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The Bumblies
Some very curious creatures meet Michael Bentine in the first of a new series of remarkable adventures.
(Filmed by Richard Dendy and Associates)

Music for a Valentine

Children's Newsreel

Quick on the Draw
A children's parlour game devised by Dorothea Brooking.
Chairman, Max Robertson

(to 18.00)


Voices (The Bumblies):
Michael Bentine
Devised by (Quick on the Draw):
Dorothea Brooking
Chairman (Quick on the Draw):
Max Robertson
Drawings (Quick on the Draw):
Bill Hooper

with Lady Barnett, Barbara Kelly, David Nixon and Gilbert Harding trying to find the answers and Eamonn Andrews to see fair play.

("What's My Line?" was devised by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman and is presented by arrangement with C.B.S. of America and Maurice Winnick)
(Barbara Kelly is appearing in "Angels in Love" at the Savoy Theatre, London)


Lady Barnett
Barbara Kelly
David Nixon
Gilbert Harding
Eamonn Andrews
Devised by:
Mark Goodson
Devised by:
Bill Todman
Presented by:
Dicky Leeman

The story of a house by Elswyth Thane.

Queen Elizabeth the First never slept there, but the noble mansion near Worcester owed its existence to her. It was built by Anthony Brand out of passionate loyalty to the Queen, and it was defended with the same stout quality by the generations of Brands who came after him. Their devotion to Queen's Folly never faltered.

Despite the heroic characters of flesh and blood, the great house is the real heroine of a story bridging three and a half centuries of English history. Wars and civil commotion have their place in its telling but, for ever under the spell of its royal patroness, Queen's Folly continues to stand enfolded by the love of the men who live and die there. (The attitude of their womenfolk is not always so wholehearted.) The dangers and dramas that are the price of its preservation form part of the Brand tradition, and they are the theme of the play.

The grey Cotswold stones, saved from fire and sword through the years, are at last confronted with a more insidious enemy - the twin-spectres of decay and the Inland Revenue. But the first Elizabeth, of whom the latest Brand is a liegeman as faithful as his forebears, still has her part to play. With the help of her imperishable spell the present-day master of Queen's Folly faces his problem. (Barney Keelan)

(Second performance: Thursday at 7.0 p.m.)


Elswyth Thane
Duel arranged by:
Victor Adams
John Clements
Andrew Osborn
Ian Atkins
Spring, 1565 - Elizabeth I:
Peggy Thorpe-Bates
Spring, 1565 - Countess of Essex:
Teresa Moore
Spring, 1565 - Mary Radcliffe:
Patricia Field
Spring, 1565 - Earl of Leicester:
Dennis Edwards
Spring, 1565 - Duke of Norfolk:
Alexander Davion
Spring, 1565 - A page:
Colin Campbell
Spring, 1565 - Anthony Brand:
Andrew Cruickshank
September, 1587-1588 - Adam:
J. Leslie Frith
September, 1587-1588 - Joan:
Fanny Carby
September, 1587-1588 - Nicholas Brand:
Colin Campbell
September, 1587-1588 - Elizabeth Brand:
Jill Dixon
September, 1587-1588 - Sir John Carey:
Ian Fleming
September, 1587-1588 - Catherine Brand:
Gladys Boot
August-September, 1651 - Peregrine Brand I:
Paul Hansard
August-September, 1651 - Isobel Brand:
Joyce Heron
August-September, 1651 - Richard Brand:
Andrew Cruickshank
August-September, 1651 - Captain Crawford:
Victor Adams
August-September, 1651 - Two troopers:
[artists uncredited]
September-October, 1953 - Mrs. Temple:
Bessie Love
September-October, 1953 - Constance Ingleby:
Betty McDowall
September-October, 1953 - Peregrine Brand II:
Andrew Cruickshank
September-October, 1953 - Anne:
Grace Arnold
September-October, 1953 - Mr. Burford:
John Miller
September-October, 1953 - Thomas:
Leslie Kyle

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