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Mr Benn
Mr Benn sails with a skull and crossbones. (R)

7.15 Playdays
Peggy and her friends play on the streets. (R)

7.35 The Busy World of Richard Scarry
Triple bill of animated fun. (R) 2280

8.00 Dastardly and Muttley
Animated airborne antics. (R)

8.20 Blue Peter
Children's magazine.
Shown yesterday at 5.10pm on BBC1
(S) (W)

8.50 Goosebumps
Live-action drama.
Jeff Carter's father sends a mummy's tomb back home. (R) (S)

9.10 UKool
Nigel Clarke shows how to make ethnic jewellery, plus a look at festivals in Devon. (R) (S)

9.35 Little Bear
Adventures with the curious bear cub. (R)

10.00 Teletubbies
Numbers: 5. A voice trumpet brings a message for
Tinky Winky. (R) (S) [Web Address Removed]

10.30 Tweenies
Cut Finger. Judy shows how best to dress a wound.
Shown last Thursday BBC1 (S) (W)

Disney comedy. An alien cat with special powers crash-lands on Earth and attracts the attention of the army and a gang of crooks. Racing against time, the animal calls on a scientist to repair its damaged spaceship.
Director Norman Tokar (1978, U)
(S) Films: pp 60-68 ***


Norman Tokar
Dr Frank Wilson:
Ken Berry
Dr Liz Bartlett:
Sandy Duncan
General Stilton:
Harry Morgan
Roddy McDowall

Lovers Walk. Willow tries to find a spell to quell her passion for Xander. The series moves next week to Wednesday.
Repeated tomorrow at 11.20pm (S)


Buffy Sarah:
Michelle Gellar
Giles Anthony:
Stewart Head
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
Charisma Carpenter
James Marsters

Tonight's look at aviation issues features a flight in the Fairey Swordfish - the most successful bi-plane of the First World War - plus a trip on the final journey of a classic 747 before retirement and a report on the pilots who fly single-engine light aircraft across the Atlantic.
Series producer Basil Akpabio ; Executive producer Peter Hytton Cleaver (R) (S) 72


Basil Akpabio
Peter Hytton Cleaver

Kevin McCloud tackles the Jodrell Bank radio telescope as the designer and architectural journalist continues to scale some of Britain's highest structures. The ascent in Cheshire includes his worst moment so far - a perilous trip across a 1ft girder above a 200ft drop - before he climbs into the famous dish on top of the structure.
Director Chloe Thomas ; Series producer Orla Doherty (S) (W)


Kevin McCloud
Chloe Thomas
Orla Doherty

Jeremy Clarkson presents personal views of the best stories from recent car history in this six-part series.
The Rise and Fall of the Supercar. Clarkson, owner of a Ferrari 355, defines what qualities make up a supercar, identifies the best and worst examples of the genre and calls the supercar's future into question. See Choice.
Director Ewan Keil ; Series producer Richard Pearson (S) (W) John Peel: page 15


Jeremy Clarkson
Ewan Keil
Richard Pearson

Six-part series following applicants as they go through the nerve-racking process of applying for their dream job.
Three candidates vie for one job as trainee chef at a new restaurant in Fulham, south-west London, run by Michelin star chef Charlie Rushton. Narrated by Nick Moran. Contains some strong language. See Choice.
Producer Southan Morris : Executive producer David Young (S) (W)


Charlie Rushton.
Nick Moran.
Southan Morris
David Young

Around 20,000 people in the UK are both deaf and blind. This third Under the Sun film provides an insight into the lives of four such characters, including Adam Wood , a 12-year-old boy who has been deaf and blind since birth, and Graham Hicks , a man who lost his sight and hearing as a child, but has refused to let it restrict his activities. See Choice.
Director Mischa Scorer; Series editor David Pearson (S) (W)


Adam Wood
Graham Hicks
David Pearson

Bloody Tourists. This irreverent look at Europeans on holiday reveals that the EU tourist trade provides work for 5,000 donkeys, that most bar owners in Greece are called Zorba, and that Sweden manages to sell 100 kilos of moose-dung souvenirs every year. (sj The series concludes tomorrow at 12.05am

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Open Science 12.30 Final Frontier 81598 1.00 Maiden Flights 22918 1.30 Background Brief 2493289 1.45 What Have the Eighties Ever Done for Us? 9987753 2.00 Apples, Risks and Recriminations (S) 14260 3.00 Our Invisible Sun (S)
Curriculum Development 3.30 Computers Don't Bite Teachers Meeting Targets in the Secondary School
Languages 4.00 Talk Spanish (parts 3-6) Working In Retail 5.00 Computer Skills
Open University 6.00 Environmental Solutions?
6.30 Large Scale Production Ends 7.00am.

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