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IN the spring of 1895 Captain Joshua Slocuni set sail from Boston, U.S.A., in a thirty-six-foot boat built, or at least entirely rebuilt, by himself. Rather more than three years later lie tied up at Newport, after a voyage of 46,000 miles, by way of Gibraltar, the Horn (for crossing the Atlantic twice was nothing in his way), Samoa, where he met R. L. Stevenson , the Capo (where he broke his journey to visit Kruger), and St... Helena, and after many ad. ventures with Moorish pirates, Fuegian savages, and storms. These lie recounts simply, in a terse, humorous Yankee style, in the book (published by Messrs. Sampson Low ) from which Mr. Stobart and Miss Somerville will read to-day.


Captain Joshua Slocuni
R. L. Stevenson
Sampson Low

'Citizenship in Practice
National Housekeeping '
IN the first talk in her series, last week, Mrs. MacIver explained what ' Economics ' is, and how it affects us in our ordinary lives. To-day she will investigate where the rates and taxes go, and what benefits and services are given in return for the public money. She will illustrate the difference between wise and wasteful expenditure, and show the parallel between housekeeping for the nation and housekeeping for the family and the function of Economics in either case.

FEW publicists have had such opporturiitiesof following the under-currents of the world politics of our time as Mr. Wickham Steed. After being foreign correspondent to The Times in Berlin, Rome, and Vienna, he was its foreign editor throughout the War, and editor from 1919 to 1922. Since 1923 he has been editor and proprietor of the Review of Reviews. Within the last few months he has completed a tour of Central Europe, investigating the movements of opinion amongst the nations.


Wickham Steed

Some of his Jolliest Keyboard Music
Toccata and Fugue in C Minor
Fantasia in C Minor
THE Toccata and Fugue fall into sections, as follows :-
(a) A short, quick, rushing movement of the brilliant Toccata style, but- with bits of imitation-one part starting a motif and another catching up the idea.
(b) A four-voice ' woven ' Adagio, a sermon on a text given out in the treble of the first two bars, and afterwards taken up by the other voices.
(c) A fairly quick three-voice Fugue upon a rhythmic, dancing subject. After a time, a few bars reminiscent of the style of the opening movement intervene, and then the Fugue begins again, now, however, become a double Fugue, for the old subject is given out with a new one as companion, and the two run in double harness henceforth (a good long henceforth it is, too), closed finally by a few effective bars in the character of the opening section.
The Fantasia is influenced by the bold harpsichord style of Bach's contemporary, Domenieo Scarlatti , a player-composer who used a good deal of hand-crossing to obtain his effects.
Bach began a Fugue to follow the Fantasia, but never completed it.


Played By:
James Ching
Domenieo Scarlatti

THERE are not many figures in the list of those who helped, cpnsciously or unconsciously, to build up the British Empire, so unattractivo as the one that the Principal of Birmingham University has chosen for the second of his series of talks. Cold, proud. selfish, and undeniably avaricious, Marlborough had few friends in his lifetime and has found few among historians. Yet it was his genius, both as a general and as a statesman, that broke the menace of a complete French predominance in the Europe of his time-a time when the foundations of modern history were being laid.
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