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9.15 It's Your Choice: 3: Exams
About the consequences of taking (or not taking) exams. Subjects chosen at 13 or 14 often lead to some kind of public exam and these will often affect your choice of career. (Repeat)

9.38 Going to Work Health and Safety
A play for discussion by John Tully.
Alan Fiske lies unconscious in hospital - another victim of an accident at work.
But what happened? Who was to blame? (Repeat)

10.0 You and Me: 'F' is for Friends
A series for 4- and 5-year-olds.
Sam paints some mugs for his friends while Duncan takes lessons in signwriting. (Repeat)

10.15 Music Time: 3: Higher and Lower
The children hear and make sounds with a higher, lower or same pitch. Kathryn Harries (mezzo-soprano) demonstrates how to develop good singing.

10.38 Twentieth-Century History: 2: Boom and Bust
The 1920s were years of fast-growing prosperity for the USA until the Wall Street Crash. (Repeat)

11.0 Zig Zag: Norman Rule
What was it like to be a Saxon peasant? How did William impose his laws on them? Why did he compile the Domesday Book? Bishop Odo answers some of these questions before vanishing back into the mists of time.

11.23 Talkabout: Who's Calling?
A series for young children designed to encourage the development of oral language.
Jumoke Debayo tells an African story about a little girl who believes she is being teased when she hears the echo of her own voice. (Repeat)

11.42 General Studies: Pictures (2): The View from the Armchair
The programme looks at the making of The Kenny Everett Television Show and asks what makes popular television popular? (Repeat)

12.10 pm Wheels of Fire: 'My dear friends, the land is very ugly'
The third of ten films about development issues in India.
How the Rajasthan Canal will transform 2.5 million acres of barren waste into rich farmland.

12.40 On the Rocks: 3: United Kingdoms
Ten programmes on the evolution of the landscape around us.
How continental drift' joined Scotland and N Ireland to England and S Ireland when the Iapetus Ocean closed
Book (same title), £2.95 from booksellers

1.5-1.30 Multi-Cultural Education: Your Community School
Ten case studies for teachers.
Developing contacts with parents and the local community.
Book (same title) £3.75 from booksellers

1.38 Scotland this Century: 3: Working for a Living
Archive film showing aspects of Scotland's industrial history from 1912 to 1938.

2.1 Words and Pictures: Mog and the Baby
Mog is a cat who loves babies, everyone agrees. But Mog is not so sure.

2.18 The History Trail: 2: The Godly Community
The Pilgrim Fathers establish their ideal Puritan community.

2.40 The Music Arcade: 3: Rhythm patterns
From Batman type cartoons, 'Pow!' and 'Splat!' to writing rhythms in musical notation.


Series producer (It's Your Choice):
Paul Mitchell
Writer (Going to Work):
John Tully
Director (You and Me):
Mary Fourt
Producer (You and Me):
Roy Thompson
Mezzo-Soprano (Music Time):
Kathryn Harries
Presenter (Music Time):
Jonathan Cohen
Presenter (Music Time):
Helen Speirs
Director (Music Time):
David Scott Cowan
Producer (Music Time/The Music Arcade):
Elizabeth Bennett
Presenter (Zig Zag):
Sheelagh Gilbey
Producer (Zig Zag):
Tom Stanier
Bishop Odo:
Arthur Hewlett
Storyteller (Talkabout):
Jumoke Debayo
Presenter (Talkabout):
Jill Shelling
Producer (Talkabout/Words and Pictures):
Moyra Gambleton
Producer (General Studies):
David Taft
Narrator (Scotland this Century):
Alec Heggie
Producer (Scotland this Century):
Robert Clark
Presenter (Words and Pictures):
Vicky Ireland
Presenter (The History Trail):
Lorain Bertorelli
Producer (The History Trail):
Alan Ereira

Was Tom Finney the greatest English footballer of them all? Many experts, and certainly those fans who saw him play for Preston North End and for England. would say yes. Tom, the Preston plumber, relives his career in conversation with Desmond Lynam.
Film editor HESPNY zaki
Producer jeff GODDARD


Was Tom Finney
Desmond Lynam.

The uniform that Nelson wore at the Battle of Trafalgar - complete with bullet hole; the sleeping bag Captain Oates left to walk out into the Polar blizzard; Queen Mary's ration book...
In this series of four films Mark Curry sets out to discover the true stories behind treasures held in museums throughout the country.


Mark Curry
Dorothy Smith
Alex Leger

Five programmes examining the role of Members of Parliament. Consultant MALCOLM DAVIES 5: Carry on Governing
How much power does the House of Commons effectively wield confronted, as it is, by a strong Ex. ecutive, and entrenched Civil Service and EEC legislation?
MPs and ex-MPs taking part include Joel Barnett , The Rt Hon Jo Grimond , The Rt Hon Sir Harold Wilson , The Rt Hon Enoch Powell , The Rt Hon Tony Benn and The Rt Hon Edward du Cann.
Directed by NICHOLAS metcalk Produced by TONY ROBERTS


Malcolm Davies
Joel Barnett
Jo Grimond
Harold Wilson
Enoch Powell
Tony Benn
Edward Du Cann.
Terry Williams
Directed By:
Nicholas Metcalk
Produced By:
Tony Roberts

In Riverside this week
Mike Andrews talks to ex-member of Japan Steve Jansen who also shows video footage from his visit to 'the Land of the Rising Sun' where he played with THE YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA and ippu DO and met Merry Christmas Mr Law rence star Ryulchl Sakamoto. Nick Heyward joins Steve Black nell's Back chat. Also featuring avantgarde German artist Joseph Beuys and Gerry Anderson , creator of the pioneering TV series Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5 and Stingray, while studio music is provided by HIROS ACADEMY .
Executive producer MICHAEL APPLETON Director DAVID G. CROFT


Mike Andrews
Mr Law
Ryulchl Sakamoto.
Nick Heyward
Steve Black
Joseph Beuys
Gerry Anderson
Provided By:
Hiros Academy
Michael Appleton
David G. Croft
John Burrowes

continues a season of feature films made for television starring Paul Winfield and Rita Tushlngham
Returning home from Vietnam, black war veteran Lloyd Dubeck is faced by intolerance, unemployment and racism. He decides to return to Saigon and look for his girlfriend and baby. Lloyd's ally in his search for his green-eyed son is Trung, an appealing 9-year-old, whose friendship Lloyd is eventually able to repay.
Screenplay by DAVID seltzer Written and produced by DAVID SELTZER and EUGENE LOGAN Directed by johh ERMAN Films: page 20


Paul Winfield
Rita Tushlngham
Lloyd Dubeck
David Seltzer
Produced By:
David Seltzer
Produced By:
Eugene Logan
Directed By:
Johh Erman
Lloyd Dubeck:
Paul Winfield
Margaret Sheen:
Rita Tushingran
Noel Cousins:
Jonathan Lippe
Em Thuy:
Victoria Racimo

'Well, I'd tell them that It's worth it. If there's no alternative - they either die, or they have it done.' (Barney Clark)

A little less than a year ago, Dr Barney Clark became the recipient of the world's first permanent, totally artificial heart. Thanks to that case, Clark, an unknown 61-year-old dentist, and Dr William DeVries, a little known surgeon, are world-famous.

This documentary uses last year's events in Salt Lake City as the framework for a detailed account of artificial heart research in general. Some of the key surgeons and scientists, in Salt Lake City and elsewhere in the USA, open up their laboratories to "Horizon", discuss the technical, ethical and political problems surrounding the artificial heart and admit that many of them are yet to be solved. Barney Clark survived for just three months with his man-made heart; did his operation open up a new future for heart surgery - or set it on a wrong course?

Written and produced by STUART BARRI
Horizon editor GRAHAM MASSBEY


Dr Barney Clark
Dr William Devries
Paul Vaughan
Written and produced by:
Stuart Barri
"Horizon" Editor:
Graham Massey

The first of two films about modern Greece.
Romiosini-In Search of Greekness A film about Greek identity and some major landmarks in Modem Greek history. Where do Greeks belong-to the East, or to the West? Leading Greek personalities, such as film director theo ANGELOPOULOS. writer VASILIS VAS-SILIKOS, journalist YOLANDA TEREN zio, singers MARIA FARANDOUM, MIKIS THEODORAKIS and SOTIRIA BELLOU, speculate.
Narrator DENis LILL
Consultant DAVID A. HARDY
Film cameraman ian PUNTER Film editor RICHARD SIDWELL Director MARY SPRENT Producer TERRY DOYLS


Yolanda Teren
Mikis Theodorakis
Denis Lill
David A. Hardy
Ian Punter
Richard Sidwell
Mary Sprent
Terry Doyls

including Labour Party Conference 1983 report
Can the new leader and deputy reconcile left and right to bring a new unity to the Labour Party, holding its first conference since one of its worst election defeats? Crucial questions must be faced-should policy be changed: how to regain popular support: how to resist the challenge of the Alliance?
John Tusa and Vincent Hanna report from the Labour Conference in Brighton with Peter Snow and Donald McCormack in London to assess the news at home and abroad.


John Tusa
Vincent Hanna
Peter Snow
Donald McCormacK

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