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Animated antics with the eight-legged character. (R)

7.05 Polka Dot Shorts
Adventures in the polka-dot land of Roo. (R)

7.15 The All-New Popeye Show
Three more misadventures with the spinach-guzzling sailor. (R)

7.35 Rugrats
Animated double bill with the loveable youngsters. (R) (S)

8.00 Blue Peter
Liz Barker gets a crash course in snowboarding from the sport's junior champions. Shown yesterday at 5pm on BBC1 (S) (W)

8.25 Monster Rancher
Genki dreams about his life before entering Monster World. (S)

8.50 Romuald the Reindeer
Animation. Romuald makes an interesting discovery about his father.
Repeated at 1pm (R)


Presenter (Blue Peter):
Liz Barker

Repeats are not indicated.
9.00 Cats. Eyes (ages 5-7) Living: Night Life (S) 3451284 9.15 Cats' Eyes (ages 5-7) Living: Being
Healthy (S) 2339352 9.30 Words and Pictures (ages 5-7) The Honey Hunters (S) 8343975 9.45 Dynamo (early years) Science: Animals (S)

10.50 ZigZag Shorts (ages 7-9) France: The Alps - Dairy Farming

11.00 Words and Pictures (ages 5-7) Phonics Special: "Ai"

11.15 Numbertime (ages 4-6) Time: Sequencing Events (S)

11.30 English Express (ages 9-11) Language Knowledge: The Gruesome, the Sad. and the Cuddly (S)

11.50 Science Zone (ages 9-11) Plants and Animals: Project Barn Owl

12.10 Focus (ages 9-11) Citizenship: Getting On with It (Active Citizenship)

Comedy starring
Norman Wisdom. During the twenties, two men returning to England j on a transatlantic liner fall in love with two fellow passengers.
Director Henry Kaplan (1962, U)
(BW) (S) Films: pp 56-59 **


Norman Wisdom.
Henry Kaplan
Norman Wisdom
Billie Bennett:
Millicent Martin
Eustace Hignett:
Richard Briers
Sheila Hancock
Bernard Cribbins
Mrs Hignett:
Athene Seyler

Max to the Max. Nasedo disguises himself as Max and kidnaps Liz, and Isabel thinks she might be pregnant. Tess's book suggests she and Max are destined to be together.


Max Evans:
Jason Behr
Michael Guerin:
Brendan Fehr
Liz Parker:
Shiri Appleby
Katherine Heigl
Majandra Delfino
Colin Hanks
Nick Wechsler
Tess Emilie:
De Ravin

This Year's Girl. Having awoken from an eight-month coma, Faith seeks to wreak revenge on Buffy, while Riley joins the Vampire Slayer in the hunt for Adam.
Repeated tomorrow at 11.20pm (S) (W)


Buffy Summers Sarah:
Michelle Gellar
Rupert Giles Anthony:
Stewart Head
Xander Harris:
Nicholas Brendon
Willow Rosenberg:
Alyson Hannigan
James Marsters
Marc Blucas
Joyce Summers:
Kristine Sutherland
Elizabeth Dushku

Trash City. In just over a week Londoners produce enough domestic rubbish to fill Wembley stadium, and there are fewer and fewer places where it can be dumped. The local-affairs documentary series investigates a problem which is beginning to spiral out of control and looks for a solution. Producer Sheela Banerjee ; Editor Dippy Chaudhary (S) 4 WEBSITE:


Sheela Banerjee

The survival game show this week relocates a trio of bank managers and three students to the Tunisian Sahara. Nerve endings become frayed within the two camps as they face challenges that include eating eyeballs, syphoning sap from a palm tree and looking after a donkey. Presenters Ed Hall and survival expert Hugh McManners choose the winners, who win a ride on a camel to a five-star hotel.
Series producer Joanne Ball (S) (W)


Tunisian Sahara.
Ed Hall
Hugh McManners
Joanne Ball

Saturn. Saturn not only boasts a complex system of rings, but a little moon, Titan, which is the most Earth-like body in the solar system - an unexplored surface whose secrets will be revealed by the Cassini mission in 2004. Producer Becky Jones : Executive producer Alan Bookbinder (S) (W)


Becky Jones
Alan Bookbinder

Actress Sheila Hancock and aspirant Conservative leader Robert Reed , 17, join the regulars for the satirical quiz.
Director Paul Wheeler ; Producer Giles Pilbrow (R) (S) (W)


Sheila Hancock
Robert Reed
Paul Wheeler
Giles Pilbrow

Snowdrop. The head race-relations officer gives the team some handy tips on conducting themselves in public.
For cast see yesterday (R) (S) (W)
Followed by Turning Points Steven Berkoff recalls the moment he chose to become an actor.


Steven Berkoff

Repeats are not indicated.
Open Science 12.30 Final Frontier 66531 1.00 Life on a Thread 69821 1.30 Background Brief Chances Are ...
1.45 What Have the Eighties Ever Done for Us? 1626463 2.00 Sex and the Single Gene? (S) 31579 2.30 The Art of Breathing (S) 43314 3.00 Galapagos: Research in the Field (S)
Curriculum Development 3.30 CDBT: Meeting Targets in the Secondary School
Languages 4.00 Get By in Italian
Working in Engineering 5.00 The Future
Open University 6.00 Reindeer in the Arctic 23314 6.30 Health and Disease Why Me? Why Now? (S) Ends 7.00am.

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