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The Well-tempered Keyboard
Preludes and Fugues from Books 1 and 2 played by Thurston Dart (clavichord)
George Malcolm (harpsichord)
Harold Craxton (piano)
Geraint Jones (organ)
London String Trio:
Maria Lidka (violin)
Watson Forbes (viola) Vivian Joseph (cello)


Played By:
Thurston Dart
George Malcolm
Harold Craxton
Geraint Jones
Maria Lidka
Watson Forbes
Vivian Joseph

A series of eightlectures by the Rev. V. A. Demant , Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford
8-The Theology of this History
Can a Christian trace the hand of God in the transition causing the decline of capitalism? The present change is taking place in Christendom and is now spreading beyond its borders. This is significant and does not allow us to describe modem civilisation as marked by-materialism. We must seek an explanation in terms of man's link with and alienation from his true being. Is there a ' natural * order of human society which history is always by-passing but never escaping from? The choice seems to lie between seeing human life as related to eternity and time, or seeing the whole of history as existing for the sake of the last man or microbe. With these questions a Christian is bound to seek a theology of grace and of nature.


Rev. V. A. Demant

by Haydn
BBC Chorus
(Chorus-Master, Leslie Woodgate )
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
(Leader. David McCallum )
Sir Thomas Beecham. Bt. See ' Music Diary,' page 5
Part 1
Introduction: Representation of chaos Recit. (bass): In the beginning
Air (tenor): Now vanish before the holy beams
Recit. (bass): And God made the firmament
Solo (soprano) and Chorus: The marv'llous work
Reoit. (bass): And God said, Let the waters
(Continued in next column)
Air (bass): Rolling in foaming billows
Recit. (soprano): And God said, Let the earth
Air (soprano): With verdure clad
Recit. (tenor): And the heavenly host Chorus: Awake the harp
Recit. (tenor): And God said. Let there be Kght Recit. (tenor): In splendour bright
Chorus: The heavens are telling


Leslie Woodgate
David McCallum
Sir Thomas Beecham. Bt.

Part 2
Recit. (soprano): And God said, let the waters
Air (soprano): On mighty pens
Recit. (bass): And God created great whales
Recit. (bass): And the angels Trio: Most beautiful appear
Trio and Chorus: The Lord is great Recit. (bass): And God said. Let the earth bring forth
Recit. (bass): Straight opening
Air (bass): Now heaven in fullest glory shone
Recit. (tenor): And God created man Air (tenor): In native worth
Recit. (bass): And God saw everything that he had made
Chorus: Achieved is the glorious work Trio: On thee each living soul awaits Second Chorus: Achieved is the glorious work

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