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Family Affairs

Having your Baby: 5: Diet
A series of twelve programmes arranged in co-operation with the Maternity and Infant Welfare Departments of University College Hospital, London.

Families of Other Lands
Beryl Sri Hari talks about India.

Introduced by Joan Yorke.

Topical Round-Up
with Honor Balfour.


Presenter (Family Affairs):
Joan Yorke
Interviewer (Having your Baby):
Gwen Farrow
Item presenter (Families of Other Lands):
Beryl Sri Hari
Producer (Family Affairs):
Beryl Radley
Presenter (Topical Round-Up):
Honor Balfour

A play for television by C.E. Webber
Based on a true story
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When Parson Davis decided to have a well dug at the bottom of his garden it seemed a good and sensible thing to do. In the year 1867, in a remote country parish, there was no piped water for the village, only ponds which dried up and a fountain at the crossroads, half a mile away.

It also seemed sensible, and kind, to give the job of digging the well to three poor labourers, brothers, all of whom badly needed work, instead of to Mr. Jarvis, the prosperous master mason. How do you set about making a well? Let Mr. Jarvis answer: "You have to keep on digging till you come to water. If you're boring through clay, or clay and loam mixed with gravel, that's easy - you can make do with a few boards on the way down. But if you come to loose sand, you have to wall it all in with struts and crossbeams to keep the sand from falling in on top of you." The brothers did come to sand, thirty feet down, and it fell in on top of them. The play this afternoon tells the story of what happened next. (Rex Tucker)


C.E. Webber
Rex Tucker
Lawrence Broadhouse
The Rev. John Davis:
Maurice Colbourne
Mr. Jarvis:
Basil Dignam
Rebecca Davis:
Ann Gow
Alfred Thomas:
Bruce Stewart
Bob Thomas:
Barry Thomas
Chris Thomas:
Richard Palmer
Mr. Matthews:
Anthony Jacobs
A coalminer:
Patrick Troughton

featuring the top talent from the various centres of the hosiery and knitwear industries in the Midlands.
The orchestra directed by William Pethers
(by permission of S. H. Newsome)
Introduced by Bill Hartley.
From the BBC's Midland television studio
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The orchestra directed by:
William Pethers
Bill Hartley
Film sequences - Cameraman:
Roy Fogwell
Film sequences:
Editor: Edward Le Lorrain
Philip Lewis

In which you see Marcia Owen, Len Lowe, The Kentones, Pat Coombs, Dennis Chinnery, Betty Marsden, The Roy Marsh Trio, Vikki Hammond, Paddy Edwards but it's mostly Bill Maynard.
From the King's Theatre, Hammersmith.


Bill Maynard
Marcia Owen
Len Lowe
The Kentones
Pat Coombs
Dennis Chinnery
Betty Marsden
The Roy Marsh Trio
Vikki Hammond
Paddy Edwards
Orchestra conducted by:
George Clouston
Musical Associate:
Bert Waller
Eric Merriman
Richard Henry
Albert Stevenson

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This famous Italian classic of the cinema, directed by Vittorio de Sica, won the 1949 Oscar for the best foreign language film.


Vittorio de Sica
Lamberto Maggiorani
Bruno, the son:
Enzo Staiola
Maria, the wife:
Lianella Carell
Baiocco, the dustman:
Gino Saltamerenda
The thief:
Vittorio Antonucci
The porter:
Giulio Chiari

Alan Villiers discusses extracts from his film library with Peter Scott.

Alan Villiers first went to sea at the age of fifteen and has been in sail as cadet, seaman, owner, and captain almost ever since. He has sailed in the Parma, the Herzogin Cecilie, the Grace Harwar, Arab dhows, Tasmanian ketches, Arctic whalers, square-rigged training ships, and tank landing craft. In April he sails as Captain of the Mayflower II.
From the BBC's West of England television studio
(The last of three programmes)


Peter Scott
Alan Villiers
Ian Curtis

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