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9.00 Seeingthrough Science (ages
11-14) The Problem with Pests
55870729.25 English Express (ages
9-11) Language Skills - How Can You Write Better Writing?
9.45 Words and Pictures (ages 5-7) The Golden Goose

10.25 Numbertime (ages 4-5) Number Four Stereo 2054072 10.45 Cats' Eyes
(ages 5-7) Plants and Animals - Animal Care Stereo 1450411 11.00 Around
Scotland (ages 10-12) Children of Coal and Iron - Intolerance and Religion. The story of a mining family in the 1830s. Stereo 5506324 11.20 Music Makers
(ages 7-9+) Animate and the Environment - MovingAlong Stereo 3848898 11.40 Movingto English (ages 8+) Queen
Alexandra and Historical Evidence
Subtitled 3450614 12.00 TV6 (ages 15-19) African Portraits - Richard Kablito , Uganda


Richard Kablito

1.00 The Geography Programme (ages 11-16) USA 2000 - Safe Havens? Stereo 81035072
1.20 Zig Zag(ages 8-10) Geography UK - Living in Northern Ireland Stereo 81022508 1.40 German Globo (ages 11-12) Animated series for German beginners. 91718492
1.45 Come Outside (ages 4-5) Buses

Live coverage of the Conservative Party
Conference from Blackpool. Presented by Nick Ross with Jon Sopel and Anne Perkins. Every day, viewers have the chance to put questionsto politicians through
Conference On-Une. Stereo .....
Including at 3.00 and 3.55 News Regional News; Weather


Presented By:
Nick Ross
Jon Sopel
Anne Perkins.

Calabria. Keith Floyd takes a steam train into the mountains of Calabria where he cooks a knuckle of pork in a goulash of beans, carrots and mountain ham, plus roast pig and a rich minestrone soup. Producer Michael Treen
Executive producer Robert Page


Michael Treen

The crew are caught in a complex intrigue when Troi wakes to discover that she has been transformed into a Romulan officer on a warbird, and must impersonate the officer to survive. Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, a traitor tells Captain Picard that he must change course.


Captain Jean-Luc Picard:
Patrick Stewart
Commander William Riker:
Jonathan Frakes
Lt Commander Data:
Brent Spiner
Dr Beverly Crusher:
Gates McFadden
Lt Commander Geordi LaForge:
LeVar Burton
Counsellor Deanna Troi:
Marina Sirtis
Lt Worf:
Michael Dorn
Scott McDonald
Carolyn Seymour
Barry Lynch
Alien captain:
Dennis Cockrun

Skimmingthe peaks of some of Europe's highest mountains, top glider pilot Philippe Tarade conquers the challenge of a 1,000 kilometre flight through the Alps and Dolomites. ProducerTony Rayner


Philippe Tarade

Fifth of a six-part drama.
Ordered to refuel in Spain before attempting to pass through the Straits of Gibraltar, the Captain of German submarine U-96 radios a request for a relief for his exhausted chief engineer. A rendezvous with a supply ship gives him and his officers a brief respite from the war. In German with English subtitles. Captain JURGEN PROCHNOW, Lt Werner HERBERT GRONEMEYER, Chief engineer KLAUS WENNEMANN , First lieutenant HUBERTUS BENGSCH, Second
lieutenant MARTIN SEMMELROGGE , Bridge officer BERND TAUBER , Ullman MARTIN MAY.
Writer/Director Wolfgang Petersen (Rpt)


Lt Wemer Herbert
Klaus Wennemann
Lieutenant Martin Semmelrogge
Bernd Tauber
Ullman Martin
Johann Erwin Leder
Wolfgang Petersen

Romantic drama starring Christopher Reeve, Deborah Raffin

Georgia, during the depression. Elly Dinsmore, recently widowed, lives reclusive life with hertwo sons. But that all changes with the arrival of a gentle ex-convict who, faced by small-town prejudices, is inevitably accused of murder when the sheriff's girlfriend is found dead.
Film Reviews pages 59-64


Steven Hilliard Stern
Will Parker:
Christopher Reeve
Elly Dinsmore:
Deborah Raffin
Bob Collins:
Lloyd Bochner
Miss Beasley:
Nina Foch
Lula Peaks:
Helen Shaver
Sheriff Reese Goodloe:
JT Walsh
Miriam Gaultier:
Susan Astley

Media magazine show. John Sweeney takes part in a training course for war correspondents to discover the pressures of reporting from the battlefield. Plus, in a report from Canada pirate broadcasters reveal the secrets of building TV stations.


John Sweeney
Series Producer:
Andrea Miller
Series Editor:
Michael Poole

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Open University
12.30 The Chemistry of Survival
1.00 SynthesisofaDrug90367 1.30 The Chemistry of Power
2.00 History File The Making of the United Kingdom 1500-175045589
BBC Focus
4.00 Benefits Agency Today
4.15 Television Training Non-Linear Editing 17015 4.45 Disability Today 64703386 5.00 Voluntary Sector
Television 49305 6.00 Pandora's Box
Goodbye Mrs Ant

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