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Sung by PARRY JONES (Tenor)
EINSAMKEIT (Solitude). Solitary, the wanderer takes his way. The air is calm, but he was never so wretched when the storm raged.
Die Post (The Postman). The postman's hom rouses emotion in his heart, though he knows there can be no news for him. Yet the post is a link with the town where she lives.
Der greise Kopf (The Grey Head). The frosj has silvered his hair, making him think of old age, that dims distant sorrows. Alas, he is young, and the sorrow is keen.
Die Krahe (The Raven). The bird of ill-omen has kept him company all along. Does it hope to pick his bones ? Very soon his journey in life will be ended. He begs the raven to be his companion until then.
Letzte Hoffnung A few autumn
Jeavos linger on the branches. Thus hangs and quivers his slight hope. If the leaf fall, his hope is gone.

IN this evening's talk Major Home surveys villages, farms, and country houses. Ho gives a list of trees introduced by the Romans, and explains the famous system of their military roads, with their milestones and bridges. From this he passes naturally to the Roman postal service, and then to their mining of lead, iron, and tin, and their stone-quarrying. This brings up a consideration of the great problem of slavery under Roman rule.

PAMPANlNl (Soprano)
Conducted by AYLMER BUESST
ONLY the Overture of this Opera now survives. It is interesting, however, to recall that the opera itself made something of a success when given under Rossini's own direction at the King's Theatre, .London, in 1824, after being a somewhat discouraging failure on its original production at Venice the year before.
The Overture begins with a vigorous measure where strings and woodwind combine, over a continued roll on the drums, to build up a thrilling climax. Then there comes a more slowly moving section, based on a duet which is sung in the opera by the heroine Semiramide, Empress of Nineveh, and Arsace. This slower section is followed by another Allegro which brings the work to an end with all Rossini's usual brilliance and energy.
IN this sad-hearted song, listeners will remember, Butterfly, deserted by her lover
Pinkcrton, sings of her steadfast faith that he will one day return. She tolls of how she will go to meet him, hiding at first, and then springing out to greet him joyously.

2LO London

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