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BBC Two England

Arena: Radio Night

Your television and radio are cast as personalities (played by Peter Cook and Josie Lawrence) in this night of themed programmes showing how the two media have competed over the years, and which medium does what best.

To make the most of the evening, as David Attenborough explains in his introduction, you need to have your radio and TV in the same room, so that they can "talk to" each other, although there are times (marked with a dagger) when you can choose between listening and viewing.

There's nostalgia, science, drama and documentary. And linking it all, some lively sparring between the spirits of your radio and television, barely controlled by announcer Peter Donaldson.
Producers Mary Dickinson, Anthony Wall, Alastair Wilson; Series editors Nigel Finch and Anthony Wall

From 8.10 until midnight, timings are approximate.

8.10 The Seven Ages of Radio
Ian McKellen ruminates on the distinct eras of radio broadcasting, characterised as Shakespeare's seven ages of man, with the aid of Professor Asa Briggs.

First: the Infant.
Producer Christopher Bruce

8.20 TV Talk, Radio Rabbit What does the voice reveal?
Producer Nicola Roberts

8.50 The Seven Ages of Radio 2: The Schoolboy.

9.00 Heard But Not Seen
Alistair Cooke, whose weekly epistle has been broadcast on radio since 1946, explains why it is the best medium for him.
Introduced by Mark Tully.
Producer Debbie Geller

9.05 Back to Square One
The story of early radio's method of broadcasting live football, referring to a numbered grid - published in the Radio Times - on which listeners followed the action.
Producer Steve Bendelack

9.25 The Seven Ages of Radio 3: The Lover.

9.35 Sunday Dinner
Family Sunday meals conjure up for many Family Favourites,
Round the Home and The Billy Cotton Band Show.
Producer Diana Mansfield

9.50 The Seven Ages of Radio 4: The Soldier.

10.00 Pirates
On just one estate in east London there are five pirate stations, battling to stay on air. Producer Nigel Finch

10.15 The Seven Ages of Radio 5: The Judge.

10.25 TV Theft, Radio Rip-Off
Does TV steal radio's best comedy ideas? Included in the debate are Frank Muir,
Denis Norden, Armando Iannucci and the voice of Spike Milligan.
Producer John Silver

10.55 The Seven Ages of Radio 6: The Old Man.

11.00 The Spot FX Man
Harold Listings, a frustrated radio technician, takes revenge. Starring Peter Vaughan.
Producer Peter Kavanagh

11.20 The Seven Ages of Radio 7: Senility.

11.30 It's Life, Jim.... t
Nasa scientists are using giant radio antennae to pick up communications from ET.
Producer Fisher Dilke

11.50 The Time Signal t
Dr Carl Dolmetsch finds out why the pips changed pitch.
Producer Fisher Dilke

12.00 The Two Voyages of Donald Crowhurst
The tragic story of the lone yachtsman and his radio.
Producer Jill Evans

12.33am The Shipping Forecast
Live on TV for the first time,
Fisher, German Bight, Dogger
Producer Gerry Pomeroy
BBC Radio 4 FM

Arena Radio Night

Tonight, Radio 4 and BBC2 join together fora unique experiment in television and radio interaction. The evening is introduced by David Attenborough.
To appreciate the full effect, you need your radio by your side and TV remote control in your hand. For more detail, see page 68.
From 8.10 until midnight, timings are approximate.
8.10 The Seven Ages of Radio
Interspersed throughout the evening is this series of short programmes, telling the story of radio from its birth in the early years of the 20th century to the present day. With contributions from historian Asa Briggs , radio collector Robert Hawes and with readings by Ian McKellen. Producer Peter Griffiths
8.20 Radio Rabbit, TV Talk
The Radio Voice Professor, collector and connoisseur of human speech, applies his forensic skills to some textbook cases, paying particular attention to that shifty specimen, the vox politicus. Written by Kate Fenton Producer Peter Hoare
9.00 Heard But Not Seen
Every week since 1946, Alistair Cooke has sent a Letter from America. A firm believer in the power of radio, he explains why his Letters could never have lasted on television and reveals the method behind these legendary "talks and why they should be heard and not seen. Producer Debbie Geller
9.05 Back to Square One
The story of early radio's eccentric method of illustrating live football which involved a small wooden hut, a blind man and a rather confused commentator. With Alan
Green, John Motson and Robert Hudson. Producer Dilly Barlow
9.35 Sunday Dinner
Mum was in the kitchen, Dad was down the pub; the beef was burning, the sprouts getting soggy - and the wireless played on. Explore the memories of Sunday lunchtime listening in the 50s. Producer Kate Fenton
10.00 Pirates
A visit to an estate in east London, where there are five pirate radio stations which are constantly battling to stay on air and "bring the music to the people", sometimes risking their own lives.
10.25 TV Theft, Radio Rip-Off
For the first time, radio and television meet to settle questions of comedic originality, innovation and ownership. Place a chair in the centre of the ring to referee an interactive bout.
Producer Mary Price
11.00 The Spot FX Man Starring Peter Vaughan.
The sound effects store for radio drama is a veritable museum of sound, but effects discs and CDs are more cost effective. The old storekeeper feels his days are numbered. Written and directed by Peter Kavanagh
11.30 The Ride R4 only
A film for the ear, as Emiliano Zapata 's messenger rides from Mexico to Moscow to congratulate Vladimir Illych Lenin on the capture of the Winter Palace in Petrograd in October 1917.
With Gareth Armstrong , Nicholas Boulton , James Faulkner , Cathy Sara. Joan Walker and trumpeter Kevin Robinson. From an idea by Philip Dracodaidis. Composed by Steven Faux Producer Piers Plowright
11.50 The Time Signal R4 only
The pips are not what they used to be. As Dr Carl Dolmetsch campaigns to hitch their slipping pitch, Peter Jones travels through the mysteries of radio time.
(The television pictures being shown during this programme complement the radio soundtrack.) Producer Kate Fenton
12.00 News R4 only
12.30am-12.40 Shipping
Fwecast Fisher , German Bight, Dogger - at last, those legendary coastal waters make an appearance on television.
BBC Television

National Radio Show: Opening Night

After the successful failure of 'Pantomania' and 'Dress Rehearsal', BBC Television Light Entertainment Department have gallantly offered 'Opening Night' to Eric Sykes. He says that in spite of competition from the Arena it will be 'all right on the night'.

Those helping him include: Kenneth Horne, Irene Handl, Peter Haigh, Mary Malcolm, Sylvia Peters, Alex Macintosh, Wallace Greenslade, Peter West, Brian Johnston, The Weathermen, John Vyvyan, Alan Simpson and the High Wycombe Brass Band, The Show Dancers, The George Mitchell Singers.
at 9.15 this evening
BBC Two England

Arena: Francis Bacon's Arena

Haunting and ferocious, Francis Bacon's paintings made an indelible impression on art history. His life - as outrageous as his work - is recalled by Arena in the only documentary exclusively permitted by Bacon's estate since his death in 1992. With original music by Brian Eno. Contains footage of bull-fighting. Director Adam Low: Series editor Anthony Wall
Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon is at 12.20 am
RT DIRECT: hardback book In Camera, Francis Bacon : Photography, Film and the Practice of Painting is only £30.00 (RRP £35.00) inc. p&p. Send a cheque payable to Radio Times to: RT Direct, [address removed] or call [number removed] (national rate) Sizzling Bacon: page 33
BBC Two England

The Next Voice You Hear

Concluding BBC2's Arena Radio Night, a drama starring
James Whitmore
Nancy Davis (later Reagan)
Joe and Mary Smith are shaken one night when they hear what seems to be the voice of God coming from their radio. Director William A Wellman (1950)
FILM REVIEWS pages46-65
BBC Television

National Radio Show: Preview Night

Leslie Mitchell and Roy Bradford visit Earls Court, London, on the eve of this year's Radio Show to see the latest designs in radio and television receivers, some of the special electronic exhibits, and the preparations made for your entertainment in the BBC Studio and Arena.
BBC Television

From the Scottish Radio and Television Exhibition: Animal Night

The Cycling Chimps with Molly Badham

Orang-Utan's Bath Night with Frank Farrar

The Alsatians of the City of Glasgow Police

Birma and Valentino with Kay Smart

International Sheepdog Competition

A Lion in the House with James Walton

From the arena of the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.
BBC Radio 3

Night Waves: Free Thinking

Recorded last month at the Sage Gateshead, Philip Dodd welcomes BBC Newcastle's Total
Sport host Simon Pryde , former Test cricketer Ed Smith , art critic Bill Feaver , historian Edith Hall and sports writer Martin Kelner for a debate on whether sport or the arts is the greater human achievement. Producer James Cook
BBC Two England


Continuingthe highlights from Arena Radio Night. The mystical, magical world of the ether is explored by dedicated radio hams.
Director Alex Marengo Rpt
BBC Two England

The Two Voyages of Donald Crowhurst

Continuing the series of highlights from last year's Arena Radio Night.
Tonight, the tragic story of a man who used radio to pretend he was circumnavigating the world while actually floating around the Falkland Islands. Pretence and isolation finally tooktheirtoll.
DirectorJill Evans ...............................
BBC Two England

Sunday Dinner

This highlight from Arena Radio Night recalls memories of Sunday dinners in the late 1950s and early 1960s. There were unappreciated meals, family arguments and drunken dads - and Family Favourites, Round the Horne and The Billy Cotton Band Show on the radio. (Rpt)
BBC Two England

The Spot FX Man

The first of two programmes tonight that continue the week of highlights from last year's Arena Radio Night.
The strange and lonely wortd of the high priest of sound, the sound effects man, is explored in this drama starring PeterVaughan.
DirectorPeterKavanagh Rpt ...............488416
BBC Two England

The Time Signal

Another programme from Arena Radio Night. Not many people noticed when the time pips dropped from B natural to B flat, but Dr Carl Dolmetsch did and was determined to find out why. Directors Fisher Dilke and Kate Fenton
Rpt ................................................993058
BBC Two England

Back to Square One

A week of highlights from last year's Arena Radio Night begins with a look back at 1927.
Directors Dilly Barlow , Steve Bendelack ; Producers Mary Dickinson , Anthony Wall Rpt
BBC Two England

Happy Birthday BBC2

From its humble beginnings, when its launch night was marred by a power cut that left viewers with just a news bulletin and the message" BBC2 will start shortly" to watch, through to its glory days, the channel celebrates its 40th anniversary by looking back over the people and programmes that have contributed to its success, as programme-makers reveal behind-the-scenes stories about popular shows.
Many of those featured - including The Likely Lads; Arena; The Old Grey Whistle Test; I, Claudius; Edge of Darkness; Boys from the Blackstuff; Not the Nine o 'Clock News; Top Gear; and Little Britain - demonstrate the channel's success with diverse projects, but it has also seen its fair share of failures, such as The Borgias.
Throughout the retrospective, the Dead Ringers team perform topical sketches, and excerpts from letters written by readers of Radio Times shed light on the channel's effect on the viewing public over the years.
Producers Lucy Kenwright. Clare Finnett and Mark Turnbull
BBC2's finest moments: page 14
BBC Radio 2

Boxing Special

Introduced bv Jim Itosen thal. From Wembley Arena, a night of top international action on this Harry Levene/Mlckey Duff promotion.
British Heavyweight Champion John L. Gardner has his toughest fight so far when he takes on American Jimmy Young. On the same bill Charlie Magri makes the first defence of his European Flyweight title against Manuel Carrasco of Spain while former European Welterweight Champion Dave Boy Green takes on the American Dick Ecklund.
Exclusive live commentary by DESMOND LYNAM and expert ringside opinion from JIM WATT the World Lightweight Champion.
Also news .of the night's football. A Radio Sport and OB production
BBC One London

International Show Jumping

'rom the Wembley Arena fhe 1980 Horse of the Year Show Featuring
The Radio Rentals Championship
(Holder: EDDIE MACKEN with Boomerang)
The final night of this marvellous show with E7,000 in prize money for the featured event.
For many, though, the climax of the week is not tonight's main class but the final of the Pony Club Games where emotions run high and the noise in Wembley Arena is unbelievable.
Introduced by DAVID VINE
BBC Radio 3

BBC Proms 2006: Preview Evening

Stephanie Hughes and Rob Cowan look forward to another summer of world-class music-making as the 112th season of Henry Wood Promenade Concerts gets under way tomorrow night. Students from the Royal College of Music, who are appearing in this year's Proms
Composer Portraits, perform live in the studio, and Hughes and Cowan select their musical highlights of the season. Guests include the controller of the Proms, Nicholas Kenyon , who joins hot-foot from the First Night rehearsals at the Royal Albert Hall to answer listeners' questions, and composer Anthony Payne talks about his reconstruction of the sketches of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No 6, which receives its premiere this season. Two Proms conductors, Robert King and Mark Elder, introduce the anniversaries of Mozart and Shostakovich, and some of the foreign orchestras send audio postcards as they prepare to travel to London. There's also a chance to win a DAB radio and a pair of weekend Arena passes in the special Preview Evening competition.
Contact information for competition entries:
EMAIL: [email address removed] text: [number removed] or Tel: [number removed]
BBC One London

Match of the Day Special

Football League action and the 1981 Horse of the Year Show
Jimmy Hill presents highlights of two Football League matches, plus analysis and interviews. Commentators
News round-up by BOB WILSON and live from Wembley Arena
The 1981 Horse of the Year Show featuring the Radio Rentals Championship
(Holder: Maybe ridden by NICK SKELTON )
The final night of the most prestigious horse show in the country.
For the show jumpers, the featured class carries a first prize of £3,000 but for the Pony Club, in perhaps the most intense competition of the week, it is being able to say ' we won at the Horse of the Year Show '.
Introduced by DAVID vine Commentators
Match of the Day Soccer Annual 1982 £2.25, front retailers
The following BBC Video cassettes are available from retailers: Play Golf (bbcv 1004); Play Tennis JBBCV 1010); Horseback (BBCV 1011); Harry Carpen ter's Video Book of Sport (BBCV 5011); priced ut £37.95 each.
BBC One London

The Royal International Horse Show

from Wembley Arena featuring
The Everest
Double Glazing
Supreme Championship
The final night of the show with the most successful riders of the week competing for the biggest prizes, with £5,000 and the title of Supreme Champion going to the winner. Also tonight, the top four show jumpers of the week ride four horses to find The Radio Rentals Champion Horseman. Introduced by DAVID VINE Commentators

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