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The Royal Institution, London Annual Christmas Lectures to Young People by Dr John Napier

We know the great differences between walking on two legs or on four legs. Human walking is a risky business and depends on split-second timing and balance. Without this we would fall flat on our faces. Four-legged creatures are infinitely safer.
Apart from exploring the advantages of bipedalism as a way of life, Dr Napier examines with members of the audience the characteristic human walking pattern of striding.


Dr John Napier
Brian Johnson
Presented for TV by:
Alan Sleath

A new series of films which show what it is that makes a craftsman today.

"The craftsman was an essential member of the local community - he often used local raw materials - his craft grew from the soil of his own district and his brief was to produce ordinary things for ordinary people."
So says Geraint Jenkins of the Welsh Folk Museum, St Fagan's Castle, Cardiff. He talks to some of the craftsmen in Wales who still work that way today.


Geraint Jenkins
John Read
Derek Trimby

The people, the stories, and the action behind the one commodity no one can do without - money.
Together with the Money-Minder - a new regular feature with the latest news on the Stock Market.


Brian Widlake
Alan Watson
Paul Griffiths
Robert Rowland

In 1928, a small community of Benedictine monks journeyed from the remote Pembrokeshire island of Caldey to return to their traditional home at Prinknash.

They adopted the old manor house as their home, but dreamt that soon they would build a fine new abbey. Only four of the original Caldey monks survive, but next year they and 40 others move into a new abbey half-a-mile away. It will have cost nearly £1400,000.

This week's Look, Stranger gives a glimpse of the old monastic life at Prinknash, and the community's hopes for the future.
(from Bristol)


John Norman
Peter Crawford

The sensational Raquel Welch in her own television special in which the glamorous screen star is seen in a variety of moods in spectacular settings with some famous guests Bob Hope, Tom Jones and John Wayne
A programme recorded in America
(This Week's Sounds: page 17)


Raquel Welch
Bob Hope
Tom Jones
John Wayne

...says Richard Branson in the first of this series of films about seven remarkable individuals who believe that in the 1970s they can achieve something that really matters to them.

While still a teenager, Richard Branson had already become an extraordinarily successful businessman. He brought out a new national magazine Student, and has since moved into other fields, including pop music. Still only 20 he seems well on the way towards making his first million.

Branson lives very simply, however, and what really matters to him are the problems of Britain's growing student population - young people who haven't been as lucky as he was and whom he wants to help.


Richard Branson
David Wheeler
Tim King

(Umbrellas of Cherbourg)
Starring Catherine Deneuve, Nino Castelnuovo
with Anne Vernon, Ellen Famer, Marc Michel

With Umbrellas of Cherbourg France finally beat Hollywood at its own game - magnificent musical. Michel Legrand's haunting score provides a spellbinding accompaniment for the romantic story of an interrupted love affair and bitter-sweet reunion. The superb design and photography in colour prompted one critic to remark "It is like a glimpse of perfection in an imperfect world."

(This Week's Films: page 11)


Michel Legrand
Bernard Evein
Jacques Demy
Mag Bodard
Catherine Deneuve
Nino Castelnuovo
Mme Emery:
Anne Vernon
Ellen Farner
Roland Cassard:
Marc Michel

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