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A programme for children under five
Nursery rhymes. stories, and music
There are some stories among those we have broadcast that never seem to fade from the children's memory. One it that by Diana Ross aliout the five little boys. Like all good tales, it se imaginative processes to work and makes the children think. In such stories every detail lives for them, and any supposed error is promptly noted and anxiously queried. For example, ' he is completely mystified,' wrote a mother, ' as to how the one, two, three, four, five little boys managed to give the one, two. three, four, five little kittens a saucer of milk each when they only purchased five little cups, five little plates, and a knife, spoon, and fork each.' Since then, saucers have appeared in the story! Julia Lang will repeat this tale today, and she will also tell the one for tomorrow—Mollie Craven 's ' David and the Little Green Engine.' For the rest of the week the storyteller will be Daphne Oxenford , with three stories by Ursula Hourihane about the Bundle family. Catherine Edwards will introduce them all.Elizabeth-A. Taylor


Diana Ross
Julia Lang
Mollie Craven
Daphne Oxenford
Stories By:
Ursula Hourihane
Catherine Edwards
Elizabeth-A. Taylor

A daily programme for women at home
Introduced by Margaret Hubble and including
' Family Holiday': Sam Heppner describes the permanent solution that he and his wife have reached to this annually recurring problem
' My Kind of Book': Lyn Daniels and Olive Shapley discuss the novels of Elizabeth Taylor
' How to Shop': Ruth Drew asks Gerald Lenton to give his expert advice on buying linoleum and matting.
' Window on the World.' ' Hurricanes hardly ever happen ...' quotes Dr. Emily Frazer , who comes from Bermuda; and she describes what It is like when they do
Serial: ' Excellent Women ' by Barbara Pym. Abridged by the author. Read by Nan Munro
For the Woman Listener and Crossword facing inside back cover


Introduced By:
Margaret Hubble
Sam Heppner
Lyn Daniels
Olive Shapley
Elizabeth Taylor
Ruth Drew
Gerald Lenton
Dr. Emily Frazer
Barbara Pym.
Read By:
Nan Munro

Mrs. Dale, the doctor's wife, records the daily happenings in the life of her family
Script by Joan Carr-Jones
Last week Gwen mysteriously told Mrs. Dale she had a secret to tell her but that it would keep. Sally fell down the stairs at her flat and sprained an ankle. Mrs. Dale, while out shopping for Sally, met David, who assumed that Gwen had already told her mother the secret-that she was going to have a baby. Gwen arrived that evening and told the family, and they agreed not to tell Mr. Fulton as G.ven wanted to work for him as long as possible. Grandfather Dale , having finished his jig-saw puzzle and given Gwen a coral ra-ttte, returned to Scotland. Mrs. Dale went to tea with Mrs. Vernon and Paul (now living jn Mrs. Momtford's flat). Mrs. Dale afterwards told Dr. Dale she had taken an even greater dislike to Mrs. Vernon. Bob, working at Berridges at Parkwood Hill for a few days, told Mrs. Freeman about a fashion competition they were going to hold and Mrs. Freeman decided to enter for it. Because Jenny was so ill, Bob arranged for a stand-in to take Jenny's part in a play she was rehearsing, and left Sally to break the news to her
Principal characters this week:


Script By:
Joan Carr-Jones
Grandfather Dale
Mrs Dale ,:
Ellis Powell
Dr Dale:
Douglas Burbidge
Bob Pale:
Leslie Heritage
Gwen Owen:
Beryl Calder
David Owen:
Frank Partington
Sally Lane:
Alvys Maben
Mrs Freeman:
Dorothy Lane
Mrs Morgan:
Grace Allardyce
Jenny Owen:
Patricia Field
Miss Pink:
Viola Merritt
Paul Vernon:
Cavan Malone
Violet Loxley
Susan Harrison:
Joy Hodgkinson
Richard Fulton:
Norman Chidgey
Maud French:
Gwen Day Burroughs
Mrs McMortan:
Dorothy Smith

A play for radio by Jon Manchip White
Pianist. Arthur Dulay
Produced by David H. Godfrey


Jon Manchip
Produced By:
David H. Godfrey
Arno Kleist:
Denis McCarthy
Luigi Dallapiccola:
Wensley Pithey
Pat Wellington:
Thelma Hughes
Peter Wellington:
Anthony Jacoba
Johnny Jackson:
Eric Anderson
Guido Bellario:
Stanley Groome
Margot Heath
Radio commentator:
Preston Lockwood

Script by Alan Stranks
1—' The Case of the Clean Sweep '
Produced by Vernon Harris


Script By:
Alan Stranks
Produced By:
Vernon Harris
P C 49:
Brian Reece
Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson:
Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sergeant Wright:
Eric Phillips
Albert Smirch:
Sydney Tafler
Geoffrey Lewis
Flitter Finnegan:
Harry Hutchinson
Charlie Snow:
Sidney Vivian
Lily Snow:
Diana King

A series of six weekly magazine programmes with material drawn from all parts of the Commonwealth, compiled and edited by Michael Barsley
Contents of the final issue include:
Success Story
Introduced by Daphne Padell
George Movshon , South African radio reporter, talks to his wife and mother in Johannesburg before flying in the B.O.A.C. ' Comet.' (Story on page 9)
That Takes Me Back
Men and women who served overseas in the war hear from their favourite places
Music composed and conducted by Marr Mackie , and played by Billy Miller and the Shoestrings


Edited By:
Michael Barsley
Introduced By:
Daphne Padell
Introduced By:
George Movshon
Conducted By:
Marr MacKie
Played By:
Billy Miller

Charlie Chester and Tony Hancock introduce a programme for Forces everywhere
The Forces try to stump Leslie Welch, the Memory Man
Mr. Music Master Nat Temple
Your Request Favourite Terry-Thomas, the star you asked to hear
Carole Carr sings songs of the Servicemen's choice
The Mitchellaires
The Dance Orchestra
Conducted by Stanley Black


Charlie Chester
Tony Hancock
Memory act:
Leslie Welch
Nat Temple
null Terry-Thomas
Carole Carr
The Mitchellaires
The Dance Orchestra
Stanley Black
Bob Monkhouse
Denis Goodwin
Jacques Brown
John Hooper

Light Programme

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