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' Goths and Huns '
' The Wanderings of the. Peoples'
' The Huns wander about over the mountains and through the woods, training themselves to bear from infancy frost and hunger and thirst..... They wear linen clothes or else the skins of field-mice sewn together .... Their heads are covered with round caps and their hairy legs with goat-skins .... They can remain on horse-back night and day..... None of them ploughs nor even touches a plough handle..... They have no settled abode but are alike homeless and lawless, always wandering with their waggons which are indeed their homes. They seem to be ever in flight.'
This is what a man who lived at the time wrote about the fierce men from the East who brought so much trouble to the peoples of Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. You will hear how Theodoric, King of the Goths, joined with Aetius, a great Roman general, and stopped the victorious march of Attila, the King of the Huns.


Hugh Ross Williamson

W. S. Mansfield
Today Mr. Mansfield is going to talk about poultry with his own poultry manager. On the University Farm at Cambridge there is a poultry farm consisting of some thousand head of laying hens. Many of the birds are moved about the fields, and the poultry department fits in with the general scheme of farming. However, as Mr. Mansfield said in his talk last week, the turnover from eggs is high but the profit is not what it might be, owing to the fact that even he is not independent of imported feeding stuffs. This problem of the rising cost of feeding stuffs has become so serious of recent years that any remarks Mr. Mansfield and his poultry manager make will be of general interest to poultry keepers.

A programme of new songs for whose probable popularity you are invited to vote
The Singers
Becke Gerry Fitzgerald Morgan Davies Bertha Willmott
The Tin Pan Alley Trio
A Section of the BBC Men's Chorus
The BBC Variety Orchestra, conducted by Charles Shadwell
Reginald Foort at the BBC Theatre Organ
Ivor Dennis at the piano Compere, Bryan Michie
All the songs included in this programme were selected by a Committee ' of Listeners


Becke Gerry Fitzgerald
Morgan Davies
Bertha Willmott
Conducted By:
Charles Shadwell
Conducted By:
Reginald Foort
Ivor Dennis
Bryan Michie

Book and Lyrics by Herbert Farjeon
Music by Michael Sayer
Arrangements by Eric L. Wild
Compered by Naunton Wayne with Eve Lister, Frank Drew, Irene Prador, Hermione Gingold, Elizabeth Pollock, George Benson and Nadine March
The BBC Television Orchestra
Conducted by Hyam Greenbaum
Production by Douglas Moodie


Herbert Farjeon
Music By:
Michael Sayer
Arrangements By:
Eric L. Wild
Naunton Wayne
Lister Frank Drew
Irene Prador
Hermione Gingold
Elizabeth Pollock
George Benson
Conducted By:
Hyam Greenbaum
Production By:
Douglas Moodie

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