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6.00 Understanding Space and Time: Mr Galileo Was Correct 7514302 6.25
From Micro to Mainframe 7533437 6.50
Systems: Traps - and How to Get out of Them 8900925 7.15 The York Mystery Plays 3352079 7.40 Motion -Newton's Laws 2743437 8.05 Biology Form and Function: Insects and the secrets of their success 7880079 8.30 History: Witting andUnwittingTestimony 8767383 8.55 Using Television: how TV publicised the Ethiopian famine of 1984-85 9.45 History: What Is Its Future?
10.10 The Chemistry of Creation
6865031 10.35 Jewish Americans: out of theMeltingPot 3103437 11.25
Imagining New Worlds: South-eastern Mexico 3237673 11.50 Biology:
Questions about Behaviour

Comedy starring
Robert Morley , Felix Aylmer
Two officers in the reign of Queen
Anne accidently kill themselves and are doomed to haunt a mansion until a reigning monarch pays a visit.
Director Vernon Sewell (1947) B/W ........ * FILM REVIEWS pages 49-54


Robert Morley
Felix Aylmer
Vernon Sewell
General Burlap:
Robert Morley
Colonel Kelsoe:
Felix Aylmer
Yvonne Arnaud
Ronald Frankau
Capt Dodds:
James Hayter

Classic crime drama, based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett and marking John Huston s debut as a director. Starring
Humphrey Bogart
Mary Astor , Peter Lorre Sydney Greenstreet
Wise-cracking, cynical private detective Sam Spade becomes involved in a dangerous quest for a priceless black statuette - and begins to take more than a professional interest in the mysterious brunette who hires him.
(1941) B/W Subtitled ..................... The Night of the Hunter is tomorrow at 11.00pm * FILM REVIEWS pages 49-54


Novel By:
Dashiell Hammett
John Huston
Humphrey Bogart
Mary Astor
Peter Lorre
Sydney Greenstreet
Sam Spade
Sam Spade:
Humphrey Bogart
Mary Astor
Joel Cairo:
Peter Lorre
Kasper utman:
Sydney Greenstreet
Iva Archer:
Gladys George
Wilmer Cook:
Elisha Cookjr
Det Lt Dundy:
Barton MacLane
Effie Perine:
Lee Patrick
Det Tom Polhaus:
Ward Bond
Miles Archer:
Jerome Cowan
James Burke
Frank Richman:
Murray Alper
John Hamilton
Captain Jacobi, the ship's officer:
Walter Huston
on BBC Two England

The World Indoor Championships from the Guild Hall, Preston. Defending pairs champions Ian Schuback and Cameron Curtis are hopingto secure a quarter-final place, and in the singles title-holder Andy Thomson is likely to feature in the second-round action. Commentary by David Rhys Jones , Jimmy Davidson , Mai Hughes , David McGill and John Bell. With Dougie Donnelly.


Ian Schuback
Cameron Curtis
Andy Thomson
Commentary By:
David Rhys Jones
Commentary By:
Jimmy Davidson
Commentary By:
Mai Hughes
Commentary By:
David McGill
Commentary By:
John Bell.
Dougie Donnelly.

5.05 TOTP 2 The best of Thursday's
Top of the Pops and pop nostalgia from 1978 with Tom Robinson , Kate Bush ,
Billy Joel and Abba's number one, Take a Chance on Me. Plus, makingtheir TOTP debut in 1964, the Supremes singing Baby Love.
Producer Ric Blaxill


Tom Robinson
Kate Bush
Billy Joel
Ric Blaxill

The annual awards ceremony for special achievements in journalism, from
London's Savoy Hotel. Introduced by writer Russell Davies , with National Heritage Secretary Stephen Dorrell presenting the awards. Categories include best newspaper, editor and cartoonist. See today's choices.
Director Chris Malone ; Producer Gary Sait ..


Russell Davies
Stephen Dorrell
Chris Malone
Gary Sait

First of a six-part series in which political gurus take part in a studio debate on their different ideas for the future. Political commentator Andrew Marr, who hosts the programme, and historian Tim Garton Ash conduct the opening discussion with billionaire speculator and philanthropist George Soros. Soros discusses his vision of an "open society" and exhorts the people of Europe to defend democratic values. He praises the progress made in eastern Europe and accuses western politicians of inertia in the face of the economic chaos he attributes to an unregulated free market.


Andrew Marr
Tim Garton Ash
George Soros
Helen Batten
Executive Producer:
Philip Clarke

Amid the growing debate on whether to ease sanctions against Iraq, Tim Llewellyn returns to Baghdad and meets members of the Iraqi middle class who say the West has betrayed them. The programme this week is presented by the BBC's Jerusalem correspondent, Alex Brodie , who reflects on events in Gaza as he approaches the end of his stint in Israel. And from the former Soviet republic of Kyrgystan, Alan Johnston reports on how the authorities are delving into ancient myths and legends to create a new heroic, unifyingfigure to replace the cult of Lenin.
Editor Keith Bowers


Tim Llewellyn
Alex Brodie
Alan Johnston
Keith Bowers

As a curtain-raiser to a new series of Bookmark starting next week, another showing for this 1994 Bafta award-winning film about Anne Rice, whose first novel was the bestselling Interview with the Vampire. See today's choices.


Anne Rice
Anand Tucker
Series Producer:
Roland Keating

Afive-part production of the novel by Edith Wharton set in America and England in the 1870s.
2: Conquest. The Buccaneers begin theirassault on the English aristocracy. Shown last Sunday on BBC 1. For part 3 and cast see tomorrow at 9. Opm on BBC 1


Novel By:
Edith Wharton

The short season of films starring Peter Sellers and showing to complement the trio of Arena documentaries, continues with this satirical comedy. Also starring George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden

In the firm belief that his impotence is the result of a Soviet plot to poison the water supply of the "free world", General Jack D. Ripper dispatches a squadron of nuclear-armed B52's to bomb Moscow. It is the task of President Muffley, hidden deep in the Pentagon War Room, to sort out this little problem.
Film Reviews pages 49-54


Stanley Kubrick
Group Captain Lionel Mandrake/President Muffley/Dr. Strangelove:
Peter Sellers
General Buck Turgidson:
George C Scott
General Jack D. Ripper:
Sterling Hayden
Colonel Bat:
Guano Keenanwynn
Major T.J. 'King' Kong:
Sum Pickens
Ambassador de Sadesky:
Peter Bull
Miss Scott:
Tracy Reed
Lt. Lothar Zogg:
James Earl Jones
Mr Staines:
Jack Creley
Lt. H. Dietrich:
Frank Berry
Lt. W.D. Kivel:
Glenn Beck
Capt G.A. 'Ace' Owens:
Shane Rimmer
Lt B. Goldberg:
Paul Tamarin
General Faceman:
Gordon Tanner
Admiral Randolph:
Robert O'Neil
Roy Stephens

Regional Variations (2)

Duration: 1 hour

on BBC Two Northern Ireland (Analogue)

Jools is joined by Evan Dando, The Pretenders, Angélique Kidjo, Erasure, David McComb and Jonathan Richman.

BBC Two England

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