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The BBC Singers (B)
Sybilla Marshall Margaret Rees Winifred Downer
Anne Wood Peter Pears Emlyn Bebb Victor Utting
Victor Harding Conducted by Trevor Harvey


Sybilla Marshall
Margaret Rees
Winifred Downer
Anne Wood
Peter Pears
Emlyn Bebb
Victor Utting
Victor Harding
Conducted By:
Trevor Harvey

(The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, Machynlleth, 1937)
(The Chairing of the Bard)
Anerchiad Llywydd y Prynhawn
Y Gwir Anrhydeddus ,
David Lloyd George , O.M., A.S.,
(The Presidential Address by the Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George ,
O.M., M.P.)
Darllen y feirniadaeth ar Awdl y Gadair a seremoni cadeirio'r
Bardd Buddugdl
(The Adjudication of the Chair Poem and the ceremony of the Chairing of the Bard) o Bafiliwn yr Eisteddfod,
(from the Eisteddfod Pavilion,
[Programme continued overleaf


Anerchiad Llywydd
Gwir Anrhydeddus
David Lloyd George
Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George
Bardd Buddugdl

This listing contains language that some may find offensive.

Lord Ponsonby
It may well be the consensus of opinion that this concluding talk by Lord Ponsonby on diaries is even more interesting than those that have gone before. He deals with eccentric diaries, written by many people, in many walks of life, most of them kept in the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries ; among them a diary in which the writer reveals that he is suffering from hallucinations ; one kept by a shopkeeper who continually chided himself for his failing for drink ; one kept by a woman who would insist she was a martyr ; and one kept by a doctor who constantly rebuked himself for gluttony. Listeners will be grateful to Lord Ponsonby for this series of five talks, and many will wish there were to be more.


Lord Ponsonby
Talk By:
Lord Ponsonby

Act 2 of Wagner's opera
NURNBERG' from the Festspielhaus,
The Vienna
Philharmonic Orchestra
The first act has witnessed the rejection of Walther as a candidate for admission to the Guild of the Mastersingers. The second act is a street in Nuremberg. The apprentices are putting up the shutters of the shops. Eva enters accompanied by her father. He leaves her and Eva's nurse enters and tells her of Walther's ill-success. Sachs now appears at the door of his shop and sings musingly of the events of the day. Eva comes across to him and urges him to compete for the prize next day. Sachs, deeply in love with Eva himself, but realising his chances are hopeless, assumes an anger he is far from feeling, and Eva leaves him in a huff.
The ensuing scene between
Walther and Eva is interrupted by the entrance of Beckmesser, the most pedantic of the Mastersingers, who has come to serenade Eva. The noises he makes rouse the neighbours and result in a clamour that ends almost in a riot. It ends as suddenly as it began, on the approach of the night watchman, who, from the now silent streets, calls the hour and departs.


Meistersinger Von
Arturo Toscanini
Hans, Sachs:
Hans Hermann Nissen
Herbert Alsen
Hermann Wiedemann
Viktor Madin
Walther von Stolzing:
Henk Noort
Richard Sallaba
Maria Reining
Kernstin Thorborg

A Melodrama by Francis Durbridge with Incidental Music by Augustus Franzel
Characters in the order of their appearance
The Guests. at the Embassy:
Ann Codrington , Ruth Beresford
A Gypsy Orchestra, conducted by Augustus Franzel
The BBC Theatre Orchestra, conducted by Mark H. Lubbock
Production by Archie Campbell
See the article by Francis Durbridg. on page 8
' Murder in the Embassy' was broadcast in the Regional programme last night


Francis Durbridge
Ann Codrington
Ruth Beresford
Conducted By:
Augustus Franzel
Conducted By:
Mark H. Lubbock
Production By:
Archie Campbell
Francis Durbridg.
Captain Michael Rostard, of the Westonian army, nephew of General Rostard:
Jack Melford
Sir Charles Fanshaw, of the Foreign Office:
Norman Shelley
Benson, Sir Charles's valet:
Ernest Sefton
Madame Vaskaya, a famous continental soprano.:
.Garda Hall
Countess Elsa Sieler, daughter of Count Sieler:
Jane Carr
General Rostard, Prime Minister and virtual dictator of Westonia:
Henry Victor
Mr Hiram E Miller, of Detroit:
Fred Duprez
Baron Von Klemm, the Westonian Ambassador:
.Boris Ranevsky
Paul Vendorest, a servant at the Westonian Embassy:
Paul Vernon
A Singer:
Morgan Davies
Inspector Davis, of Scotland Yard:
Edwin Ellis
Count Sieler, Dictator of Falkenstein:
Ernest Sefton
An Announcer:
Barry Ferguson

by Gerald Bullett read by the Author
Gerald Bullett is a master of the technique of the short story, and in the tale he will read today this mastery is particularly evident. The plot revolves round the tenth birthday of a schoolboy, Stephen, who has set his heart on a torch for a present. He saw it in an ironmonger's shop, a torch with a ' sleek gun-metal body, thick as a broom-stick and eighteen inches long.....
From that moment he had been haunted by his splendid dream. Indeed, but for eleven hours' solid sleep every night, he had known no rest. His schoolwork suffered ; his friends found him absent-minded ; he was in love '. The poignancy of the situation as it develops is expressed with all the skill of which Gerald Bullett is capable.


Gerald Bullett
Gerald Bullett
Gerald Bullett

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