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A weekly agricultural magazine for those who live by the land.
Introduced by John Cherrington.

Maurice Parker, Bradwell-on-Sea, Southminster, Essex, describes his pig-keeping system and discusses it with Jimmy Jordan of Moira, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

Godfrey Bowen, champion sheep-shearer of New Zealand, demonstrates his method of shearing.

Film sequences by the BBC's Agricultural Film Unit
From the BBC's Midland television studio


John Cherrington
Item presenter (Pig-Keeping):
Maurice Parker
Guest (Pig-Keeping):
Jimmy Jordan
Item presenter (Sheep-Shearing):
Godfrey Bowen
Film editor:
Henry Fowler
Hilary Phillips

Detholiad o ffilmiau newyddion yn dangos peth o weithgarwch
Cymru a'r Cymry yn ystod yr wythnos
Y telediad yng ngofal Robert S. Evans
(This week's news reviewed)
(Wenvoe, Blaen-Plwyf, Holme Moss, Sutton Coldfield and Crystal Palace only)

yng nghwmni
Adar y Nant
Mair Thomas
Lyn Rees
Crrw Sgiffl Llandegai
Cyndlunydd, Alan Taylor
Cynhyrchydd, JACK WILLIAMS
(Recordiad y BBC)
(At the Seaside: a programme of songs)


Mair Thomas
Lyn Rees
Crrw Sgiffl Llandegai
Alan Taylor
Jack Williams

also featuring Yoko Kono concert pianist, Diana Noble glamorous vocalist and Arthur Jones at the electronic organ.
See Round and About


Malcolm Mitchell with his Trio
Yoko Kono
Diana Noble
Arthur Jones
Barry Newbery
Richard Afton

[Starring] Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers
with Adolphe Menjou

The stage door is the gateway to success for only a chosen few, but this does not deter the stage-struck girls of the Rehearsal Club from reaching for the stars of Broadway.


Gregory La Cava
Terry Randall:
Katharine Hepburn
Jean Maitland:
Ginger Rogers
Anthony Powell:
Adolphe Menjou
Linda Shaw:
Gail Patrick
Catherine Luther:
Constance Collier
Kaye Hamilton:
Andrea Leeds
Henry Sims:
Samuel S. Hinds
Judith Canfield:
Lucille Ball

The first of this new series of films introduces the Hamster, who is a newcomer to the miniature world of the Riverbank. He meets the Wise Old Frog and makes friends with Roderick the Rat, who takes him on a very exciting fishing trip.
Commentary spoken by Johnny Morris.


Dave Ellison
Johnny Morris
Presented by:
Peggy Miller

by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Adapted in six episodes by Rex Tucker.
[Starring] William Russell, Audrey Nicholson and Leslie Perrins


Robert Louis Stevenson
Rex Tucker
Stewart Marshall
Film cameraman:
Bill Munn
Film editor:
Ron de Mattos
Richard West
St Ives:
William Russell
Mr Romaine:
Leslie Perrini
Denis Goacher
The Count:
Michael Hitchman
Bunny May
Mrs McRankine:
Patsy Smart
Flora Gilchrist:
Audrey Nicholson
Coach Official:
Graham Suter

A film about a small boy living on the High Plateau of the Andes in Bolivia.
One memorable morning, Isak travels with his father to the far-off town of La Paz, and there he buys a toy truck which he has wanted for so long. On the return journey he dreams of the time when he will be grown-up and able to drive a real truck, even as far as to the United States.

Yn ein myfyrdod heno, byddwn yn meddwl yn arbennig am y gwaith bugeiliol a wneir yn gyson yn y fyddin fel rhan o weinidogaeth yr Eglwys
Fe'n harweinir yn ein myfyrdod gan y Parch. Athro
Rheinallt Nantlais Williams
Recordiwyd yr emynau gan
Gantorion Cymreig y BBC
A meditation conducted by the Rev. Prof. Rheinallt Nantlais Williams.
(to 18.45)


The Rev. Prof. Rheinallt Nantlais Williams

A Business Man: Geoffrey Smith
An Actor: Patrick Wymark
and A Solicitor
is The Rev. Donald Soper who answers their questions about the stand he has taken on the Christian attitude to political affairs.
From the BBC's Midland television studio


Geoffrey Smith
Patrick Wymark
A Solicitor [name uncredited]
The Rev. Donald Soper
Arranged by:
Eric Blennerhassett
Barrie Edgar

Starring Bob Hope, Patti Page, Joan Caulfield, David Rose and his Orchestra.
Special guest: James Garner
(A recorded programme)
See Round and About


Bob Hope
Patti Page
Joan Caulfield
David Rose and his Orchestra
James Garner

An impression of summer days in the South African countryside, where life is dominated by the idea of apartheid and the average white man's attitude to his African workers is summed up in the words 'We are treating them very well up to their standards'. Life is feudal and apparently peaceful, but throughout the long, hot summer days there is the sense of an impending storm of great violence.
This is a composite programme made from two films already shown on BBC Television last April in the 'Wind of Change' series


Ken Westbury
Sound recordist:
Maurice Everitt
Film editor:
Leonard Trumm
Additional music composed by:
Thomas Henderson
Devised and produced by:
Denis Mitchell

by Rod Serling
[Starring] Rod Steiger
with Patrick Allen Ronan O'Casey

The play takes place in 1880 in an American Town near the Mexican border.
"A Town Has Turned To Dust" was written as an original television drama in 1958.


Rod Serling
Alvin Rakoff
Guitar music arranged and played by:
William Thomson
Stephen Taylor
Ronan O'Casey
Jerold Wells
Senora Rivera:
Eileen Way
Ramon Rivera:
Lee Montague
Poncho Rivera:
Vivian Matalon
Sheriff Harvey Denton:
Rod Steiger
Danny, First Deputy:
Percy Herbert
Billy, Second Deputy:
Gaylord Cavallaro
Jerry Paul:
Patrick Allen
Reginald Atkinson
Mexican Priest:
George Pastell
Bill Nagy
Flagg's wife:
Tucker McGuire
Pete Ankers:
Maurice Durant
Annamay Paul:
Leigh Madison
Mexican boy:
Terry Raven
Dolores Rivera:
Maria Corvin
First Townsman:
Roy Dotrice
Second Townsman:
Peter Boretski
Brad Dancy
Mexican woman:
Rebecca Wilson
Other parts played by:
Carlos Williams
Other parts played by:
Andrikos Adonis
Other parts played by:
Martin Gordon
Other parts played by:
Leslie Goby
Other parts played by:
Jack Munt
Other parts played by:
Victor Manuel
Other parts played by:
Ray Marioni
Other parts played by:
Serafino di Leo
Other parts played by:
Hilary Sesta
Other parts played by:
Madge Brindley
Other parts played by:
John Bramley
Other parts played by:
Fred Rawlings
Other parts played by:
Bill Sawyer
Other parts played by:
Louis Raynes
Other parts played by:
Leslie Wright
Other parts played by:
Paul Bogdan
Other parts played by:
Lee Richardson
Other parts played by:
Christopher Cooke
Other parts played by:
Keith Lacey
Other parts played by:
Pauline Foreman
Other parts played by:
Sharon Young
Other parts played by:
Brenda Duncan
Other parts played by:
June Grant
Other parts played by:
Beryl Nesbitt
Other parts played by:
Wendy Gifford
Other parts played by:
Peter Diamond
Other parts played by:
Ray Browne
Other parts played by:
Peter Stockbridge
Other parts played by:
Dennis Cleary
Other parts played by:
Bryan Bada
Other parts played by:
Reginald Green
Other parts played by:
Allan Mitchell
Other parts played by:
Raf Jover
Other parts played by:
Brian Jackson
Other parts played by:
David Randall
Other parts played by:
Michael Ross
Other parts played by:
David Gordon
Other parts played by:
Peter Burden
Other parts played by:
William Rayner
Other parts played by:
Bill Cartwright
Other parts played by:
Jamie Barnes
Other parts played by:
John Wilding
Other parts played by:
Neil Phelps
Other parts played by:
Donald Pelmear
Other parts played by:
Lionel Wheeler
Other parts played by:
Michael Graham Cox

Tonight's edition includes.
The Miners' Picnic
A brass band carnival filmed at Bedlington, Northumberland.

An impression of the century's greatest and most controversial artist with Douglas Cooper, John Berger and a sequence from Paul Haessert's film 'A Visit to Picasso'.
(A retrospective exhibition of Picasso's work, organised by the Arts Council of Great Britain, opens at the Tate Gallery on July 5)

Introduced and edited by Huw Wheldon.
See Round and About


Director (The Miners' Picnic):
Ken Russell
Critic (Picasso):
Douglas Cooper
Critic (Picasso):
John Berger
Director (Picasso):
David Jones
Film editor:
Allan Tyrer
Associate producer:
Nancy Thomas
Peter Newington
Huw Wheldon

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