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9.00 Quinze Minutes (ages 11-13) A
Table 3471040 9.15 Focus (ages 9-13) The Box 4173934 9.25 Study Ireland: Geography (ages 14-16) Human
Environments - City 3481427 9.45
Storytime (ages 4-5) Through My Window

10.25 Watch (ages 6-7) Technology:
Puppets Stereo 8734430 10.40 Around Scotland (ages 10-12) A Tongue in Yer Heid - Broken Hert 1146330 11.00
Cats' Eyes (ages 5-7) Light and Sound
2172779 11.15 Ghostwriter (ages 10-12) Who Is Max Mouse ? (part 4)
11.45 The IT Collection (ages 16+) In the Money 1119601 12.10The Geography Programme (ages 11-16)


Max Mouse
on BBC Two England

Further coverage of the Masters, as the last quarter-final places are decided. Thailand's James Wattana cues up against either Willie Thorne or the Welsh prospect Mark Williams.


James Wattana
Willie Thorne
Mark Williams.

Starring Patrick Stewart
Unification (part 2). Captain Picard discovers that Mr Spock has travelled to the evil planet Romulus in an attempt to reunite the Romulans and the Vulcans. Following him, Picard and Data suspect that the venerable Vulcan has walked into a trap.


Patrick Stewart
Mr Spock
Captain Jean-Luc Picard:
Patrick Stewart
Commander William Riker:
Jonathan Frakes
Lt Commander Data:
Brent Spiner
Dr Beverly Crusher:
Gates McFadden
Lt Commander Geordi LaForge:
Levar Burton
Counsellor Deanna Troi:
Marina Sirtis
Lt Worf:
Michael Dorn
Leonard Nimoy
Denise Crosby
Stephen D Root
Malachi Throne
William Bastiani

The third programme of the series is a collaboration between choreographer Wendy Houstoun and director
David Hinton. A romance for hands, faces and the odd foot, Touched is set in a North London bar and focuses on the behaviourof people at a party. Last year, this film won a Gold Award at the Dance on Camera Festival in New York.
Drip: a Narcissistic Love Story: tomorrow at 6.45pm


Wendy Houstoun
David Hinton.

The acclaimed 26-part documentary series on the Second World War.
After a succession of victories in the early years of the war, the rulers of Japan believe that they have the strength to bend Britain and the United States to their will, but this belief proves to be a serious miscalculation. By 1944 Japan is facing severe food, metal and fuel shortages and, with the monumental defeats at Saipan, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, morale has never been lower. But worse is to come with the terrible weapon that is soon to be unleashed on Hiroshima. Narrated by Laurence Olivier.
First shown on ITV


Laurence Olivier.
Courtney Browne
Hugh Raggett
Series producer:
Jeremy Isaacs

Top chef Gary Rhodes 's gastronomic journey round Britain ends, in the last of the current series, in Cornwall. There, he meets local artist John Miller at the Tate Gallery in St Ives, and a New Age traveller who teaches him how to milk a goat and gatherfresh salad from the hedgerows. Given that Cornwall has over 250 miles of coastline, fish is bound to be on the menu. Tonight, Gary cooks grilled mackerel, accompanied by stewed tomatoes, pesto and onions, followed by chocolate flan.
Executive producer Fiona Pitcher
A BBC book Rhodes around Britain, featuring the recipes from the series, is available in hardback, price£ 17.99, and paperback, price £ 12.99.


Gary Rhodes
John Miller

In the first of the quarterfinals, the University of Aberdeen, impressive second-round winner against
Brasenose College, Oxford, takes on the Open University, who beat Bristol. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions. Director Jenny Dodd ; Producer Kieran Roberts


Jenny Dodd
Kieran Roberts

Drama based on a true story, starring
Nancy McKeon
Young Tracey Thurman thinks she has found the American dream when she marries Buck. But that dream soon turns into a nightmare when Buck reveals his true nature - that of a physically-abusive monster. Withand
Director Robert Markowitz (1989)
* FILM REVIEWS pages 45-50
Followed by In the National Trust
The 17th-century carvings of Grinling Gibbons at Petworth, Sussex.


Nancy McKeon
Young Tracey Thurman
Robert Markowitz
Tracey Thurman:
Nancy McKeon
Burton Weinstein:
Bruce Weitz
Officer Danziger:
Graham Jarvis
Officer Danziger:
Yvette Heyden
Officer Danziger:
Philip Baker Hall

Style guru Peter York once famously commented that the style and character of a decade only become clear halfwaythrough it. As the midpoint of the 1990s approaches, the arts and media magazine show asks how the decade is shaping up.


Peter York

BBC Two England

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