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A programme for children under five
Nursery rhymes, stories, and music
'He likes,' writes a mother, ' the story of the boy who turned the kitchen table upside down to make a ship. When that story was finished, he said to me, " You never let me do that." So I compromised and found a small table he could have in the garden, and now he plays for hours with his sister on the ship. " Heave-hol I he calls, " Wi-i-sh-sh! " He has made a sail. too.' Which of us cannot at least dimly recall the excitement and satisfaction of such play, when, our young minds caught by something we had seen or heard, we acted our new experiences? It helped us to both worldly understanding and imaginative delight. And, certainly, those children who play like this, after hearing tomorrow this story of ' The Ship,' by Joan E. Cass , will be ready for adventure on Friday with the island-seeking hero of Diana Ross ' 'There was Once a Boy.' Today's story, ' The Baby Deer,' by Margaret Gore , has-like the two already mentioned-been broadcast before, while on Wednesday and Thursday come two new ones, 'The Lion and the Three Little Monkeys,' by C. H. Hobday , and ' Market Day,' by Joan E. Davies.
Elizabeth A. Taylor


Joan E. Cass
Diana Ross
Margaret Gore
C. H. Hobday
Joan E. Davies.
Elizabeth A. Taylor

A. daily programme for women at home
Introduced by Mary Ferguson and including
'A Tale of Two Sisters': Nontando and Alexandra Jabavu tell their story to Joan Yorke
' What Job for Your Daughter? ' Irene Hilton, Secretary of the Women's Employment Federation, talks about working in an office
' Reading Your Letters': the first in a new series of programmes based on letters sent to ' Woman's Hour ' by listeners in all parts of the country
'I I am a Secretary': Bessie High, who has worked in an office for many years, describes what she does and gives her personal views on the advantages and disadvantages of a career as a secretary
Serial: ' Thank Heaven Fasting,' by E. M. Delafield. Abridged by Audrey Jones. Read by Olive Gregg


Introduced By:
Mary Ferguson
E. M. Delafield.
Abridged By:
Audrey Jones.
Read By:
Olive Gregg

Mrs. Dale, the doctor's wife, records the daily happenings in the life of her family
Script by Joan Carr-Jones
To be repeated tomorrow at 11.0 a.m.
Last week Miriam, Miss Pink, and Bob spent a pleasant week-end in Cornwall and Miriam leased a cottage. When Bob was ready to drive back to town, Miss Pink gave him a letter to give to Maud, because she said Miriam had asked her to stay as her companion. When Maud read the letter she said on no account would she ever have Miss Pink back. However she got so muddled with her engagements that she pleaded with Bob and Alec to go to Cornwall with her to try and persuade Miss Pink to be her secretary again. Sally, worried because Michael was caking Jenny out too much, told Gwen. Jenny told Bob she was expecting to become engaged to Michael. Mrs. Morgan strained her back, and Dr. Dale told her she must rest and had to reassure her that Mrs. Skeats would not take her place while she was away
Principal characters this week:


Joan Carr-Jones
Mrs Dale:
Ellis Powell
Dr Dale:
Douglas Bunbidge
Gwen Dale:
Beryl Calder
Bob Dale:
Leslie Heritage
Mrs Freeman:
Dorothy Lane
Sally Lane:
Thelma Hughes
Mrs Morgan:
Grace Allardyce
Maud French:
Gwen Day Burroughs
Alec Dale:
Stuart Nichol
Miriam Dale:
Gwen Dante
Miss Pink:
Viola Merritt
Hotel receptionist:
David Keen
Gerda Thornton:
Pat Jamblin
Jenny Owen:
Julia Braddock
Michael Fanshawe:
John Witty
Mrs Wilson:
Ivy Carlton
Isabel Fielding:
Olgar Dickie
Grandfather Dale:
Jack Shaw
David Owen:
Frank Partington
Shop assistant:
Tita Dane
Furniture remover:
Joe Sterne
Furniture remover:
Edwin Ellis

Adapted by Rex Rienits from the novel by W.H. Lane Crauford
[Starring] Sydney Tafler and Moira Lister


W.H. Lane Crauford
Adapted by:
Rex Rienits
Charles Lefeaux
Sergeant Thornley:
Patrick Troughton
Inspector Kneller:
Stephen Jack
Dorothy Smith
George Marsh/Samuel Marsh:
Sydney Tafler
Poppy Marsh:
Moira Lister
Pamela Henry-May
Martin Lewis
Sarah Leigh

Written by Edward J. Mason and Geoffrey Webb.
A story of country folk.


Edward J. Mason
Geoffrey Webb
Godfrey Baseley
Tony Shryane
Daniel Archer:
Harry Oakes
Doris Archer:
Gwen Berryman
Philip Archer:
Norman Painting
Christine Archer:
Pamela Mant
Jack Archer:
Denis Folwell
Peggy Archer, his wife:
June Spencer
Mr Fairbrother:
Leslie Bowmar
Grace Fairbrother:
Monica Grey
Walter Gabriel:
Robert Mawdesley
Eddie Robinson
Bill Slater:
John Franklyn
Mrs Perkins:
Pauline Seville

John Ellison and Robert MacDermot are the question-masters in this inter-country contest between representative teams from girls' and boys' schools in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
County School, Tottenham (Girls) v. County Grammar School for Boys, Beckenham
Produced by Joan CLark


John Ellison
Robert MacDermot
Produced By:
Joan Clark

The love story of Mary Queen of Scots by Margaret Irwin
Dramatised as a play for radio in four parts by Spike Hughes
[Starring] Valerie Hobson and James McKechnie
with John Laurie
Incidental music composed by Frank Cordell
The Orchestra (Leader, Percy Coates)
Conducted by Frank Cordell
Production by Douglas Moodie
'Remember Scotland. If you come to it, Scotland will always remember you. You will be such a queen as they would make songs and stories of until the end of time.' With these words James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, tried to comfort the eighteen-year-old Queen of France and Scotland. In her historical novel 'The Gay Galliard' Margaret Irwin vividly relates the love story of Mary Queen of Scots and the Earl of Bothwell from his first sight of her 'walking down a street in Paris, swift and shining in the sunlight as though made of Venetian glass,' until their final parting on the battlefield of Canberry Hill. it is a story from a spacious age and, with Margaret Irwin's brilliant characterisation, men and women from history once more walk in the sunlight, live in the shadow of sudden death, and love by the light of the moon.


Margaret Irwin
Dramatised by:
Spike Hughes
Incidental music composed by:
Frank Cordell
Percy Coates
Frank Cordell
Douglas Moodie
Mary Stuart, Queen of France and Scotland:
Valerie Hobson
James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell:
James McKechnie
John Knox:
John Laurie
Duchesse d'Orleans (the Queen's grandmother):
Joan Young
The Queen's brothers - Lord James Stuart:
Derek Birch
The Queen's brothers - Lord John Stuart:
Ross Wilson
Jan (Lord Bothwell's sister):
Jacqueline MacKenzie
Hubert of Paris:
Michael Allen
Lord Arran:
Richard Waring
Maitland of Lethington:
Peter Creswell

A light-hearted blend of comedy and music including
Harry Noble and Frances King
Doreen Harris
' Eager Beavers'
Improbable adventures featuring
Rhapsody at Random
You call the tunes and composers' styles
Peggy Cochrane gives her impromptu interpretations
Wedding Anniversary
Derek Roy interviews married couples who choose their favourite song
The Sam Browne Singers
Stanley Black and the Augmented Dance Orchestra
Script by Ralph Peterson
Rona Ricardo , Leslie Latchford and John Vyvyan
Produced by Roy Speer


Harry Noble
Frances King
Doreen Harris
Peggy Cochrane
Derek Roy
Sam Browne
Stanley Black
Script By:
Ralph Peterson
Script By:
Rona Ricardo
Script By:
Leslie Latchford
Script By:
John Vyvyan
Produced By:
Roy Speer
Peter Butterworth
Graham Stark
Mr Ponsonby:
Tony Hancock

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