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The Milan Symphony Orchestra:
Overture, Sicilian Vespers (Verdi)
The London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Antal Dorati : Slavonic and Gypsy Dances (Russalka) (Dargomizhsky)
The Lamoureux Orchestra, conducted by Albert Wolff : Viennese Rhapsody (Florent Schmitt )
The Berlin State Opera Orchestra, conducted by Weissmann : Selection, Roussalka (Dvorak)


Conducted By:
Antal Dorati
Albert Wolff
Florent Schmitt

A Masque altered from Milton
The music by Ame transcribed and arranged (including additional numbers from MS sources) by Julian Herbage , who condudi
The BBC Orchestra
(Section C)
Led by Laurance Turner
The Actors : .'
(by permission of Bronson Albery )
The Singers :
Chorus of Bacchanals, spirits, etc.
The BBC Singers (A and B) Produced by Peter Creswell
Colman's version of Milton's masque introduces us at once to Comus and his crew of monsters, with bodies of men and women but headed like wild beasts. Their revelry is cut short by the approach of the Lady, benighted in the woods, having lost the protection of her two brothers. Having disguised himself by 4 dazzling spells' as a shepherd, Comus offers to guide her to her brothers, and meanwhile to lodge her at a humble cottage near by. No sooner have they gone than the brothers, greatly alarmed at the loss of their sister, appear on the scene. They are met by the Attendant Spirit, who has assumed the disguise of their father's shepherd, Thyrsis. He tells them how Comus, by ensnaring the thirsty traveller with his baneful cup, transforms his victim into the likeness of a savage beast. As he is speaking a rout of Comus's revellers enter and vainly tempt the brothers to join their throng.
In the second act the Lady, lured by Comus into his palace, is seated in an enchanted chair. All manner of sweet delights and soft arguments are used in a vain endeavour to seduce the Lady from her steadfast purity. Just as Comus makes a final attempt to break down her resistance, the brothers rush in and put the enchanter and his crew to flight. The Lady, however, is left immovable in the chair, and to free her the Attendant Spirit invokes the nymph Sabrina. Sabrina's incantations release the Lady, who is joyfully reunited to her brothers. The Attendant Spirit, his task accomplished, leaves the happy mortals for his dwelling in ' the broad fields of the sky '.
An article by Julian Herbage will be found on page 12.


Julian Herbage
Laurance Turner
Bronson Albery
Produced By:
Peter Creswell
Julian Herbage
Robert Holme*
Attendant Spirit:
M Landalt
Elder Brother:
Dudley Jones
Younger Brother:
Patrick Devitt
The Lady:
Mary Hinton
A Woman Bacchanal:
Lilian Harrison
A Speaker:
Leslie Bradley
A Bacchanal:
John Fullard
A Spirit:
Edward Reach
Pastoral Nymph:
Gwenn Knight
Gwenn Knight
A Woman Bacchanal:
Olive Dyer

Twenty Years of British
3—'Young Men and Dogs '
Charles Elton
A new stage in Arctic exploration began early in the 1920's, when a party of young men, still at Oxford, turned their attention to the large island of Spitsbergen. A large part of their problem was organisational in the way of stimulating public interest, collecting funds, and so on, before the expeditions could actually take the field.
The man largely responsible for this work was George Binney , with whom in the North were several other men who later became well known, most of them in the world of science. One of these is the present speaker.


Charles Elton
George Binney

A weekly magazine programme which includes something for everybody
Presented by William MacLurg
Features will include
'The Lucky Melody'
The popular song of the week
' Listeners' Corner'
Edited by Adrian Thomas
Songs, anecdotes, and verses contributed by listeners
' Hands Across the Sea'
This song takes me home
' Is That the Rule ? '
In which Captain Cuttle and his guests will give their expert opinion on matters of topical interest in the world of sport and ' Here you are then !'
A selection of melodies you have chosen
The music played by Rae Jenkins 's Lucky Dip Orchestra under the direction of Jack Clarke
'Lucky Dip' was broadcast in the Regional programme this afternoon


Presented By:
William MacLurg
Edited By:
Adrian Thomas
Played By:
Rae Jenkins
Jack Clarke

A New Crazy Series
Devised and produced by Max Kester and Anthony Hall
' Poor Mrs. Ponsonby ! Whenever she needs a job doing, she rings up an employment agency, and-Poor Mrs. Ponsonby ! '
Cast (the Music-Hall Boys)
Episode Four: 'Hairdressing'


Produced By:
Max Kester
Produced By:
Anthony Hall
Mrs Ponsonby:
Doris Nichols
Nikolas Ridikoulos:
Jacques Brown

String Quartet No. 3, in A minor.
Op. 33
1 Allegro agitato ed appassionato. 2 Andante religioso con variazioni. 3 Vivace giocoso played by The Kutcher String Quartet:
Samuel Kutcher (violin)
Max Salpeter (violin)
Raymond Jeremy (viola)
Douglas Cameron (violoncello)


Samuel Kutcher
Max Salpeter
Raymond Jeremy
Douglas Cameron

from the Concert Hall, Broadcasting
Theme, ' Our worries and Christ's peace '
Hymns, Lord of our life, and God of our salvation (S.P. 349, w. 1, 2, 4)
Christ, of all my hopes the ground (S.P. 465)
Nunc Dimittis
Reading from a chapter in the book
"The Gates of New Life' (Rev. J. S. Stewart )


J. S. Stewart

Dorothy Helmrich (soprano) accompanied by Harry Isaacs : Le long du quai (Along the Quayside). Les deux enfants du roi (The King's Two Children)
Dorothy Helmrich (soprano) accompanied by Alan Richardson : Carol. Wizardry. Racers. The Lamb Child


Dorothy Helmrich
Accompanied By:
Harry Isaacs
Dorothy Helmrich
Accompanied By:
Alan Richardson

National Programme Daventry

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National Programme is a radio channel that started transmitting on the 9th March 1930 and ended on the 9th September 1939. It was replaced by BBC Home Service.

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