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Ends 7.00.

The little rodent is feeling rather bored. (R) (S)

6.10 Fireman Sam
Norman plays one trick too many. (R) (S)

6.20 Fimbles
Florrie comes across a round mat. (R) (S)

6.40 Tweenies
Jake tickles the others with a special feather. (R) (S)

on BBC Two England

Ends 8.30.

Paul and Barry deliver a new fireplace.
Today and Friday's episodes written by John Sayle
(R) (S)

7.20 Rotten Ralph
The cheeky cat wants a new action toy.
(R) (S)

7.30 I Love Mummy
Are James and Stephy planning to throw a Mummy's Day party?

8.00 Newsround

8.05 Blue Peter
The Quest continues
(Shown last Friday on BBC1) (S)


Writer (ChuckleVision):
John Sayle

Ends 10.25.

The Story Makers
Why has Byron got a key in his back? (R) (S)

8.50 Doctor Otter
A jumble sale is held to raise funds for a new school bell. (R) (S)

9.00 Tweenies
The gang travel on fantasy rocket. (R) (S)

9 20 Wide Eye
Little Hoot and Flea go snapdragon hunting. (S)

9.30 Fimbles
Fimbo finds a piece of chalk. (R) (S)

9 50 Teletubbies
Po finds a flag and Ned' works on his bicycle. (R) (S)

Followed by CBeebies Birthdays

10 20 Andy Pandy
Teddy tries to make a pair of sunglasses. (S)

Repeats are not indicated.
10 50 English Express (ages 9-11) Texts - Techno Tales (S)
11.10 Megamaths (ages 7-9) Money - Up to 20p (s) 9056657 11.30
Let's Write a Story (ages 9-11) Writing Academy - Yrs 5 and 6: Myths (S) 7821300 11.50 Social Inclusion Dramas (ages 9-11) A Fish out of Water (S) 3795584 12.10 See
You, See Me (ages 7-9) Cycle into Europe -In the Town (S)

Regional Variations (2)

Primary Focus Geography - Go with the flow

BBC Two Northern Ireland (Analogue)
BBC Two Northern Ireland

Intermediate/Higher History

Mary Queen of Scots

Duration: 40 minutes

on BBC Two Wales (Analogue)

Secondary schools programme on the subject of history looking at Mary Queen of Scots and the Scottish Reformation. Show more

Comedy starring Robert Morley and Felix Aylmer as two 18th-century army officers who accidentally kill themselves and are doomed to haunt a mansion until it is visited by reigning royalty.
Review page 54.
(1947) (BW) (S)


Vernon Sewell
Robert Morley
Felix Aylmer

Leuctra. An all-female netball team take virtual command of the Thebes army in a face-off with the mighty Spartans in a re-creation of the battle to claim ancient Greece in 371BC.
Series producer Ludo Graham : Executive producers Adam Macdonald and Cassian Harrison (S)


Ludo Graham
Adam MacDonald
Cassian Harrison

Regional Variations (2)

The Good Life

Series 1

Episode 6: The Pagan Rite

Duration: 30 minutes

on BBC Two Northern Ireland (Analogue)

Seventies sitcom about a couple who decide to become self-sufficient. As Tom and Barbara's savings dwindle, Tom sets about earning some extra money. Show more


Barbara Good:
Felicity Kendal
Margo Leadbetter:
Penelope Keith
Jerry Leadbetter:
Paul Eddington
Sir Andrew :
Reginald Marsh
Moyra Fraser
Bob Larbey

New series A five-part documentary following performers at Lincoln's Theatre Royal. Tonight 23-year-old marketing assistant Jamie Hancock is given a chance to prove himself a worthy stage actor, but, as Hancock admits, his forte is getting things wrong. Episode two follows on BBC4.
Series producer Philippa Robinson : Executive producer Nick Mirsky (S)


Jamie Hancock
Philippa Robinson
Nick Mirsky

Bristol University take on Durham University for a place in the second round. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions.
Director Vernon Antclif Producer Peter Gwyn (S)


Jeremy Paxman
Vernon Antclif
Peter Gwyn

Ends 10.30.

Room 101
The Spectator editor and Conservative MP for Henley Boris Johnson states his case for ridding the world of Daily Mail columnist Lynda Lee Potter, bans on smoking, and hard-boiled eggs in the second of an eight-part series.
Director Geraldine Dowd: Producer Victoria Payne (S)

9.30 Absolute Power
The satirical comedy that became a hit on Radio 4 begins a six-part run on terrestrial TV, starring Stephen Fry and John Bird as the wily political spin doctors who have now branched out into celebrity PR. History Man. When a famous TV presenter is caught lying, the devious duo try to get him off the hook. With Anneka Rice.
Written by Guy Andrews and Scott Cherry
Director John Morton: Producer Paul Schlesinger

10.00 Early Doors
In the last of the six-part pub comedy's repeat run, there's a day out to the races at York.
Written by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey; Director Adrian Shergold
Producers Lucy Ansbro and John Rushton
(R) (S)

Comedy Drama: Absolute Power 9.30pm BBC2
Absolute Power continues the tradition of successful Radio 4 comedies, such as The League of Gentlemen, Goodness Gracious Me and Little Britain, transferring to television. Those all crossed over well, but only time will tell if Absolute Power, about a company of PR spin doctors, will make the grade.
Frankly, the omens aren't good. The transfer from radio seems to have done little more than give the writers licence to make liberal use of the f-word. The humour is very broad, even smutty, though a lovely performance by that epitome of urbanity, Stephen Fry, just about saves the day.
There is surely a satire to be written about media manipulation, but with whiskery gags about Big Brother (does anyone care any more?), Absolute Power probably isn't it. (AG)


Boris Johnson
Lynda Lee Potter
Geraldine Dowd
Victoria Payne
Stephen Fry
John Bird
Anneka Rice
Written By:
Guy Andrews
John Morton
Paul Schlesinger
Written By:
Craig Cash
Written By:
Phil Mealey
Adrian Shergold
Lucy Ansbro
John Rushton
Stephen Fry
John Bird
James Lance
Zoe Telford
Nicholas Burns
Sally Bretton
Nigel Harting:
Stephen Boxer
Anneka Rice:
null Herself
Marcus Payne:
Andrew Whipp
Sharon Horgan
Craig Cash
John Henshaw
Rita May
Joan Kempson
Mark Benton
Lorraine Cheshire

Pioneers of a new form of coastal defence - whereby sea walls are demolished - discuss why they believe their radical approach will prevent a repeat of the 1953 east coast flood disaster.
Director Jonathan Clay : Executive producer Jeremy Bristow (R) (S)


Jonathan Clay
Jeremy Bristow

Repeats are not indicated.
Open University 12.30 The Trouble with Love - Pandora's Box (S)
1.00 Ever Wondered? (S) 87275 1.30 Trend Trackers (S) Secondary Schools 2.00 Languages - Quinze Minutes Plus: beginners' magazine featuring young Francophones. (S)
Languages 4.00 The French Experience: Rencontres (parti) WwWng In the Community 5.00 Communkating to Raise Funds (S)

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