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Eighth Concert of the Season
Relayed from the Queen's Hall
Conducted by Sir HAMILTON HARTY
"BERLIOZ' 'Symphonic Entr'acte ' represents
-D a scene in ' a virgin forest in the neighbourhood of Carthage.' Naiads appear, and bathe. The hunt is heard in the distance, gradually getting nearer, and thp naiads vanish. Various hunters cross the scene. A storm approaches. While the storm increases, Ascanias. son of Æneas, gallops past, followed by other huntsmen. The storm approaches its height, and night falls. Dido and /Eneas, hunting, arrive and take refuge in a cave.
Wood Nymphs appear, singing, with Fauns and Satyrs, all of whom dance a grotesque dance in the darkness. A little stream in the rocks becomes a noisy cataract. Lightning strikes a tree, and finally the whole scene is obscured by dense clouds. The storm at length abates and the clouds scatter.


Conducted By:
Sir Hamilton Harty

CONCERNING the ' programme ' of the work the Composer, at the first performance, said to a friend: It is enough to know that there is a hero fighting his enemies.' A detailed analysis, however, has been published, with his consent and approval. Six scenes or incidents are clearly to be distinguished.
FIRST SCENE.—We have a portrait of the Hero, and some indication of his qualities-his pride, his imaginative nature, and his strength of will.
SECOND SCENE.—The Hero's Enemies (Woodwind) snapping and snarling as they flock round him.
THIRD SCENE.—The Hero's Helpmate. She is represented in her varying moods by a Solo Violin melody.
A trumpet call behind the scenes brings us to the-FOURTH SCENE.—The Battlefield. Here camo the toughest test for the sensitive ears of 1902. Note the powerful and persistent drum rhythm.
FIFTH SCENE.—The Hero's Works of Peace.
Here Strauss quotes largely from his own works.
SIXTH SCENE.—The Hero's Flight from the World, and Completion. After a moment of dejection, the Hero finds serenity and peace of mind—perhaps in a pastoral life, as the mood of the music seems to suggest.
He has to face one more storm, however, but it is brief.
The end comes in a great climax that rounds off the Hero's life-work in completeness of joy.

5GB Daventry (Experimental)

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