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9.00 Quinze Minutes: Temps fibre
(ages 11-13)

9.15 Focus: The Rhythm of Raz
(ages 9-13)

9.25 Study Ireland: Geography
(ages 14-16)

9.45 Storytime: The Happy Hedgehog Band
(ages 4-5)

10.25 Watch: Technology: Puppets
(ages 6-7) (Stereo)

10.40 Around Scotland: A Tongue in Yer Heid - Angry Noisy, Angry Quiet
(ages 10-12)

11.00 Q and A Extra

11.15 Ghostwriter: Don't Stop the Music: Part 1
(ages 10-12) (Stereo)

11.45 The IT Collection: Nodes on the Net
(ages 16+) (Stereo)

12.10 The Geography Programme: People and the Physical Environment
(ages 11-16)

Paul Jones introduces a selection of musical highlights, featuring Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Laine, Richard Clayderman and James Last, and the BBC Big Band.
(Revised rpt) (Stereo)


Paul Jones

Lateral thinking and logic quiz that pits youth against experience. This week, a team of production workers takes on pupils from Newbold Community School, in Derbyshire. Presented by Alison Holloway.


Alison Holloway
Bob Louis
Kate Marlow
Executive Producer:
Dave Ross

Starring Patrick Stewart

The Enterprise is heading for Penthara Four, where a massive dust cloud caused by a crashed asteroid threatens ecological disaster. An uninvited visitor, Berlingoff Rasmussen, appears on the bridge claiming to be a historian from the future. But when things start to go terribly wrong, he refuses to offer constructive advice.


Captain Jean-Luc Picard:
Patrick Stewart
Commander William Riker:
Jonathan Frakes
Lt Commander Data:
Brent Spiner
Dr Beverly Crusher:
Gates McFadden
Lt Commander Geordi La Forge:
LeVar Burton
Counsellor Deanna Troi:
Marina Sirtis
Lt Worf:
Michael Dorn
Berlingoff Rasmussen:
Matt Frewer
Hail Moseley:
Stefan Gierasch

Another chance to see country superstar Garth Brooks playing his individual brand of music in front of more than 50,000 fans in the Texas Stadium in Dallas. By means of spectacular pyrotechnic and special effects the stage appears to be ringed with smoke and fire, and Brooks himself soars 150 feet above the audience on invisible wires. Highlights of the show include Standing outside the Fire, Honty Tonk Association, That Summer, Thunder Rolls, Ain't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up), and Brooks's solo saxophone performance on One Night a Day.
(Rpt) (Stereo)


Garth Brooks

Continuing the re-run of the acclaimed 26-part documentary series telling the story of the Second World War.

The Allied forces fight their way across the Pacific towards Japan and the Philippines in a two-pronged attack led by rivals - in the south west General MacArthur and in the central Pacific Admiral Nimitz. In perhaps the bloodiest campaign of the war, each island and atoll has to be taken by storm, with the Japanese showing fanatical resistance and fighting to the last man. On one island, Peleliu, 40 percent of the Americans taking part are either killed or wounded, and the tiny atoll of Tarawa costs them over 1,000 lives. After the bloodbath at Iwo Jima and then the victory at Okinawa, the Americans come into contact with ordinary Japanese civilians for the first time.

(First shown on ITV)


Laurence Olivier
David Wheeler
John Pett
Series Producer:
Jeremy Isaacs

Comedy romance starring Gregory Harrison, Lisa Hartman, Mark Linn-Baker

Gordon and Sydney are a successful young couple, desperately in need of a rest from the stresses of their city lives. They decide to go on holiday to the South Seas, but far from being able to recuperate, they are shipwrecked on an isolated island. Their relationship is then put to the test by the attractions of two of the inhabitants - a mysterious American, Bill, and Tarita, a native girl.
Film Reviews pages 55-60


Martha Coolidge
Gregory Harrison
Lisa Hartman
Mark Linn-Baker
Charlotte Lewis
Man Utupou
Lois Rice:
Largo Woodruff

A full-length television production of this influential play by Samuel Beckett, starring the late Norman Beaton and film actor Stephen Rea, with Charles Drake and Kate Binchy.


Samuel Beckett
Norman Beaton
Stephen Rea
Charles Drake
Kate Binchy

4.00-4.15 Benefits Agency Today
The programme visits the south west and looks at preparations for one-person service in Bath.

4.30-5.00am Read and Write Together
Stories, ideas and activities for parents with young children who are startingto read and write.

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