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A Western adventure series with Hannibal Heyes and Jed 'Kid' Curry two of the roughest, toughest, nicest and kindest outlaws who ever rode the West
Starring Pete Duel as Smith and Ben Murphy as Jones
with guest stars J.D. Cannon, William Windom, J. Pat O'Malley

Heyes and Curry (alias Smith and Jones) pose as special agents Grant and Gaines hired to foil a train robbery plotted by the Devil's Hole gang-headed by Heyes and Curry!


Pete Duel
Ben Murphy
J.D. Cannon
William Windom
J. Pat O'Malley

Tonight you can match your musical wits against Eleanor Bron, Robin Ray, Bernard Levin
Chairman Joseph Cooper
(Radio Times People: page 5)


Eleanor Bron
Robin Ray
Bernard Levin
Guest conductor:
Charles Groves
Joseph Cooper
Walter Todds
Denis Moriarty

T.H. Huxley and the fight for Darwinism.
"In so proudly claiming descent from monkey, ape or baboon, does he do so on his grandfather's side or his grandmother's?"
This now legendary challenge was thrown to T.H. Huxley by the Bishop of Oxford in 1860 and reduced a British Association meeting to chaos.
The dramatic events leading up to this remark are re-enacted in tonight's Horizon about Thomas Henry Huxley, father of the famous Huxley family, originator of the term "agnostic", man of science, educator and the most famous protagonist of "The Origin of Species".
Without Huxley's ardent and brilliant campaigning, it is conceivable that Victorian society would have ignored Darwin's theory of evolution, and rejected the most significant idea of the 19th century.

(What happened when a scientist tried to make a monkey of the Bishop of Oxford: page 16)


Ian Curteis
Paul Vaughan
Peter Goodchild
Brian Lewis
T.H. Huxley:
Anthony Bate
Charles Darwin:
Patrick Barr
Bishop Wilberforce:
Michael Godfrey
Richard Owen:
John Woodnutt
Mrs Huxley:
Nancie Jackson
Mrs Darwin:
Katherine Parr
Speakers at Debate:
Christopher Banks
Speakers at Debate:
Lee Donald
Speakers at Debate:
Stanley Jacomb
Speakers at Debate:
Simon Joseph
Speakers at Debate:
Philip Morant
Speakers at Debate:
John Saunders
Speakers at Debate:
Jeffrey Segal
Speakers at Debate:
Frank Sieman
Speakers at Debate:
Norman Tyrrell

by Cecil P. Taylor
with Leslie Sands as Cromwell

On 28 December 1648 Charles I and Oliver Cromwell met in the private chapel at Windsor Castle. They were to set the seal on their own fate and the fate of the nation.


Cecil P. Taylor
Script Editor:
Derek Hoddinott
Brian Tregidden
Innes Lloyd
Tristan de Vere Cole
Leslie Sands
Charles I:
Kenneth Colley
Thomas Herbert:
Davyd Harries

sings his own compositions like Rainy Day Man; Steamroller, Fire and rain; Sweet Baby James and Carolina on my mind; as well as Greensleeves (written by Henry VIII) and With a little help from my friends (Lennon and McCartney)

(James Taylor - the lone minstrel who is 1971 personified; see page 13)


James Taylor
Tony Millier
Bill Millar
Ian Rawnsley
Anna Ridley
Stanley Dorfman

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