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6.00 Space and Time: A Conflict Brought to Light 3520990 6.25 Maths: One Small Step 3549025 6.50 Strategy on the Screen 7213984 7.15TheThrieEstaitis
5985667 7.40 Electrons and Atoms
4872735 8.05 Languages for Learning 5566667 8.30 The Albert Memorial
5803716 8.55 Women. Children and Work 7006272 9.45 Living with Technology: Energy 9184735 10.35 Just in Time?
Restructuring Corporate America 2993280 11.25 Global Tourism 9193071 11.50 Biology: Hearing the Call

Futuristic adventure starring Lee Majors

In the hope of setting a new trans-Pacific record, Starflight One blasts off on its maiden flight against the advice of its chief engineer. But a "pirate" communications satellite, launched at the same time, is on a collision course.
Film Reviews pages 43-48


Jerry Jameson
Capt Cody Briggs:
Lee Majors
Josh Gilliam:
Hal Linden
Erika Hansen:
Lauren Hutton
QT Thornwell:
Ray Milland
Nancy Gilliam:
Gail Strickland

Documentary showingto complement the film On the Waterfront, which follows. In 1965, Brando was flown to New York for a day of interviews to promote his new movie Morituri. David and Albert Maysles filmed the interviews, revealing the actor at his most charming, intelligent and unconventional, b/w Rpt .............


Albert Maysles

Elia Kazan 's classic drama, which won a total of eight Oscars including best actor for Marlon Brando
Also starring Karl Malden, Lee J Cobb, Rod Steiger
One-time boxing hopeful Terry Malloy wastes his time and talent on New York's dockside, protected by his brother Charley while acting as a strong-arm man for the corrupt leader of the dockers' union. When his friend is murdered, Terry reveals a dawning sense of personal responsibility through his love for the dead man's sister.
(1954) B/W
The short film Down on the Waterfront is at 1.00am
FILM REVIEWS pages 43-48


Elia Kazan
Terry Malloy:
Marlon Brando
Father Barry:
Karl Malden
Johnny Friendly:
Lee Jcobb
Charley Malloy:
Rod Steiger
Kayo Dugan:
Pat Henning
Edie Doyle:
Eva Marie Saint
Leif Erickson
Big Mac:
James Westerfield
Tony Galento
Tami Mauriello
Pop Doyle:
John Hamilton
John Heldabrand
Rudy Bond
Don Blackman
Arthur Keegan

Six years afterthousands of people in Sri Lanka were murdered during government purge of suspected revolutionaries, the relatives of the victims are demanding that the killers be brought to justice. Duringthe period of terror, men and boys were taken from their homes to army camps where they were held and then, it is believed, shot. ReporterGeorge Arney visits one such former camp, and joins a group of relatives as they confront police officers with allegations that the bodies of several young men who "disappeared" in the crackdown are buried in the police station grounds.
Plus Edward Stourton looks back on the Mitterrand era as the first round of the French presidential elections gets under way. And David Walter presents an engaging profile of DomDuarte, a descendant of the Portuguese royal family who would like to be king of Portugal - a republic for most of the century. Dom Duarte claims he can trace his ancestry through 800 years of monarchy, and shares many of the interests of Prince Charles: he cares for the environment, enjoys organic farmingand has strong views on modern architecture.
Editor Keith Bowers


Reportergeorge Arney
Edward Stourton
David Walter
Dom Duarte
Keith Bowers

Regional Variations (2)

Landscape and Memory

Episode 1: Forests

Duration: 40 minutes

on BBC Two Northern Ireland (Analogue)

Historian Simon Schama explores the relationship between culture and the natural environment. He begins by looking at forests - places of myth and memory, fear and worship.

The contemporary music series continues aftera break with the Japanese composerToruTakemitsu's Uninterrupted Rests, three minimal movements played by pianist Joanna MacGregor amongst the green splendourof Avery Hill Conservatory near Greenwich. Introduced by Joanna MacGregorand the composer
Jonathan Harvey , who describes
Takemitsu's work, with its echoes of Schoenberg and Ligeti, as "western music with a Japanese accent".


Joanna MacGregor
Introduced By:
Joanna MacGregorand
Jonathan Harvey

Highlights from this evening's session at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.
Former champions Steve Davis and John Parrott are both expected to be at the table tonight. Introduced by David Vine.


Steve Davis
John Parrott
Introduced By:
David Vine.

Horror starring
Marilyn Chambers
Frank Moore
Badly injured in a motorcycle crash,
Rose is taken to the nearby plastic surgery clinic of Dr Keloid. After extensive operations she recovers from the accident, but is left with an overpowering appetite for blood.
Director David Cronenberg (1976)
Subtitled..... * FILM REVIEWS pages 43-48


Marilyn Chambers
Frank Moore
David Cronenberg
Marilyn Chambers
Hart Read:
Frank Moore
Murray Cypher:
Joe Silver
Howard Ryshpan
Dr Roxanne Keloid:
Patricia Gage
Mindy Kent:
Susan Roman
Lloyd Walsh J:
Roger Periard
Nurse Louise:
Lynne Deragon
Terry Schonblum
Claude La pointe:
Victor Desy
Julie Anna
Smooth Eddy:
Gary McKeehan
Dr Cart:
Jerome Tiberghien
DrRoyce Gentry:
John Gilbert
Una Kay
Beatrice Owen:
Madeline Pageau
Mark Walker

A witty, Oscar-nominated drama from 1994, showing to accompany this afternoon's screening of the classic film On the Waterfront.
Starring Edward Asner Jason Alexander USA, 1955. Outraged by the critical and commercial success of the Academy Award-winning On the Waterfront, union boss Bobby Gleason is determined that the dockers' point of view should be heard. He meets two struggling youngfilm-makers to discuss a follow-up film that will set the record straight - as he sees it. With Jonathan Penner and Mike Starr.
DirectorStacy Title ColourandS/W


Edward Asner
Bobby Gleason
Jonathan Penner
Mike Starr.

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