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The gang learn The Grand Old Duke of York. (R)

7.20 Tom and Jerry Kids
Cartoon cat-and-mouse capers. (R)

7.45 The Really Wild Show
With sign language. The team visit Finland. Shown yesterday at 4.35pm on BBC1

8.10 Dink, the Little Dinosaur
Prehistoric cartoon fun. (R)

8.35 Jim Henson's Animal Show
Today's puppet guests are a gila monster and a desert rat. (R)

Repeats are not indicated.
9.00 Cats' Eyes (ages 5-7)
Electricity and Magnetism: Electricity Past and Present (S) 5233772 9.15 Cats' Eyes (ages 5-7) Electricity and Magnetism: Magnets (S)
9.30 Words and Pictures (ages 5-7) The Tusk Fairy (S) 9735178 9.45
Watch (ages 5-7) Music (S)

Regional Variations (2)



Episode 6: O'Clock

Duration: 15 minutes

on BBC Two Northern Ireland (Analogue)

Exploring the concept of time, this edition explains what 'o'clock' means. Plus, Little Juan prepares for the football match, Scrap eagerly awaits the post and Bernie tricks Bill.

Ends 2.10.
The House Detectives Juliet Morris and the team visit Ironbridge in Shropshire. (R) (S)
1.40 Hart-Davis on History Adam Hart-Davis tells the story of William Wilberforce , who began the movement that led to the abolition of slavery. (R) H


Adam Hart-Davis
William Wilberforce
on BBC Two England

Steve Wright plunders the pop-music archives for classic performances from the Osmonds, Gloria Gaynor , Kiki Dee , the Eagles, Nik Kershaw and Kraftwerk.
Producer Mark Hagen Repeated next Saturday (S) Top of the Pops is on Friday at 7.30pm on BBC1


Steve Wright
Gloria Gaynor
Kiki Dee
Nik Kershaw
Mark Hagen

Wrongs Darker than Death or Night. Kira is outraged to be told by Gul Dukat that her mother had been his mistress. The Bajoran begs the prophets to let her travel back in time to find out the truth. (S) Star Trek: the Next Generation is tomorrow at 6pm


Told By:
Gul Dukat

Running on Empty- the Secret to Sleep. As the trend towards a 24-hour society grows, many people function day to day in a sleep-deprived state, and scientists are convinced the problem is contributing to more cases of heart disease, premature ageing and danger on the roads. Dr Phil Hammond discovers the physical and psychological effects of a lack of sleep, explores the problems of insomnia and locates alternatives to traditionally prescribed sleeping pills.
Director Lucy Dudman ; Series producer Adelene Alani (S) 3 Dr Mark Porter on insomnia: page 41


Dr Phil Hammond
Lucy Dudman
Adelene Alani
Dr Mark Porter

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen of Changing Rooms and Diarmuid Gavin of Home Front in the Garden join forces to give a five-part insight into the relationship between designers and their clients. This week, they employ a raised floor covered in black leather, veneer storage sections, and a circular wooden children's area to transform the home of single mother-of-three Meriene, involving her at every stage of creating the minimalist look she desires.
See Choice.
(S) (W)

[Photo caption] How does your garden, Po? Inspired by the Teletubbies, this family garden was designed by Diarmuid Gavin for Home Front: Inside Out

Lifestyle: Home Front: Inside Out 8.00pm BBC2
Yet another permutation of the makeover show, this time featuring Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and garden designer Diarmuid Gavin. The former redesigns one room in a private house, while Gavin creates a beautiful garden to go with it. It is meant to give viewers a flavour of the relationship between designer and client, but it is the bickering, almost laddish relationship between Gavin and Llewelyn-Bowen that dominates, something you'll either love or hate. "Every other show I've done has been restricted by its format," says Llewelyn-Bowen. "This is design with the gloves off." (JR)


Presenter/Interior designer:
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
Presenter/Garden designer:
Diarmuid Gavin
Randall Wright
Series Producer:
Rachel Innes-Lumsden

Many Britons travel to Amsterdam with the intention of enjoying a few days of hedonistic indulgence, but some visitors never leave. This Modem Times documentary portrays Dawn Smith , a wife and mother from Yorkshire who moved to the city 18 years ago to escape an unhappy marriage. Once there she got involved in drugs, and now she worries that her son will do the same.
Directors Alastair Cook and Robert Davis
Series editor Alex Holmes (R) (S)


Dawn Smith
Alastair Cook
Robert Davis
Alex Holmes

Regional Variations (2)

The Fast Show

Series 3

Episode 8

Duration: 30 minutes

on BBC Two Northern Ireland (Analogue)

The Off Roaders go white-water rafting and Rowley Birkin presents a slide show, while Channel 9 present their version of the children's fairytale classic, 'The Singing, Ringing Tree'. Show more

Regional Variations (2)


Episode 2: Not Now Darling

Duration: 30 minutes

on BBC Two Northern Ireland (Analogue)

A comedy sketch show featuring a roster of bizarre characters. Starring Olivia Colman, Charlotte Hudson, Martin Freeman, Matt Holness, Robert Webb and David Mitchell.

Repeats are not indicated.
Open University 12.30 Housing: Business as Usual (S)
1.00 From a Different Shore: an American Identity (S)
Secondary Schools 2.00 Science - the ageing process. Languages 4.00 Deutsch Plus (parts 13-16) (S) Working in Education 5.00 Business and International Partnerships - tips for head teachers.
Open University 6.00 The Enlightenment: Reason and Progress 79668 6.30 Forecasting the Economy Ends 7.00am. (S)

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