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(Church of Scotland) from St. Andrew's Parish Church,
The Bells
9.30 Order of Service Prayer
Metrical Psalm cxxi, I to the hills will lift mine eyes (Tune, French)
Prayer and Lord's Prayer
Hymn, Jesus calls us! (Rv. C.H.
500 ; A. and M. 403)
Lesson Prayer
Metrical Psalm cxvi, 1-7, I love the Lord because my voice (Tune, Kilmarnock)
Address by the Rev. W. ERSKINE
BLACKBURN Paraphrase xxx , Come, let us to the Lord our God (Tune, St. Fulbert)
Organist, Christie Jupp


Rev. W. Erskine
Blackburn Paraphrase Xxx
Christie Jupp

(g) C. H. Middleton
This is the time of year when, once you have "dug your last parsnip and cleared your plot, it is easy to let things alone. But the diligent and far-seeing gardener will be thinking of the spring. He knows well enough that beneficial as manure may be, the condition of the soil is just as important as its food contents; he knows that the soil of his garden is teeming with millions of living organisms, many of which are his best friends, for they do a most useful work in bringing about chemical changes in the soil and rendering the various plant foods that it contains available for use by the growing crops. But these organisms must be allowed to thrive and give of their best, and that is why he starts digging.
C. H. Middleton in his talk today will explain why ' trenching' is essential ; and, that done, he will go on to discuss the question of manuring.


C. H. Middleton
C. H. Middleton

London Theatre Orchestra : Selection, A Country Girl (Part 2) (Monckton)
Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra of the Berlin "Grosses Schauspielhaus : Deep in my heart. Serenade (both from The Student Prince) (Romberg)
Theatre Orchestra: Selection,
Conversation Piece (Coward)
Lea Seidl (soprano): Why did you kiss my heart awake? (Frederica) (Lehdr)
Richard Tauber (tenor): Oh maiden, my maiden (Frederica) (Lehdr)
Marek Weber and his Orchestra:
Selection, Countess Maritza (Kalmdn)
Elsa Kochhann (soprano),
Emma Bassth (contralto), Franz Volker (tenor): Ah, see the luring gold (Gypsy Baron) (Johann Strauss )


Lea Seidl
Richard Tauber
Marek Weber
Elsa Kochhann
Emma Bassth
Franz Volker
Johann Strauss

The Reform Bill
Readers, Igor Vinogradoff and Felix Aylmer
The Bill which killed the old unrepresentative House of Commons was introduced on March 1, 1831. Thus started the greatest struggle in the political history of Britain. The Government had been defeated three times and had had to appeal to the country and threaten the House of Lords before, fifteen months later, the Bill became law after a terrific popular agitation.
Listeners will be taken into the old chapel of St. Stephen's, where the House of Commons used to meet before 1834. They will hear a passage from the famous introductory speech with which Lord John Russell shook the House, and some of the eloquence with which a new member, Thomas Babington Macau lay, captured the imaginations of his hearers.


Igor Vinogradoff
Felix Aylmer
Lord John Russell
Thomas Babington MacAu

(Methodist) from Kingsway Hall
Organ Voluntary
8.0 Order of Service
Hymn, 0 come, 0 come, Immanuel
(New M.H.B. 257 ; A. and M. 49)
Prayer and Lord's Prayer Lesson, I Peter i, 1-12
Magnificat (Harford Lloyd in E flat) Prayers
Hymn, Light of those whose dreary dwelling (New M.H.B. 261)
Address by the Rev. D. 0. SOPER,
Hymn, Thou didst leave Thy throne
(New M.H.B. 150; A. and M. 776)
Organist, Allan Brown


Allan Brown

An appeal on behalf of THE ROYAL
The object of this appeal on behalf of the Royal Cancer Hospital (Free) is to raise funds for additional wards that are very urgently needed ; the enlargement of the Nurses' Home ; additional laboratories where scientific investigations of the disease can be better carried out; and the general maintenance of the hospital.
It costs approximately E60,000 per annum to maintain, which is nearly 3s. 6d. a minute, and at present it bears the burden of an overdraft of £20,000 at the bank.
Accommodation at the hospital is provided for those who cannot afford to pay for their maintenance and treatment, as well as for those who can afford to pay for the privacy of a private room.
Contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and should be addressed to [address removed]

A radio fantasy on an old folk tale by Francis Dillon but he has crossed out the word ' fantasy ' in red ink and replaced it with ' squib Listeners may anticipate, therefore, that The Shirt has a sting in its tale
The story concerns a rich and powerful king who, at the end of the fifth year of his reign, fell into a deep and unassailable melancholy. Every effort is made by magicians, jesters, and even crooners to make him laugh-but in vain.
One day, however ...
Production by John Cheatle


Francis Dillon
Production By:
John Cheatle

National Programme Daventry

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National Programme is a radio channel that started transmitting on the 9th March 1930 and ended on the 9th September 1939. It was replaced by BBC Home Service.

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