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The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Clemens Krauss : Overture, Im Fruhling (In Spring) (Goldmark)
The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Frederick Stock: Serenade, Op. 63 (Volkmann).
The Flight of the Bumble Bee (Rimsky-Korsakov)
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham, Bart.: Symphony No. 6 in C (Atterberg) - 1. Allegro. 2 Adagio. 3 Finale: Vivace


Clemens Krauss
Frederick Stock
Sir Thomas Beecham

' The New Year in Paris '
Monsieur A. Simon-Girard
Here is an event in this popular series. This is the first tea-time talk to come direct from abroad. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are big occasions in Paris, and M. Simon-Girard is to tell listeners in this country how Parisians will be bringing in the New Year. He will also discuss what Parisian women may be thinking about and talking about as 1937 merges into 1938.
It is hoped to give other broadcasts from various Continental centres from time to time in this series.


Monsieur A. Simon-Girard
M. Simon-Girard

Leader, Leonard Hirsch
Conductor, Eric Fogg
Serge Prokofiev is considered one of the leading contemporary composers of Russia and in his numerous works, such as the opera, The Love for Three Oranges, he has shown himself to be a master technician and a composer of great individuality. His ' Classical Symphony ', however, is not really representative of his style. It was composed in the spirit of a jeu d'esprit that, as its title would suggest, both in form and idiom harks back to the time of Haydn and Mozart. The music is clear-cut, full of straightforward melodies and tunes, and provides a most attractive glimpse of the eighteenth century through modern eyes.
Gordon Jacob's Uncle Remus suite is drawn from a ballet performed by the Vic-Wells Company a few years ago and based, of course, on the book by Joel Chandler Harris which long ago inspired some short piano pieces by Edward MacDowell. The stories of the animals-Brer
Rabbit, Brer Fox, Mr. Bear, and the rest-and their amusing pranks are told to a small boy by Uncle Remus, who is portrayed musically in a short prelude reminiscent of a Negro spiritual. After the little boy's dance come scenes and characters from the stories, while the finale gathers together in waltz time several of the tunes associated with the animals.

Classical Symphony, Op. 25 1 Allegro. 2 Larghetto. 3 Gavotte: Non troppo allegro. 4 Finale: Molto vivace - Prokofiev
Three Pieces, Op. 10 1 Mazurka. 2 Serenade mauresque. 3 Contrasts (The Gavotte, A.D. 1700 and 1900) - Elgar
Suite from the Ballet, Uncle Remus 1 Uncle Remus. 2 The Little Boy. 3 Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and the Tar Baby. 4 Mr. Bear. 5 Brer Tarrypin. 6 Mr. Buzzard. 7 Waltz Ensemble - Gordon Jacob


Leonard Hirsch
Eric Fogg

Margaret Field-Hyde (soprano)
Diana Poulton (lute)
Lucille Wallace (harpsichord)

LUCILLE WALLACE Meridian Alman - Farnaby
Gagliard - Farnaby
A Maske - Farnaby
Tower Hill - Farnaby
Shall I seek to ease my grief? - Alfonso Ferrabosco
Sweet, let me go - Corkine
LUCILLE WALLACE A Running Fantazia . - Gibbons
Fantazia of four parts - Gibbons
MARGARET FIELD-HYDE AND DIANA POULTON Thrice toss those oaken ashes in the air - Campian
Ay me, can love and beauty ? - Anon.
Sweet Kate - Robert Jones


Margaret Field-Hyde
Diana Poulton
Lucille Wallace

The train leaves the National Station at 8 p.m. for Romance, Humour, and Rhythm and will be driven by Benny Frankel and his Orchestra
Track Supervisor :
Jack Davies , Jnr.
Travellers : .'
Dorothy Carless and Bert Yarlett
Guard : Lyle Evans
John Burnaby will ensure that no one goes off the rails
All Aboard ! .
Here is something entirely new in the way of a novelty feature for a band. Benny Frankel and his Orchestra, who helped to make such a success of ' The Song is Ended ' in the summer, will drive the train on every broadcast journey. It is a peculiar train, stopping at delightful stations-Romance, Humour, and Rhythm; and it is run by a very strange Company who demand some kind of entertainment from each passenger in lieu of fares. Rhythm Express should make many a smooth radio journey, with John Burnaby exercising general supervision over its trips.


Benny Frankel
Jack Davies
Lyle Evans
John Burnaby
Benny Frankel
John Burnaby
on National Programme Daventry

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Sonata in F minor, Op. 5
1 Allegro maestoso. 2 Andante cspressivo. 3 Scherzo : Allegro energico. 4 Intermezzo (Riickblick): Andante molto. 5 Finale : Allegro moderato ma rubato played by Frank Merrick (pianoforte)
Brahms's Piano Sonata in F minor, Op. 5, was completed in 1853 when the composer was twenty years of age. It was one of that group of early works which aroused such great enthusiasm from Schumann on their first meeting.
The F minor Sonata was an extraordinary achievement for so young a composer. Cast on a very ambitious-perhaps too ambitious-scale, the music is full of both passionate intensity and lyrical charm. Its romantic leanings are obvious, particularly in the slow movement which is headed with a verse that may be roughly translated as follows:
The twilight deepens, the moon shines out,
There are two hearts in love entwined
That hold themselves with blessing crowned.


Frank Merrick

from the Concert Hall,
Broadcasting House
Theme - ' Guiding Stars '
As with gladness men of old (A. and M. 79 ; w. 1-3)
The people that in darkness sat
(A. and M. 80, w. 1-6)
Psalm xcvi, 9-12
Reading, ' The Guiding Star ', being part of a sermon from the book
" ' Christmastide in St. Paul's ' by Canon H. P. Liddon


Canon H. P. Liddon

National Programme Daventry

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