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9.15 Casebook Scotland: 2: You and the Law
The Children's Hearing System and some of the other ways in which the law affects young people.

9.35 Pages from Ceefax

10.0 You and Me
A series for 4- and 5-year-olds
Cosmo can't make up her mind; should she go swimming or select a present from the jewellery stall? Children on the Isle of Bryher go to school by boat. Song: 'Five little men in a flying saucer'
(R) (E)

10.15 Science Workshop: Bread (B)
The history of bread and how experts today judge the best modern loaves.
(R) (E)

10.38 Investigating Science: Strange People in White Coats...?
How do real scientists differ from their popular image, gained from the world of science fiction? What are scientists and how do they go about their work?
(R) (E)

11.0 Words and Pictures: Alex and Roy

11.17 Let's See: Heads, Bodies and Legs: 2: Bodies

11.40 Des le debut: 2: Ordering Things; Choosing Things; Buying a Ticket
Face-to-face French - a resource series to support the teaching of basic skills in French.
(R) (E)

12.2 pm Maths Topics: Trigonometry 2
Similar triangles and other shapes introduce sine, cosine, tangent as ratio.
(R) (E)

12.25 Job Bank: Keyboard Skills

12.48 Encounter: Spain: People and Produce - Two Provinces
Life in Plasencia and Logrono: streets, markets, tobacco - and the wine of the Rioja.
(R) (E)

1.10 The Interview Game: 3: Housing
An examination of what is happening on both sides of the table during interviews connected with getting a job, advice on health or decent housing.
(R) (E)

1.38 Around Scotland: Aberdeen. 2: Into the Past
Looking for the past in the present - a boy newly-arrived in Aberdeen explores the city with the help of a family friend who already lives there.
Presented by Frieda Morrison. With Scott Christie and Karen Ramsay.

2.0 Thinkabout: Many Hands
Hands can tell stories, make shapes and noises; and an extra pair can also help Sally out of trouble when she tries to decorate a flat all by herself.
(R) (E)

2.15 Zig Zag: You and the Media: 2: Books and Newspapers
What can a still picture communicate without accompanying words? Presenters Sheelagh Gilbey and Paul Coia investigate with children from Pontesbury C of E School, Shropshire.


Producer (Casebook Scotland):
Peter Whiteford
Presenter (You and Me):
Harry Towb
Film Director (You and Me):
Eric Mival
Studio Director (You and Me):
Nicci Crowther
Frances Kay
Francis Wright
Producer (Science Workshop):
Michael Coyle
Narrator (Investigating Science):
Mike Rodden
Director (Investigating Science):
Michael Mosley
Series Producer (Investigating Science):
Robin Gwyn
Presenter (Around Scotland):
Frieda Morrison
Scott Christie
Karen Ramsay
Producer (Around Scotland):
Peter Legge
Series Editor (Around Scotland):
Marianne Baird
Producer (Thinkabout):
Derek Longhurst
Jim Dunk
Vicky Licorish
Presenter (Zig Zag):
Sheelagh Gilbey
Presenter (Zig Zag):
Paul Coia

The dare-devil and hair-raising climb up the side of a high building in Safety Last is perhaps Harold Lloyd 's most celebrated stunt. There is also a calamity-bound venture behind the scenes of movie making in Hey There (R)


Harold Lloyd

with Ellen Drew

Owen Merritt is a small rancher - hoping for a peaceful life. But his wealthy neighbour Will Isham has different ideas and is determined to ruin him and take over the land.
Guns fire, cattle stampede, there are deadly night raids and unfair ambushes. The battle is on...

Films: page 26


Kenneth Gamet
Harry Joe Brown
Andre de Toth
Owen Merritt:
Randolph Scott
Laure Bidwell:
Joan Leslie
Nan Melotte:
Ellen Drew
Will Isham:
Alexander Knox
Fay Dutcher:
Richard Rober
Hugh Clagg:
John Russell
Cultus Charley:
Alfonson Bedoya
Bourk Prine:
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Ray Lankershim:
Clem Bevans
George Virk:
Cameron Mitchell
Juke Virk:
Richard Crane
Lee Repp:
Frank Sull
Tom Croker:
George Lloyd
Sheriff Medary:
James Kirkwood
Ned Bale:
Frank Hagney
Love Bidwell:
Don Beddoe

The Trail Blazers
Films of early exploration introduced from the Royal
Geographical Society by the pioneer polar explorer, Duncan Carse Under the Sea by Photosphere (1914)
'Down came the divers leaving a trail of silvery bubbles and, before the window of our photosphere, under the eye of the clicking camera, they dived and swam. Soon we had shot the first motion pictures ever taken under the sea. I was filled with elation ..." The words of John Williamson , self-styled 'Originator of Undersea
Photography'. Williamson had lowered his specially-cast four-ton steel photosphere into the clear waters of the Bahamas. Here, despite many near-disasters, he successfully filmed the fish and the corals, the wrecks and the sharks.
Narrator Blain Fairman Film editor DAVID LEE


John Williamson
Blain Fairman
David Lee
Richard Robinson

Jerry Lee Lewis doesn't sound like anybody else - the voice, the piano and the on-stage antics make an unforgettable combination. He plays and sings today exactly as he did when he made his first records in the 1950s. Since then he has kept his reputation for wildness, eccentricity and the ability to hold an audience spellbound. Arena captured him in concert and on top form. Producer ALAN YENTOB
Director ANTHONY WALL (R) (Postponed from 7 September)


Jerry Lee Lewis
Alan Yentob
Anthony Wall

starring with Dear Dad ... Three
'Hi, dad, Hawkeye here. War is hell, but right now it's very boring. How else could you explain Trapper playing poker with Frank, or our enthusiasm for watching
Henry's home movies, or why I spend my day writing obscene prescriptions? On second thoughts, don't answer that last point.' Written by LARRY GELBART and LAURENCE MARKS
Directed by DON WEIS (R)


Written By:
Larry Gelbart
Laurence Marks
Directed By:
Don Weis
Alan Alda
Trapper John:
Wayne Rogers
Colonel Blake:
McLean Stevenson
Gary Burghoff
Loretta Swit
Major Frank Burns ::
Larry Linville
Fr Mulcahy:
William Christopher
Jamie Farr
Mills Watson

A two-part adaptation of the novel by E.F. Benson dramatised by Thomas Ellice.

Spend some time in the company of the guests at "Wentworth" - all taking the waters except for the Colonel and Miss Howard, who has some leisure for the beginnings of a late romance. Gossip, bicycle rides, rounds of golf, bridge in the evenings and preparations for the charity concert all make time pass most pleasantly - don't they?

(Part 2 tomorrow at 9.30 pm)


E.F. Benson
Thomas Ellice
Colonel Chase:
Robert Hardy
Miss Howard:
Angela Thorne
Mr Kemp:
Benjamin Whitrow
Mrs Bliss:
Judy Cornwell
Florence Kemp:
Joanna David
Mrs Holders:
Annette Crosbie
Mr Bullingdon:
Richard O'Callaghan
Mrs Bertram:
Avril Elgar
Mrs Oxney:
Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Sylvia Barter
Maryann Turner
The Rev Banks:
David Quilter
Countess Appledore:
Margaretta Scott
Miss Jobson:
Barbara Hicks
Reginald Jessup

Introduced from Blackpool by Donald MacCormick
Coverage of today's debates at the Labour Party
Conference, with analysis and comment from the principal participants. From London, Peter Snow and Ian Smith with other news at home and abroad.


Donald MacCormick
Peter Snow
Ian Smith

11.30 Science Fiction: Towards the 20th Century
Hopes and fears for the development of the machine and the evolution of society.
(R) (E)

11.55 States of Mind: Levels of Intervention
Mental disorders can be viewed as diseases of the mind or as problems resulting from the way we live. Each model leads to different treatment.
(R) (E)

(to 0.25)


Producer (Science Fiction:
Towards the 20th Century): Roger Thompson
Producer (States of Mind):
Neil Cameron

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