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A programme for children under five
Nursery rhymes, stories, and music
Jimmy, Woppy, and Squeaker-a boy, a dog, and a squeaking toy pig, members of the three separate worlds of humans, animals, and toys. That, at least, is the adult view. But it is not that of our under fives. ' What artificial division is this? ' they would ask. ' There is only one world; children, animals, and toys are all in it together, playing the same games, thinking the same thoughts, experiencing the same emotions.
And that explains in part why Jimmy,
Woppy, and Squeaker, in the stories by K. G. White , give them so much satisfaction, for the relationships of these three boon companions mirror exactly their own conception of a world in which there is no essential difference between children and animals, and between animate and inanimate.
Today our small listeners hear again from Julia Lang how the three friends played hide and seek, while tomorrow they have a new adventure. On Wednesday and Thursday Dorothy Smith tells another favourite story, ' Blackie the Coal Engine,' by Mary Cockett ; followed on Friday by Daphne Oxenford with Vera Badley 's tale, ' The Little Horse who said " No ".'
Lorna Pegram introduces the programmes this week and next.
Elizabeth A. Taylor


Stories By:
K. G. White
Julia Lang
Dorothy Smith
Mary Cockett
Daphne Oxenford
Vera Badley
Lorna Pegram
Elizabeth A. Taylor

A daily programme for women at home
Introduced by Marjorie Anderson and including:
' Minnie Pallister 's Diary': Minnie Pallister talks about what she has been doing, seeing, and thinking during recent weeks
' Buying Winter Salad': this is the subject Ruth Drew and Bards Conolly, a market gardener, discuss today
' Feminine Viewsreel ' : the December chronicle of new books, topical events, and interesting personalities in London presented by Mary Hill
Serial: The Daughters of the Late Colonel,' by Katherine Mansfield. Read by Georgie Henschel
For the Woman Listener-page SO


Introduced By:
Marjorie Anderson
Minnie Pallister
Minnie Pallister
Ruth Drew
Presented By:
Mary Hill
Katherine Mansfield.
Read By:
Georgie Henschel

Mrs. Dale, the doctor's wife, records the daily happenings in the life of her family
Script by Lesley Wilson
Last week, as Mrs. Dale was leaving to visit Gwen at the nursing home, Mrs. Baker (Maisie Lawford's aunt) arrived. She asked Mrs. Dale to persuade Maisie to let her look after the young children. Mrs. Dale saw Maisie, but failed to change her mind. Susie Thompkins volunteered to help so that Maisie could keep on her full-time job. Bob was going to take Trudi for a drive in the country, but his car broke down. Peter Kingston and Jenny were passing by in Peter's car, so they made up a foursome. Peter suggested Bob should buy a new car and offered to lend him the money Bob telephoned Malcolm Reeves , a friend of Peter's, who said he could get him a second-hand car cheaply. Bob lunched with Reeves, saw the car and agreed to buy it. Mrs. Freeman told Mr. Dale she was spending Christmas with Mrs Cardew at an hotel. Richard Fulton informed Sally that Maud French had dropped the idea of writing an article about him. Sally said that he had Mrs. Freeman to thank.


Script By:
Lesley Wilson
Susie Thompkins
Peter Kingston
Malcolm Reeves
Mrs Cardew
Richard Fulton
Mrs Dale:
Ellis Powell
Dr Dale:
Douglas Burbidge
Bob Dale:
Leslie Heritage
Gwen Owen:
Beryl Calder
David Owen:
Frank Partington
Mrs Freeman:
Dorothy Lane
Sally Lane:
Alvys Maben
Mrs Morgan:
Grace Allardyce
Mrs Humphries:
Mary Williams
Miss Pink:
Viola Merritt
Maud French:
Gwen Day Burroughs
Francis Austen:
John Kidd
Trudi Baume:
Daphne Maddox
Lily Baker:
May Hallett
Malcolm Reeves:
Richard Johnson

by Henrik Ibsen
Radio version by Lance Sieveking based on the translation of Edmund Gosse and William Archer
Produced by Val Gielgud


Lance Sieveking
Edmund Gosse
William Archer
Produced By:
Val Gielgud
George Tesman:
Hugh Burden
Hedda Tesman:
Constance Cummings
Juliana Tesman:
Hester Paton Brown
Mrs Elvsted:
Elizabeth London
Judge Brack:
Leslie Perrins
Eilert Lovborg:
Norman Claridge
Susan Richards

John Ellison and Robert MacDermot are the question-masters in this inter-country contest between representative teams from girls' and boys' schools in England. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
Bell-Baxter School, Cupar (Boys) v.
North Berwick High School
Produced by Joan Clark


John Ellison
Robert MacDermot
Produced By:
Joan Clark

Presenting the best in Britain's show business
Introduced this week by Frankie Howerd and starring Lee Lawrence
The Three Monarchs
Beryl Orde
Julie Andrews and The George Mitchell Glee Club
Interruptions by Graham Stark
Calling All Stars in which the listeners are invited to request their favourite tunes and choose the stars they wish to perform them
The Dance Orchestra
Conducted by Stanley Black
Written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced by Dennis Main Wilson


Frankie Howerd
Lee Lawrence
Monarcha Beryl Orde
Julie Andrews
Conducted By:
Stanley Black
Written By:
Ray Galton
Written By:
Alan Simpson
Produced By:
Dennis Main Wilson

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