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9.00 Quinze Minutes (ages 1 1 - 1 3) Les
Sports 5783772 9.15 Focus (ages 9-13) Sticks and Stones Stereo 7326555 9.25 Study Ireland: Geography (ages 14-16) Place and Space - the Burren
5793159 9.45 Storytime (ages 4-5) Too Much Noise

10.25 Watch (ages 6-7) Homes across Europe - Northern Journey (Finland)
Stereo 1192739 10.40 Around Scotland
(ages 10-12) The Year of the Prince - Civil War stereo 4300975 ll.OOCats'Eyes (ages 5-7) Changes in Materials -
Freezing and Melting 6733975 11.15
Ghostwriter (ages 10-12) Don't Stop the Music (part 2) Stereo 502888 11.45
Developing World (ages 14+) The Poverty Complex Stereo 9537081 12.10 The Geography Programme (ages 11-16)
People and the Physical Environment - Disaster!

Lateral thinking and logic quiz that pits youth against experience. This week, a team of computer analysts takes on teenagers from Bewdley High School, Worcestershire. Presented by Alison Holloway.
Producers Bob Louis and Kate Marlow ; Executive producer Dave Ross Stereo ........................36


Presented By:
Alison Holloway.
Bob Louis
Kate Marlow
Dave Ross Stereo

Starring Patrick Stewart

When Picard sends a search party to a wrecked vessel they find a little boy in the debris. Timothy tells an implausible tale of an alien attack, and Data is assigned to discover the truth. As they spend more time together, Timothy begins to copy everything his new-found friend does.


Captain Jean-Luc Picard:
Patrick Stewart
Lt Commander Data:
Brent Spiner
Commander William Riker:
Jonathan Frakes
Dr Beverly Crusher:
Gates McFadden
Lt Commander Geordi LaForge:
Levar Burton
Counsellor Deanna Troi:
Marina Sirtis
Lt Worf:
Michael Dorn
Joshua Harris

This week, a profile of the man who took England to within a penalty of the 1990 World Cup final. After playing in two World Cups, Bobby Robson excelled as a club and international manager. He won the FA and Uefa Cups with Ipswich and went on to become the most successful England manager since Sir Alf Ramsey. Robson describes the ecstasy and agony of Italia '90, and life after managing England. Series producer Michael Wadding
Revisedrpt Stereo


Bobby Robson
Sir Alf Ramsey.

Penultimate episode in the acclaimed 26-part documentary series telling the story of the Second World War.

The war ends slowly and messily. Britain is victorious but exhausted and nearly bankrupt. In San Francisco in April 1945 the United Nations is born. Amid mutual distrust the superpowers confront each other to decide the fate of Europe. Of the Nazis, some take their own lives, while others face charges of crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials.
(First shown on ITV)


Laurence Olivier
Jeremy Isaacs

The second programme in a series exploring the real and mythological lives of four animals.

Once human beings worshipped the bear, and were awed by its power. Then they tried to tame it and it became a figure of fun - a circus animal, or a children's toy. Yet there is still a yearning for the real bear, and for the wildness it represents. Narrated by Miranda Richardson.
See today's choices.
Director Ann Hawker ; Series producer Mark Harrison


Miranda Richardson.
Ann Hawker
Mark Harrison

In the last of the quarter-finals in the student quiz, students from the University of Edinburgh take on a team from Robinson College, Cambridge. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions. Director Jenny Dodd : Producer Kieran Roberts


Jenny Dodd
Kieran Roberts

"Trust me - infidelity's my speciality." Mike Emilianow ,
New York private eye, has a mixed bag of clients, but they all share one overwhelming doubt: they are in love with someone they do not completely trust. Forafewhundred dollars, Emilianow offers at least certainty. See today's choices.
Producer Mark Phillips ; Series editor
Stephen Lambert
* The man who sells temptation: page 26
♦ Polly Toynbee : page 12


Mike Emilianow
Mark Phillips
Stephen Lambert
Polly Toynbee

This interview with the brilliant but temperamental French footballer Eric Cantona , now suspended from
Manchester United, affords a glimpse of the man behind the media image. Director Sophie Manhan ; Executive producer
Michael Wadding Stereo ...................


Eric Cantona
Sophie Manhan

Including an investigation by Mark Lawson into the changing relationship between politicians and journalists, followingthe recent speech in Dublin by BBC Director-General John Birt.


Mark Lawson
General John Birt.

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