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Duration: 1 hour, 53 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Northern Ireland

Taut medical thriller in which a Boston doctor uncovers a dangerous conspiracy when she investigates unexplained deaths at her hospital. Show more



Duration: 1 hour, 23 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One WalesLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales

Anarchic comedy about a would-be cartoonist who finds his ideas rejected by Hollywood and returns to live with his parents. A battle of wills between father and son results. Show more


Gord Brody:
Tom Green
Tom Green
Jim Brody:
Rip Torn
Freddy Brody:
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Dave Davidson:
Anthony Michael Hall


Duration: 2 hours, 20 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two HDLatest broadcast: on BBC Two HD

Fantasy in which an alien visits Earth in search of water for his dying planet, only to be seduced by the empire he creates to fund the building of a spaceship to return home. Show more


Thomas Jerome Newton:
David Bowie
Nathan Bryce:
Rip Torn
Candy Clark
Oliver Farnsworth:
Buck Henry
Professor Canutti:
Jackson D Kaner
Jewellery Store Owner:
Lilybelle Crawford
Nicolas Roeg

Duration: 2 hours, 34 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC Two HDLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales HD

Available for 3 months

Colourful dramatisation of the birth, life and death of Christ, depicting the tensions between Herod's court and the Roman administration, and the execution of John the Baptist. Show more


Jesus Christ:
Jeffrey Hunter
John the Baptist:
Robert Ryan
Pontius Pilate:
Hurd Hatfield
Rita Gam
Rip Torn
Herod Antipas:
Frank Thring
Nicholas Ray

Duration: 1 hour, 43 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One West MidlandsLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Wales

Available for years

Comic drama about a professor suffering from writer's block while trying to deal with his complex love life and his troubled students' assorted problems. Show more


Professor Grady Tripp:
Michael Douglas
James Leer:
Tobey Maguire
Dean Sara Gaskell:
Frances McDormand
Terry Crabtree:
Robert Downey Jr
Hannah Green:
Katie Holmes
Walter Gaskell:
Richard Thomas
Quentin 'Q' Morewood:
Rip Torn
Vernon Hardapple:
Richard Knox
Emily's Father:
Philip Bosco
Amanda Leer:
Kelly Bishop
Curtis Hanson
Curtis Hanson
Scott Rudin
Director of photography:
Dante Spinotti



Duration: 1 hour, 34 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One WalesLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Spectacular sci-fi comedy about the secretive 'men in black' - agents who regulate the aliens who have settled on Earth and ensure that they remain undetected. Show more