds
Cleve Van Valen:
Gregory Peck
Linus Rawlings:
James Stewart
Eve Prescott:
Carroll Baker
Zeb Rawlings:
George Peppard
Jethro Stuart:
Henry Fonda
General William Tecumseh Sherman:
John Wayne
Mike King:
Richard Widmark
Julie Rawlings:
Carolyn Jones
Zebulon Prescott:
Karl Malden
Abraham Lincoln:
Raymond Massey
Charlie Gant:
Eli Wallach
Marshal Lou Ramsey:
Lee J Cobb
Roger Morgan:
Robert Preston
Spencer Tracy
Dora Hawkins:
Brigid Bazlen
Colonel Jeb Hawkins:
Walter Brennan
Rebecca Prescott:
Agnes Moorehead
General Ulysses S Grant:
Harry Morgan
Agatha Clegg:
Thelma Ritter
Confederate Deserter:
Russ Tamblyn
John Ford
Bernard Smith
Alfred Newman
Director of photography:
William H Daniels
Director of photography:
Milton Krasner
Director of photography:
Charles Lang Jr
Director of photography:
Joseph LaShelle


Hollywood Greats

Series 6

Episode 3: Marlon Brando

Duration: 40 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Wales

Jonathan Ross presents a profile of movie rebel Marlon Brando, considered by many the greatest screen actor ever. Show more