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Under the direction of Johan Hock from Queen's College Chambers
Lecture Hall, Birmingham
The Hirsch String Quartet:
Leonard Hirsch (first violin)
Reginald Stead
Sidney Errington (viola)
Leonard Baker (violoncello)
The Italian Serenade is, with the exception of a very early quartet for strings the only chamber work written by Hugo Wolf , who was pre-eminently a song-writer. The Serenade has been transcribed for small orchestra. It was first Performed as a quartet in Vienna in 1904, the year following Wolfs death, and quickly became popular with chamber music players.


Johan Hock
Leonard Hirsch
Reginald Stead
Sidney Errington
Leonard Baker
Written By:
Hugo Wolf

Ⓓ Interlude
2.5 Travel Talk
(g) ' A Summer Christmas in the Antarctic (South Georgia)'
On several occasions during the last eight years Mr. Laurie has visited the island of South Georgia in the Antarctic, where it is summer at Christmas and yet bittetly cold. He has been there to study the life history of whales on behalf of the ' Discovery ' Committee, which also operates the Royal Research Ships Discovery II and William Scoresby.
Today he is to tell you about a Christmas he spent there. He will talk of the peculiar ice-bound climate of an island no farther south than England is north, and of the astonishing profusion of plant and animal life in the sea surrounding one of Britain's bleakest possessions.
You will hear interesting and exciting things about seals, penguins, and whales, and about a marvellous climb there by Sir Ernest Shackleton which no man has ever been able to achieve since.
2.25 0 Interval Music
2.30 Feature Programmes and © Topical Talks
' Christmas is Coming '
Boys and girls from various parts of the world will tell what Christmas is like at home
Listeners are to hear something of the way Christmas is spent in other countries, and they are to hear it from representatives of those different countries. Four or five children or young people will be coming to the microphone: certainly a boy from Sweden and a young Nigerian girl who is at school over here. It is hoped that listeners will also hear people from Australia and from India, and perhaps from Canada, too. Music will be played typical of Christmas celebrations in the different countries or of other celebrations that are held at Christmas-time.
2.50 Interval Music
2.55 Junior .English A Mummer's Play
This programme will include an electrical recording of a West Sussex tipteers play performed by Aldingbourne Council School, Sussex
3.15 Talk on Next Week's
Broadcast Music
3.35 Talk for Sixth Forms
' Modern Poetry '
3.55 Interval


A. H. Laurie
William Scoresby.
Sir Ernest Shackleton
Michael Roberts

A Christmas adventure into the enchanted Kingdom of Faery
We are approaching one of the great seasons for sprites and goblins, fairies, and elves. If we get up early enough, rub our eyes with the right ointment, and go to the right place, what shall we see ?
Arranged by Desmond Hawkins
Produced by John Richmond
(Empire Programme)
This programme, compiled by Desmond Hawkins, who wrote ' The Nest of Singing Birds', broadcast a year ago, is as light as it should be attractive. Two small boys returning home from school see a strange light moving about among the trees and, on tracking it down, they are confronted with a goblin.f In subsequent dialogue the goblin reveals something of the manners and habits of his kindred, partly in prose and partly by means of selected poems and ballads. The whole is linked together with appropriate music.


Arranged By:
Desmond Hawkins
Produced By:
John Richmond

A romantic series in song and story
Written and devised by James Gilroy featuring
The Voice of Romance with The BBC Variety Orchestra
Conducted by Charles Shadwell
Presented by Max Kester and John Burnaby


James Gilroy
Conducted By:
Charles Shadwell
Presented By:
Max Kester
Presented By:
John Burnaby

in 'GHOSTS' by Henrik Ibsen
The play arranged and produced by Peter Creswell
Characters in order of speaking
The action takes .place in Mrs. Alving's country home in Western Norway and falls within twenty-four hours
The period is Norway of the middle


Henrik Ibsen
Produced By:
Peter Creswell
Regina Engstrand, Mrs Alving's maid:
June Melville
Jacob Engstrand, a carpenter:
Fred Groves
Pastor Manders:
Leon M Lion
Mrs Alving (Helen), widow of Cap tain Alving:
Marie Tempest
Oswald Alving, an artist, her son:
Terence de Marney
on National Programme Daventry

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4, Miner Underground
Contributors :
T. David Jones , Professor of Mining at the University of Wales ;
A. M. Bryan , Dixon Professor of Mining in the University of Glasgow and in the Royal Technical College, Glasgow ; lestyn Williams, Joint Secretary of the South Wales Coal Owners' Association ;
G. H. Jones , Secretary of the Midland Miners' Federation ;
B. Whitaker , Manager of a Colliery in Kent
So far broadcasts in this series have. been concerned with coal and coal mining ; the nature of coal ; its discovery ; its effect on industry ; and so forth. But the last two broadcasts take on a more human note. There could be no mining without the collier ; and today listeners are to hear about his life underground-his work, skill, esprit de corps, and heroism. In the final broadcast next week they will hear about the collier in his home-his wife and children and surroundings.


T. David Jones
A. M. Bryan
G. H. Jones
B. Whitaker

Chamber Music
John Francis (flute)
The Philharmonic String Trio:
David Martin (violin)
Frederick Riddle (viola)
James Whitehead (violoncello)
Quartet No. 4, in G
1 Vivace. 2 Andante moderato. 3 Minuetto. 4 Fantasia: Moderato


John Francis
David Martin
Frederick Riddle
James Whitehead

A Concert of Her Music
Elsie Suddaby (soprano)
Arthur Fear (baritone)
The BBC Chorus
(Section A)
The BBC Orchestra
(Section E)
Led by Laurance Turner
Conducted by Leslie Woodgate
Overture, The Boatswain's Mate
Minuet and Musette (Fete Galante) Hey Nonny No, for chorus and orchestra (Words from a Christ Church 16th century manuscript)
The Prison (a symphony for voices and orchestra) (Words adapted from ' The Prison: A Dialogue ' by H. B. Brewster )
Part 2-The Deliverance
The Prisoner, ARTHUR FEAR


Elsie Suddaby
Laurance Turner
Conducted By:
Leslie Woodgate
Dialogue By:
H. B. Brewster

National Programme Daventry

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National Programme is a radio channel that started transmitting on the 9th March 1930 and ended on the 9th September 1939. It was replaced by BBC Home Service.

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