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A convemsation between
Peter Winch
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Universally College Swansea and Ernest GeUner Reader in Sociology. University of London
In his book The Idea of a Social Science Peter Winch argues against the prevalent idea that the natural sciences provide a suitable model for understanding and solving all problems. In particular he urges that a philosophical rather than scientific type of enquiry is appropriate for the understanding of human life in society. Ernest Gellner believes that this misrepresents what is involved in social enquiry.
: second broadcast


Peter Winch

Elsie Morison (soprano)
Pauline Darroll (mezzo-soprano) Gerald English (tenor)
Ambrosiao Singers
The Haydn Orchestra Led by Carl Pint
Conducted by Leo Wurmser
Charles Spinks
(harpsichord continuo) Including excerpts from
I Tantaridi
Ifigenia in Tanride La Sofonisba
Now that practically every obscure aspect of music has been explored by scholars, to claim for any forgotten composer that his work is of genuine value and interest is to invite a sceptical response. But in the case of opera there is a great deal of excellent music which is never heard because it is far easier to revive a neglected symphony than to produce a performance of some forgotten opera.
Traetta was, in fact, one of the most famous opera composers of the middle eighteenth century. This programme contains a large extract from his Ifigenia, a subject made famous by Gluck a few years later. In style, Traetta's music looks forward to Mozart and has almost nothing in common with baroque opera; for instance, recitative is accompanied orchestrally, often with powerful dramatic effect. The best of his work has a genuine emotional power, and he is far from being one of Tovey's 'interesting historical figures.' Basil Lam Gluck's Ifigenia en Tauride,' from Edinburgh: August 23


Elsie Morison
Pauline Darroll
Conducted By:
Leo Wurmser
Charles Spinks
Basil Lam

A Comedy of Motives by Giles Cooper
with Muriel Pavlow, Nigel Stock, Mary O'Farrell, Peter Howell
Other parts played by members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company
Second broadcast


Giles Cooper
Michael Bakewell
Muriel Pavlow
Augusta Forefinger:
Mary O'Farrell
George F Brady:
Nigel Stock
Quentin Ashmold:
Peter Howell
Elizabeth Proud
Norman Wynne
Roger Snowdon
David Spencer
Robert Mooney
Kenneth Digby

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