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Leader, Alfred Cave
Conducted by W. K. Stanton
The subject of Cesar Franck 's symphonic. poem 'Les Djinns is a poem by Victor Hugo. The Djinns were malevolent spirits in the Arab mythology, and in his music Franck sets before us some of the terror which they inspired. The listener is to imagine the approach of dragons and all manner of monsters, fleeing before the North Wind; we hear their awful cries and shrieks as they come nearer and pass by on their flight. And at the end they pass away again into the distance.


Conducted By:
W. K. Stanton
Cesar Franck
Victor Hugo.

Ⓓ World History
Rome and the Barbarians : The Fall of Rome
A dramatic interlude written for broadcasting by RHODA POWER
For hundreds of years the Romans fought the barbarians and kept them out of the Roman provinces. As time went on, the Empire grew too big and was divided in two : the East and the West. The Romans, too, began to quarrel amongst themselves, and their armies were no longer as strong and united as they had been. Things became still worse in the fourth century A.D., when the Huns from the East came galloping into Europe and drove the barbarian Goths from their homes. Today's broadcast will tell you what happened after the Goths were allowed to cross the Danube and make their homes inside the Empire.
2.25 Interval Music
2.30 Biology in the Service of Man ' Fisheries'
H. MUNRO Fox , F.R.S.
(Prom Midland)
2.50 Interlude
3.0 Concerts for Schools
Instruments of the Orchestra
Orchestral Concert
(Wood-wind instruments)
Leader, J. Mouland Begbie
Arranged and presented by HERBERT WISEMAN


Broadcasting By:
Rhoda Power
H. Munro Fox
J. Mouland Begbie
Presented By:
Herbert Wiseman

From the Point of View of a Kindergarten Mistress
' There is a general belief that little children only play in school nowadays, and do no work. On the contrary, no one in the school works harder. After all, when you are five, it is a great effort to add two to three, and make it come to five ; and the effort is just the same even if the answer is wrong.'
Thus the kindergarten mistress who comes to the microphone stands up for children. She is quite certain that small children need much more adroit handling than older ones. They must never be left idle. Their passionate interest in things so quickly fades. They love stories, glory in colour, and delight in impersonating things. But a kindergarten mistress must love small children, she says, or her life will be a martyrdom.

W. S. Mansfield
Tonight Mr. Mansfield is going to talk among other things about basic slag. At the present moment, as a result of the Government's new policy, basic slag can be obtained at three-quarters its usual price. There are few farms in England that are a better advertisement for the efficacy of slag than the University Farm at Cambridge. Mr. Mansfield will be able to tell farmers about some of the results he has achieved and some of the methods by which he has achieved them. He will also have something to say tonight about his profit and loss account, which should be of great interest.

as ' Peter Standish ' in 'BERKELEY SQUARE'
By John L. Balderston
In collaboration with J. C. Squire
The action takes place in a Queen Anne house in Berkeley Square where the present and the past co-mingle
The play adapted and produced by Barbara Burnham
This is a unique radio revival of Berkeley Square (first broadcast in 1935) because it introduces to listeners an English actor who, though he had a West-End name before going to America in 1920, undoubtedly was made a star by Broadway and has won international fame on the films.
Leslie Howard returned' to act in Tiger Rag (Champagne Waltz)
London in 1926, and again in 1928 La Rocca when he appeared in his New York Personal appearance of success Her Cardboard Lover and afterwards played Peter Standish in Arthur Tracy a revival of Berkeley Square (the Smgmg songs from his new film, part he also took in the film). Now ' Command Performance ' British listeners are to hear his voice Selection, Double or Nothing on the air, a voice that must be as Young and Burke familiar to them as any voice in the cinema; and they will surely give a Orchestral arrangements by Peter welcome to one of the most indi- YorKe vidual actors ever born in London. 8.15 THE BBC
~ ' , O.loltifiBBLi
Berkeley Square was broadcast in SYMPHONY CONCERTS theRegionalprogrammelastnightSYMPHONYCONCERTS
Season 1937-8
7.40 MUSIC FROM THE Sixth Concert
MOVIES from Queen's Hall, London with (Sole Lessees, Messrs. Chappell and Co. Ltd.)
Louis Levy and his Symphony Solomon (pianoforte)
(By arrangement with the Gaumont-Bvitish The BBC Symphony Orchestra
Picture Corporation, Ltd.)
Eve Becke and Gerry Fitzgerald Leader, Paul Beard
Selection, Gangway Conductor, Sir Adrian Boult
Lerner, Goodhart, and Hoffman Overture, Manfred.............Schumann
Whispers in the Dark (Artists and North Country Sketches Delius
Models) Robin and Hollander 1 Autumn (The wind soughs in the trees). 2 Winter Landscape. 3 Dance. 4 The March of the Spring (Woodlands, Meadows, and Silent Moors)


Peter Standish
John L. Balderston
Produced By:
Barbara Burnham
Leslie Howard
La Rocca
Peter Standish
Arthur Tracy
Louis Levy
Gerry Fitzgerald
Sir Adrian Boult
Mrs Barwick:
Grace Edwin
The Ambassador:
David Miller
Peter Standish:
Leslie Howard
Marjorie Frant:
Lucille Lisle
Tom Pettigrew:
Alan Wheatley
Kate Pettigrew:
Lydia Sherwood
The Lady Anne Pettigrew:
Gladys Young
Mr Throstle:
Frederick Cooper
Helen Pettigrew:
Hermione Hannen
The Duchess of Devonshire:
Nan Marriott Watson
Major Clinton:
Denis Green
Sir Joshua Reynolds, P R A:
G. R. Schjelderup

A News Revue with sketches by Holt Marvell , Sidney Andrews , John Bridgman , and others. Lyrics by Joan Young. Music by Jack Clarke and others. Arrangements by Jack Beaver and Arthur Sandford with Hart Atholl Tessa Deane Hugh French
Joan Young
Arthur Pusey Gwen Lewis Max Kirby
Geoffrey Wincott
The Orchestra conducted by Charles Shadwell
Compered and produced by Douglas Moodie


Holt Marvell
Sidney Andrews
John Bridgman
Joan Young.
Music By:
Jack Clarke
Arrangements By:
Jack Beaver
Arrangements By:
Arthur Sandford
Hart Atholl
Tessa Deane
Hugh French
Joan Young
Arthur Pusey
Gwen Lewis
Max Kirby
Geoffrey Wincott
Conducted By:
Charles Shadwell
Produced By:
Douglas Moodie

will play for dancing
Only a month ago Herman Darewski and his New Melody Rhythm Band broadcast from the BBC Ballroom. They are on the air again on both National and Regional wavelengths tonight. This is a non-vocal programme, but Herman Darewski will enliven it with some novelty items.
His fans will be interested to know that he has fixed up to return to the Spa Royal Hall, Bridlington, next spring for his twelfth consecutive season. Another item of news is that he will be broadcasting in 'The Signature Is -' on December 1.


Herman Darewski
Herman Darewski

National Programme Daventry

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