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6.20 Biology: Form and Function: Insects
A look at the successful way that insects manage to thrive in every environment, from deserts to ice caps.

6.45 Database Developments
Relational database management systems are here to stay, but what of the future?

7.10 Ecology: Managing Landscape
The role of ecologists in the management of land spoiled by coal mining or threatened by changes in farming practices.

7.35 Science: The Search for the Wand Z Particles
A look at how, in 1983, scientists in Europe collided matter with anti-matter with such enormous energy that two fundamental particles were created - the "W" and the "Z".

10.25 Storytime: Sunday Boots and Working Boots
(ages 4-5)

10.45 The Experimenter: Plants and Animals - The Alien Tree
(ages 7-9) (Stereo)

11.05 Space Ark: Plants and Animals - Food Chains
(ages 7-11) (Stereo)

11.15 Health e 2: Waste
(ages 9-11)

11.35 Landmarks: Victorian Britain - Home Life
(ages 9-12) (Stereo) (Subtitled)

11.55 Job Bank: Finding a Job
(ages 16+)

12.15 Le Club: Mon Quartier
(ages 9-12)

Further live coverage from the Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Presented by Nick Ross with Jon Sopel and Anne Perkins. Every day viewers will have the chance to put questions to politicians through Conference On-Line by phone, fax or on the internet. Stereo
Phone Line: [number removed] (calls charged at local rate). Fax: [number removed]
E-Mail: [email address removed]

Including at 3.00 and 3.55 News; Regional News; Weather


Nick Ross
Jon Sopel
Anne Perkins

A gastronomic grand tour of Italy.

Keith Floyd has an alfresco breakfast of grilled perch on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, and creates a dish of beef and wild mushrooms in Rubesco wine in a vineyard in Perugia.


Keith Floyd

On Deep Space Nine a disparate and untested crew try to come to terms with their new home and each other. Then Security Chief Odo is suspected of murdering an old adversary.


Commander Benjamin Sisko:
Avery Brooks
Rene Auberjonois
Major Kira Nerys:
Nana Visitor
Chief O'Brien:
Colm Meany
Dr Julian Bashir:
Siddig Elfadil
Jadzia Dax:
Terry Farrell
Armin Shimerman
Jake Sisko:
Cirroc Lofton
Rosalind Chao
Edward Laurance Albert
Max Grodenchik
Bajoran man:
Peter Vogt
Aron Eisenberg
Stephen James Carver

The first in a new "retro" space adventure serial with a script which pays homage to 1950s radio drama. Superhero Rocky Star and his friends search the heavens for sinister alien Zog, who is terrorising the world.


Rocky Star:
Christopher Morsely
Diana Moore:
Kerry Fox
Mitch Morgan:
Stephen Fearnley
Robin Gold
Russell Garbutt

People reveal their favourite movie moments in the series celebrating this year's centenary of cinema.

Producer Gale Ann Hurd chooses a dramatic sequence from James Cameron's The Abyss.


Gale Ann Hurd
Nick Freand Jones

Fourth in a nine-part series of individual documentaries from a variety of new and experienced directors.

As a fostered black boy in a totally white community, it was not until his teens that Manchester-based poet Lemn Sissay started to ask questions about his background. This film follows his search as he travels from the North of England to the beautiful Simien Mountains of Ethiopia to try to find the father he has never seen. Once there, he makes some surprising and emotional discoveries.


Lemn Sissay
Rachel Pownall
Peter Symes

Jeremy Clarkson visits Blackpool to test the new TVR Cerbera, "the noisiest, fastest and most exciting car this side of a Lamborghini Diablo", and to interview TVR's boss, Peter Wheeler.
Plus, Tony Mason meets "Babs", a monster car that broke the world speed record twice before turning over and killing its driver. Fifty years on, it has been lovingly rebuilt and restored.
See This Week: page 7


Jeremy Clarkson
Peter Wheeler
Tony Mason
John Wilcox
Series Producer:
Jon Bentley

Drama starring Veronica Hamel, Lindsay Frost

A divorced father wins custody of his daughter, and hires a female private eye to watch over her.
Meanwhile, the distraught mother, convinced that the father has abused the child, contacts a professional child snatcher to get her back.
(1991) (Stereo)
Film Reviews pages 75-80

Followed by Video Nation Shorts


Chris Thomson
Nettie Forbes:
Veronica Hamel
Lindsay Frost
Glenna Howard:
Annabella Price
Sgt Jake Morris:
Robert Desiderio
James Howard:
Joseph Hacker
A Parkes:
Caroline McWilliams
Kimberley Howard:
Deborah Annegorman

Mark Lawson is joined by John Carey and Tony Parsons to review the week's most important cultural events, including the BBC's serialisation of Jane Austen 's Pride and Prejudice.
Producer Andrea Gauld ; Series editor Michael Poole


Mark Lawson
John Carey
Tony Parsons
Jane Austen
Andrea Gauld
Michael Poole

4.00 The Royal Institution Discourse: The Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium
by Bill Klemperor

5.30 RCN Nursing Update: Unit 58: Watching for Change: Breast Care


Lecturer (The Royal Institution Discourse):
Bill Klemperor

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